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Talk about app design, minimalism is on the rise. Unfolding some facts

Talk about app design

We are a neck-down generation living in the digital age of countless distractions. Our culture now demands simplicity, and it is no surprise that the tech world out there is looking forward to a digital clean-up. 

On average, a person spends around 3-4 hours on their cell phone looking for a meaningful online experience. With this in mind, people are more towards minimalism than ever before. 

As per Leonardo de Caprio, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

A minimalist design is something that adds simplification by eliminate the extra elements and reduce the overall content to a minimum.  

The various components that come under the umbrella are:

  • Color
  • Contrast
  • Different techniques of shading

The goal of minimalism is to create a user-friendly atmosphere that can become the center of attention for new visitors. 

A study done by KoMarketing revealed that customer who land on homepage mostly want products or services which they can easily order without going through long-haul processes. 

There is a fearsome competition out there, and to handle the competition, brands must invest their efforts in learning more about minimalism. 

Origin of Minimalism in apps

When in 2007, Steve Jobs started to work on the mobile revolution. The promise was to create a simpler life which could make things easy for the end-user.

Origion of minimilasam app

This made thinkers and app developers into a crazy situation. It was like a dream to create an app that can be as easy as iFart or merely talking to cats. 

As per Statista, 2.9 million apps were downloaded in 2019 which made it clear how important apps are for people. 

On a serious note, the apps were redefined in which people interacted with devices. There were a plethora of services, information on the internet where smartphones are redefined for minimalism. 

Minimalism – The early Days

Over the past few years, there are app designs that bough innovation in the app world. Some companies are using the power of Minimalism to create apps that remain relevant to the current customer. Moreover, design and enhanced user-experience is a must in everything. 

An example of Hookt which is an Airg spam-free app can be quoted here. The app runs parallel to the rhythm of minimalism

The mobile app developers are now merging the usability with aesthetics to create memorable, minimalistic apps. The developers are following a holistic approach that is aimed to please the wider audience. 

The Key Characteristics of minimalism

Here are some features that can help app developers to follow a minimalist approach to things. 

  • Simplify things by eliminating extra elements
  • Removing all the distractions 
  • Using Clear and Huge headings. 
  • Great thought to composition and proportions. 
  • Using a different color for CTAs
  • Increase the use of negative spaces.
  • Simplifying icons.
  • Limited use of color palette 

The list goes on and on. The outcome must be uncluttered, sophisticated, and aesthetically satisfying that pervades UX desirability.

Who is fascinated with minimalism?

Of course, you are interested in that is why you are reading this blog in the first place. 

The basic idea is to boost UX so that everything becomes transparent for the end-user. 

The goal of Minimalism is to eliminate the extra noise to make the app more efficient. The most important part is to highlight the brand’s content by making it visually clear. And this is where the UI plays a vital role in acting as a guiding light. 

Some of the most prominent Minimalistic App design examples

Apple Music

If you haven’t noticed, Apple did something brilliant with the launch of iOS 10.

Apple Music was redesigned and launched for users with clearer aesthetics and highlighted features that create negative spaces along with some Black and White UI. This is a robust minimalistic approach to follow the on-going trend.



When Instagram redesigned its UI in the year 2016, it was a total shift towards minimalism. 

The app developers stripped away all the noisy colors and came-up with a simplistic look and feel for the app. The outer layer, however, was made a little bit colorful to make things more prominent. 



When Airbnb was redesigned with a minimalistic approach, it was done smartly.

The developers removed all the other imaginary and used negative space to create a greater impact on the overall design. 

This was done to make the attention of the user on the bright and bold headlines that were making a significant impact. 


These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. If you see today, brands everywhere are using the power of minimalism to grab the attention of the user. 

Be it Uber or AirG reviews where users mention that they love the easy and straightforward UX that makes interaction with the app easy and fast. 

Companies are using minimalism, and in 2020 this is a trend that will sustain. 

Minimalism will stay

Minimalism is part of every business for the past few years. Brands are using it more aggressively as everything online seems to be crowded out there. 

The minimal layout of the dark theme, everything points to the fact that people are moving away from all the busyness in the digital world and love to see the negative space in action. 

To sum up, people are looking for mobile app designs that are simple, minimal, and independent of everything. 

However, it is necessary to keep the objective in check. The decorative features might attract the attention of the user, but the user must understand the goal of the business. 

The interaction must be simple and clear. And because there are too many things already present, users are looking for simple ways to make decisions fast. 

The minimalistic approach is not just a getaway feature, and it is something that can reduce the overall buying time of the consumer and make them happy by eliminating everything complex. 

The scope of minimalism is wide. There are tons of designs and features that app developers use to make apps minimalistic. Since the future depends on it, you must take the leap and do what is necessary to create your app in a minimalistic way.                           



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