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13 Ways to Boost your Business Website Traffic

Boost your Business Website Traffic

Creating a reliable business website is just the beginning, but driving enough traffic is a much more difficult task. With millions of sites publishing content day after day, it takes a serious Internet marketing plan to win over the audience and inspire users to visit your website regularly.

According to the report, people and organizations publish millions of posts every day on over 1.7 billion websites. It’s a mind-boggling fact that proves how incredibly difficult it is to maintain the desired level of traffic in the long run.

But there are ways to do it nonetheless. In this article, we will show you 13 ways to boost your business website traffic. Let’s take a look!

  1. Write eye-pleasing headlines

A study reveals that 80% of readers never make it past the headline. In other words, posts with average headlines will earn little to no attention from the crowd. Your job is to write eye-pleasing headlines and inspire the audience to click your link instead of someone else’s. 

2. Create high-quality content

Another important tip is to deliver as promised. What does it mean? Well, if a headline sounds very attractive, then you have to craft the corresponding content or else your visitors will end up disappointed. 

Jake Gardner, a tech blogger at Do My Essay, explains that high-quality content is all about mixing different formats to make the website more interesting: “Focusing on blog posts or videos exclusively can only get you so far in an attempt to boost traffic, so you better think about combining formats such as images, memes, GIFs, infographics, podcasts, eBooks, videos, articles, and so on.”

3. Use the best keywords

Keyword selection has the power to make or break your search ranking hopes, so you definitely need to identify and use the best search terms and phrases for each post. You can do many things to find the most appealing keywords:

  • Brainstorm different ideas
  • Research competitors
  • Use keyword discovery tools
  • Rely on Google’s “people also ask” feature

4. Invest in local SEO

The number of “near me” searches keeps growing at a steady pace, which is what you can use to optimize content for local inquiries. All it takes is to create a Google My Business account and add relevant information about your company. That way, your site will have priority in location-related searches.

5. Add internal links

Way too many webmasters are occupied with alternative digital marketing forms that they forget the potential of internal linking. The only thing that matters here is to redirect users from one page to another naturally, making sure to add value to the existing experience.

6. Social media marketing

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter don’t have a direct impact on search engine ranking, but they can certainly give your site additional exposure. With over three billion daily users, it’s an excellent communication tool that you should utilize to share interesting links and inspire people to read relevant content. Besides that, users can share your posts on their own profiles or accounts, thus helping you to boost traffic even more. 

7. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is another well-known traffic generation mechanism, but it still produces excellent results across all industries. The idea is simple – you ought to write a guest post for another website and use it as a way to approach new audience groups. It will increase your visibility and allow you to expand the follower base through someone else’s target group. 

8. Invite guest bloggers to your website

The same mechanism works on the opposite side of the spectrum. Namely, you are free to ask other bloggers to write guest posts for your website. What do you get from it? Well, you also get additional exposure because guest bloggers will share the URL with their fans on social media, email, and so on.

9. Interview industry thought leaders

There is one more tactic you should take into consideration here and that is to invite key opinion leaders in your niche to give you an interview. First of all, they will also share the link to their communication platforms. Secondly, people who search for industry thought leaders will bump into your site and probably check out the new interview. 

10. Engage on Quora

Quora is one of the most popular Q/A websites in the world with millions of daily visitors. Try to take advantage of it by creating an account and answering niche-related questions. The goal is to provide users with high-quality explanations and build authority. That way, many people will discover you and your site, so you can expect them to visit it sometime soon. 

11. Email newsletters

Each week (or biweekly), you should send an email newsletter to the subscribers and share your latest pieces of content with them. It’s a simple trick, but it can do miracles for website traffic from a long-term perspective.

12. Optimize website performance

Modern users hate underperforming websites, so do your best to optimize it and raise efficiency to the whole new level. Generally speaking, it means doing two things in particular:

  • Making the website fully responsive and able to adapt to all types of devices and screen dimensions. 
  • Increasing page load speed so as to make your site very quickly. The goal is to make each page load in two seconds maximum.
  • Promote website through display advertising

The objective of every webmaster should be to grow traffic organically, but you can give it an artificial boost from time to time through display advertising. The benefit of this approach is that it guarantees many visits and delivers results almost instantly.

The Bottom Line

Launching a business website is simple, but it takes some serious work to keep it attractive long-term and keep attracting a sufficient amount of traffic month after month. In this post, we showed you 13 practical ways to boost your business website traffic.

Do you already use any of these tactics? Which one do you consider to be the most impactful? Share your ideas and opinions in comments – we would love to see what you think about business website optimization!

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