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Instagram is the most popular app for Gen Z and has been trending social media platforms in the current era. It has millions of active users around the world. Filtered pictures, event hashtags, etc. are the latest hit on the trending app. When talking about an event, Instagram is a major hit for event planners as well.

Instagram Photobooth at the event adds an essence of fun to the entire event while enhancing customer engagement. To keep the spirit of the event high and add life to the event, hire an Instagram print station for your next event and create unique artistic brand experiences.

A large number of digital marketers and event planners are inclining towards Instagram hashtag printers thereby escalating the mobile click phenomena.

Who doesn’t love getting clicked? Clicking photographs at the event has become an integral part of any event whether its a brand event or a wedding. 

Instabooth hire for your event adds value to the photographs clicked at the event thereby making your event fun and memorable. The Instagram hashtag print station at the event gives unforgettable and memorable experiences to the guests and wonderful Instagram instant print which they can keep as a souvenir of the event. 

Instagram Hashtag Printer

Instagram hashtag printer is an interactive technology that allows you to get clicked at the event while giving an option to share on social media platforms with event hashtags. You can get the Instagram instant print spontaneously which you can keep as a reminiscence of an event.

With no time Instagram hashtag printer has become immensely popular and has become the first choice for a digital photo booth for any event. It helps the brand to expand its digital reach and get word of mouth promotions by customers which act as influencers thereby attracting more customers towards the brand. If you have not yet thought about an Instagram photo booth for your next event, now is the time to gear up and get in the digital race to make your event entertaining and memorable. A large number of brands offer Instagram hashtag printers for sale, select the best suiting your event requirements and get the best hashtag printer rental online.

In this article, we will share a list of some best Instagram photo booth options for your upcoming event.

  1. Instagram Hashtag Printer by Wootclub

Gone are the days when traditional photo booths attract the guests at an event. Instagram hashtag printer by Wootclub is a digital photo booth that makes your event alive while adding life to it. It helps in engaging the customers at the event interactively thereby delivering memorable experiences. Wootclub combines photographic experiences with interactive solutions while adding a gist of fun to it. It helps in creating awesome experiences and quality photographs at the event. Instagram photo booth by Wootclub delights the guests by giving an awesome snap. It allows guests to share their photos on social media platforms instantly after getting clicked at the event, allowing your brand to get word of mouth promotion. 

The Instagram photo booth by Wootclub comes with various options starting from customizable GIF, video and some really far-out signature options thereby adding a creative flair to your events. If your event is fun, it’s likely to be successful and the Instagram hashtag printer serves the purpose. Wootclub offers an Instagram hashtag printer at an affordable rental. Hire Instabooth today and make your event hit. 

  1. Webcontxt Interactive Tech

Whether planning a private party or organizing a brand event, web context interactive tech offers an Instagram hashtag printer for weddings and events. A perfect fit for your event. It’s easy to use features makes it highly manageable. It is quite simple to use. Simply get yourself clicked at an event with an Instagram photo booth and upload on social media instantly with events eye-catchy hashtags. Photobooth by Webcontxt Interactive Tech will give Instagram polaroid prints instantly which guests can keep as event keepsakes. It can work throughout the day activity and can be altered as per space availability. Webcontxt interactive tech offers an affordable and cost-effective hashtag printer for sale.

If we say it simply, it allows your guests at the event to strike a pose in front of the hashtag printer and upload their snaps on social platforms with event hashtags to make your event trend and get an instant print of pictures. It helps your brand leverage thereby increasing the pan presence of the brand and generating user-generated content (UGC) for the brand. 

  1. Luster

Luster, an Instagram print station is quite in trend for some time. Same like every other Instagram photo booth it works the same way allowing guests at the event to strike a pose in front of the lens and get snapped.  It allows guests to take pictures from anywhere at the event and offers the guest the option to share pictures on social media platforms with unique and attractive event hashtags. Luster offers 2×3 Instagram polaroid prints instantly with your logo, date and the Instagram handle of the guest who got clicked through it. Guests can keep the print as an event souvenir. Luster is designed as per audience convenience while keeping audience interaction and engagement in mind. Customer satisfaction and achieving the word of mouth publicity is the top priority of the digital photo booth. 

  1. Photoboxx

Clicking photographs at the event is a regular practice done by guests at any event. Everyone takes photos from their phone capturing the whole event. After uploading the photographs to Instagram or Twitter along with events hashtag is the next step in the process. Photoboxx monitors the hashtag used by the attendee of the event and print tagged photos which can be kept by attendees as event keepsakes. It helps in generating UGC for the brand, word of mouth publicity of the brand by satisfied guests thereby resulting in attracting more customers. 

We have shared a list of trending Instagram hashtag printers available in the market. Select the best that suits your event requirement while making your event entertaining and memorable.

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