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What To Consider When Launching Advertising Campaigns

Launching Advertising Campaigns

Today many entrepreneurs and companies use Internet marketing to increase sales. But far from everyone can effectively set up advertising campaigns. For promotion on the Internet to bring the best result, constantly changing trends must be taken into account. This article is about global marketing trends and Internet promotion directions, which are going to be in demand this year. It is not that they are changing rapidly (rather the opposite), it is not surprising therefore that many marketing specialists and bloggers predict things of this nature for this year. Professionals in this area need to monitor current trends constantly and even try to get ahead of them. 

Strengthen Expertise

Every year, to set up advertising campaigns on the Internet correctly is becoming increasingly difficult. More and more professional knowledge is required. Without it, there is no way to make an advertisement that would work quickly.

More and more companies are coming online and launching ads on different channels. As a result, competition in this area is becoming increasingly acute. Moreover, competition is increasing both in rates and in creatives. Therefore, more and more serious budgets are required for promotion on the Web.

The difficulty of Internet marketing lies in the fact that it is as accurate as possible to find your customers using various settings and show ads to them. There are more and more settings on the sites, and to use them correctly, you need to know them. You must own all the tools to get into the right audience.

And we again return to where we started – without professional knowledge, unfortunately, it is already impossible to easily and cheaply get customers on the Internet.

Take voice search into account

Voice search will gain momentum. And you need to optimize your advertising campaigns so that users can see them when they search for something using voice search.

It is important to understand that a voice request and a hand-typed request differ in wording. Therefore, lists of key queries need to be modified and adapted for voice queries.

You can go even further and set up interaction with the client through voice search directly on the site. For example, a person by a voice request “Buy water of such and such a brand” goes to your company’s website, where a voice chat bot invites him to place an order. The user gives his address and this is enough to send him water. Of course, while this is all complicated, but at least we need to start developing our sites and advertising campaigns in this direction.

Use analytics systems

You need to use end-to-end analytics systems, for example, Google Data Studio. The future is behind them. Managing a huge amount of information with the head of one, two or three employees is already impossible. Therefore, you need to move on to the development of software products or use existing solutions.

Talk about yourself on different channels

  One or two channels no longer work. You can take contextual advertising, invest in it a substantial budget and do not get the expected effect. Therefore, you need to be present in different channels – both on Google and in social networks, flickering on sites with articles. This is necessary to strengthen its presence on the Web and attract the attention of users.

There used to be one-step sales on the Internet. A person wanted to buy something, entered his request in a search engine, saw paid advertising or free delivery, went to the site and made his choice in favor of a company. But every year, online sales are becoming more complicated and become two-three-step. Therefore, you need to engage in content marketing, share information about your company, maintain your social networks and channels on YouTube, write about problems and trends in your industry, and do e-mails.

It is advisable that even before the person decides to buy something, he should already be familiar with your company or product. Maybe he is just collecting information before buying – reading reviews, recommendations, etc. But he should at this stage be faced with information about your company. Then there is a better chance that he will choose it.

Delicately work with a client base

There are two extremes. Some companies do not work with their customers at all. Others, on the contrary, work too actively and aggressively, thereby causing rejection in their audience. According to statistics, the number of unsubscriptions in email newsletters is growing every year. People get tired of active sales and the imposition of other people’s goods and services on them.

Advising to leave working with the database is wrong, because companies need to remind themselves of their customers. But you need to try to do it somehow more delicately, accurately, less aggressively.

You can divide the customer base into groups to offer each of them from time to time something relevant. Try to make the most personalized offers possible. Basic Internet users are becoming more and more chooseful – the same and template presentation of information about discounts, products, and latest offers often evoke negative emotions rather than the desire to make a purchase. Unlike previous years, such messages are more often sent to  and are not read at all.

Now it is not enough just to configure the collection of mail of your potential customers in one database, personalization is one of the important trends in the distribution of mailing lists in 2020. The company should make every effort to find out everything about a praticular user (age, geo, preferences). This will allow them to choose content and advertising offers for each individual personally.

Use Automation and Artificial Intelligence

By automation we understand the use of programs and services to work with specific channels. For example, in contextual advertising these may be services for managing bids. What robots can do, let them do it better than humans. Robots work for free, and people for money. And the mistakes of the machines will be much less than that of the employees.

There is still such an interesting direction as predicting booms and busts in sales based on statistical data, changes in the weather, global situation, etc. You can increase your advertising activity in good weather or, conversely, in rain or snow to increase sales.

  Everything that can be calculated must be calculated. And try to experiment, because everyone uses the basic tools. And now you need to get around it on the other hand to reach your audience.


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