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Moving Your Valuable Items the Right Way

Be Responsible For Moving Valuable

When you are planning a long-distance move, you have to take into consideration a lot of things. For example, how many of your fragile items will survive the move, have you picked the right size of the truck for your luggage and so on. The stressful task of moving and shifting your items from one place to another needs a lot of preparation. You have to pack your clothes, furniture, fixtures, appliances, decoration pieces and crockery items. However, the major stress hits you when you are packing your valuable items and you have no idea how to transfer these items from your old home to the new one.

You can throw all your unbreakable items into boxes without giving these items a second thought. However, you cannot do the same with your fragile and valuable items. Your family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, antique decoration pieces, furniture and paintings should be carefully packed and handled when you are changing your residence. You can take advice and help of RemovalsSt Albans when it comes to packing valuables.

The Professional Removal Strategy

Packing a full house involves a lot of items. You also have to move swiftly from one corner to the another and ensure that nothing is left behind. But when it comes to packing the valuables, you have to be extra cautious and careful. The valuable and fragile items should be intact when they arrive at your new place. therefore, you cannot throw them haphazardly into a box or the moving truck.

You will have to take help of Local moving company which provides packing services as well. they can bring the packing supplies themselves. However, it is recommended that you pack your valuables as it will keep you satisfied that everything was intact when it was packed. You can purchase the packing supplies from the local market. these supplies will include packing sheets, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tapes and labeling tags as well as markers. The markers and tags will be utilized for labeling purposes. You can mark your valuable item boxes as fragile and delicate so that the handlers know they have to be extra cautious.

Packing Family Pictures, Frames & Paintings

When you purchased your paintings, they must have arrived in thick papers wrapping, with the paintings packed individually. You cannot cover the painting with a blanket and consider it safe for commercial removals. The packing as well as placement in the moving track should be properly planned. You can get special boxes designed specifically to fit or pack large paintings and pictures. Before you have packed the painting, cover the whole painting with a layer of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap adds an extra layer of protection and keeps the paintings safe from scratches and damages.

Who Will Be Responsible For Moving Valuable Items?

When your valuable items are properly wrapped and packed, the next problem to be solved is who will be responsible to move the valuable items. Are you going to hand these items over to the Movers and let them do their task? Or are you going to do it yourself. It is not an easy decision and you have to consider the benefits and risks associated with handing over your valuables to them.

If you are planning to hand over the task of packing furniture and paintings to the Moving Company then it is not a bad decision. Sometimes, you are unable to pack large paintings and valuable items on your own because of their worth. Letting a professional and experienced person deal with the packing of valuable items will keep you satisfied.

On the other hand, if you do not trust the hired company to handle your valuable items then you can do the task of packing them yourself. You can get insurance from a third-party vendor as well. However, you will need help to Move your furniture and pack your valuable items. Therefore, you should ask your family members and friends to help you with the task. Other than the bigger items, there are some valuables you should carry yourself in all cases. These items include your educational documents, birth certificates and passports, medical history files and necessary medications, photos, jewelry, small personal electronics, confidential documents and sentimental items.

Important Tips

When you are traveling with your valuable items, keep them hidden. The items should not be visible in plain sight as these can attract unwanted attention. Prefer packing all your valuable items in their original boxes if you still have them. You can also add layers of bubble wrap or packing paper to ensure protection. Moreover, do not pop the bubble wraps. Air the bubble wraps protects the valuable items. If the bubble wrap is popped then your items are not safe and can get damaged.


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