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Why Do Businesses Need To Transform Their Static Logos To Animated Ones?


Digital technology is powering a fast-paced innovation in the domain of design. The dynamism in this regard is so extensive that the trend that dominated today goes out of trend, the next day. As such, designers need to come with a tough time to keep pace with this dynamism. 

As for the last few years, Motion design has dominated the show. Today, animated resources have become an inevitable part of the design world, delivering fresh as well as innovative solutions. The application of animation embraces various UI components for any digital product as well as for other graphic materials. 

Needless to say, Animated Logo has been the most popular resource for brand identity and marketing. Motions designers can transform static logos into animated ones that come unique and exclusive. Today, the majority of the brands continue to use animated logos and share these resources with the world. The question that will automatically come up here is what drives companies to invest in resources like an intro animation. Paragraphs underneath shall explore what drives brands to invest a fortune amount in these resources and how they can make the best use of these resources.

An overview of Animated Logo

For brand equity, the logo is almost like its heart. Logos give a presentation about the personality of a company as well as its products and services. Thus, Logos form a significant part of a branding policy. A powerful and impacting logo holds all the capacity to establish a connection with the target customers. Besides, a logo will narrate the most important aspects of a brand. If a graphic designer is performing their duties in the right manner, a Logo comes handy in establishing a solid image of a brand that forms the basis for a successful marketing policy.  

Today, the time has rolled forward from the days of Static and Printy-focused graphic design. Cutting edge technology opens up the gate for a domain of tremendous potentials. To incorporate a fresh vibe to the Logos, designers rely on the motion. 

As for the extent of animation, it may vary between simple moves and short videos. Designers and brand owners mutually agree upon the kind of animation to opt for and decide how long the brand will be using these resources to highlight its personality. 

In contemporary times, you have instant access to tools like InVideo’s video maker that enable users to add more dynamism to the ball game. But, if a brand aspires for a complex video, it is always advised that they engage the professionals to accomplish their plans who will have a tailor-made solution to offer to your specific needs, choices, and plans. 

Why should a business opt for animated Logos?

The moment a change in Logos trends come up, a business of all types and scales would flock to the professional designers to get the most relevant solution to their needs and choices. The question is, why do the trends in Logo design change at such a drastic pace? 

An Animated Logo is considered a dynamic and modern approach in presenting a brand. It displays the character of a company and at the same time, conveys a specific message that draws the attention of the customers as well as consolidates the engagement between the brand and its customers. Moreover, animated logos stand a candid way to differentiate a brand from its competitors as these animated resources project originality. Here comes a list of benefits that a brand can reap from animated logos:

I. Projects an authentic image about the brand

You will often find brands featuring a close similarity between them in terms of the design and layout of the logo. Though these things never happen out of a plan, for the compulsion of the brands to apply identical elements to their logos. To make a business logo unique, designers rely on the motion. Animated logos prove the thought process, and when original graphic blends with various graphical effects, it develops a completely exclusive way to present the brand. 

ii. Projects the most impacting and compelling first impression

Another significant benefit that an animated logo fetches is that it enables the brand to create the most impacting and compelling first impression. It is said, the first impression will always be lasting. Considering the competitiveness in the business world in today’s time, you need to win the customers on the first impression itself. In the opinion of the experts, animated logos can project a longer-lasting impression about a brand than the static ones. 

iii. Motion evokes emotions

It is a well-established fact that motion can tough emotions better. If you have to consolidate the engagement with your target customers, you need to touch their emotions. This can be best done with animated logos. It is, for this reason, viewers will always find fresh ideas as it triggers their emotions and thought process. So, an animated logo is likely to trigger excitement, happiness and, and joy in the minds of the viewers that static logos can never do.  

The ideal slots to use Animated Logos

The thing is, you should utilize the logos in the right manner and at the right slots if you aspire to get the most delightful results. As such, you must ensure its right placement. First and foremost, such resources should be incorporated on the Homepage of your Business website as well as on your social media profiles. These resources are gallant choice as marketing resources as one can find them easily as well as share them with people within their contacts. Speaking about the animated logos, you can even convert it to the GIF, which is a trending way to express emotions on social media sites. Secondly, Promo videos are the right platforms for animated logos to feature. Using these resources here, you can make your videos all the more appealing and engaging. 

However, the design, layout, and look of the animated logo should strictly comply with your branding policies. 


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