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Why You Should Consider an IT Certification

IT training

Information technology is one of the most rapidly advancing and ever-changing fields of industry. As equipment, systems, and processes change, so does the training and instruction for those working in the field. Though many skills can be acquired through on-the-job exposure, it is much more beneficial to pursue more formal INE IT training. One of the best ways to boost (and flaunt) your IT skills is to earn an IT certification.

Career Benefits for Certification

The most basic benefit a certification is the career potential it holds. There are few positions that hire on experience or talent alone. Let’s face it: faced with one candidate who has IT certifications, and another candidate who doesn’t, who would you pick?

With so much demand for knowledgeable workers, employers are looking for the cream of the crop. Not only will a certification help you get your foot in the door, but it can also help you advance. Maybe you started at the company with few skills and are looking for a promotion. One benefit of INE Information technology training is the ability to stand out from the rest of your coworkers with new skills and knowledge of current IT trends.

Te Basics of a Certification

In any industry, certification serves as formal notice that you have demonstrated certain competencies in a field of study. Within IT, it means the area of focus was technology. And just like there are tons of different hardware, software, and programming options out there (with new ones cropping up every day), there are many different IT certifications, too.

Just like the training that you would receive in any other field, certification programs have been designed in accordance with industry standards and the requirements or insight of a governing body. End of course completion is often assessed through a testing, hands-on demonstration of skill, or simulated IT scenarios. There are several aspects to a program, ranging from cybersecurity awareness to programming languages and infrastructure.

The Need for a Certification

Not everyone has an interest in programming and IT infrastructure, but for those who do, there is a lot to be said about employment potential. CompTIA is one of the largest vendor-neutral certifying groups, and one of their studies reveals that 91% of employers feel that an IT certification is a key predictor of success for a potential employee. Therefore, the hiring process is more favourable for those who have earned their certification. It is not just a piece of paper or an electronic document. Completing a training program raises a candidate’s job qualifications.

Certification also allows those working in the IT industry to stay relevant. It isn’t always enough to sporadically attend a webinar or learn through on-the-job training. As technology continues to evolve, individuals need to remain aware of the impact of updated processing systems, the real dark web threats, and how cloud-based systems will revolutionize traditional IT departments. Holding a certification makes you more relevant to assist with training or implementation of new ideas or processes on the job.

You don’t have to be a fresh-out-of-high school graduate or a college student looking for a career path to take advantage of an IT certification program. If you’ve been in the field awhile but want to improve your skill set, there are a number of programs that you can choose from, such as language programming courses and network security studies. Fortunately, attending a training program won’t detract from your day job. Some of the best, high-quality programs are found online and on-demand, making it easier to do the course at your own pace.

Invest in Yourself

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you have worked in the IT field. Any education and new knowledge opportunities are an investment in yourself. Whether for your future or current career, a certification program is a way to double-down on your commitment to improvement. Employers take notice when you have the perfect combination of formal training and practical skills. Browse your options and see what INE program will be right for you.


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