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5 Important email marketing tips for new marketers

One of the oldest forms of marketing in digital marketing is email marketing. Both marketers and business owners have used this form of marketing to reach out to the customers and improve the leads. Do you know why even top companies use this strategy to improve engagement, build better customer loyalty, or drive more customers? Well, the answer is simple. Following a survey conducted by monster insights, email marketing has an ROI of 4400%. Thus, it is not only cost-effective but also effective for businesses, irrespective of their size.

Now, here, in this article, we’ll discuss with you 5 most important email marketing tips that you should all know if you are starting out as a remote marketer. Believe me, when I say this, all of these tips will not only help you get started but also protect you from making any mistakes. Let us now take a look at these tips, one by one.

Send out a welcome email

Tahira, who offers online assignment help services, says that whenever a user signs up to your email list, be it to buy something from your store or for a lead magnet, you have to acknowledge their presence. For this, you need to send out a welcome email. Since, the customer has just visited your brand, when you send out emails, it will help you get better engagement or click-throughs. The agenda of the lead magnet is to offer content or promotion to the customer that encourages them to sign up to your list. You have to make it a point to include your magnet in the first email that you send out. It has to be a part of the subject line itself.

When you catch hold of the potential customers, while they are already interested in your brand, it is the most effective measure to convert your email lead into a customer. Honestly, every consumer wishes that the brand or the company is there to communicate with them as soon as they press onto the subscribe button. Now, to tell you the truth, there are a bunch of ways that you can use to optimize your welcome email. It primarily depends on the type of industry you belong to. However, here, we’ll discuss with you a few things that almost all the welcome emails necessarily have.

Firstly, do ensure that the tone of your email is friendly and warm. It would give your brand a chance to shine. The agenda is to ensure that your new subscribers know about you and feel connected to you as a friend. On receiving the mail, they should feel as if they are communicating with an old friend. Further, it is inevitable, but your welcome mails will set expectations for a future association. Thus, the email must have a lead magnet, if that’s how they got to know about you. Moreover, the users must have clarity on what next to expect from you. Make them aware of the type of emails you intend to send, send them information about impending promotions or giveaways, or share samples of your blogs.

Segment the leads

One of the most effective ways to send out unique content to all your subscribers is personalizing the emails. You must be aware of this tactic if you have used a portal like Amazon for shopping. So, Amazon has this trend of sending out Thank You emails every time you make a purchase. Further, there are also some recommendation emails for the product that you purchased in the past. Though Amazon employs this strategy on their website, too, it is more effective via emails. Natasha, who offers online do my statistics homework services, says that the best way to personalize the emails is by segmenting the subscribers. Segmentation is a method of dividing the subscribers based on their history, intent, or interest. The best way to do segmentation is on-site.

For this, you can ask the buyers to select the type of emails that they wish to receive when they fill in the contact form. You can also use cookies to analyse the behaviour of the customer, and then segment them based on their on-site interactions. Whatever information has been attained by you can be used to create segments and then divide the people into groups. When you segment and personalize the emails, the opening rate of the email goes up by 100%.

Optimize the emails for mobile phones

Sam, who works with a platform where you can pay someone to write a paper, says that if the emails that you send aren’t optimized for the mobile users, you will lose out on a huge subscriber base. Following a popular study, 49% of all emails are opened only on mobile devices. Despite this, there are a lot of business owners and brands who haven’t yet optimized their emails for mobile phone users.

If you are one of them, you are suffering drastically in terms of web traffic, open rate, and sales. For your emails, you should always opt for a simple and clean design. If your email is cluttered, the users will not be interested in it.

Do not put a lot of text or images in it. Pick a format that is easily understandable with minimum advertisements or pictures. This will ensure that your customer takes the time to go through the email. Towards the bottom of the email, you can include a CTA button that will help the user know more about the update, feature, giveaway, promotion, deal, or offer.

Never buy your email list

Brian, a marketer who offers the best machine learning course online, says that no marketer should ever buy an email list. Honestly, buying an email list is not only ethically wrong, but it also does nothing good for your business. A lot of these people are there in the list unknowingly, so when you send an email to them, it will automatically land up in their spam folder.

If more than a few people mark your email as spam, the chances of your actual subscribers getting the mail in the inbox will go down. This is not all. The problem with buying email lists is you never know how many other people are using this same list. It is seen that people who sell the lists tend to sell the same one to 100s of other people.

So, even if you have created the best email campaign, it wouldn’t mean a thing if it is reaching out to people who aren’t interested in being your subscribers.

Analyze the results 

Lastly, you have to check how your email marketing tactics are performing by frequently analysing the result. When you check the results, you can know a lot about your audience. It will help you understand the type of content that’s bagging massive engagement. You can also figure out the additional strategies that can be employed to connect with the customers.

Always take a look at the results and see the campaigns that outperformed others. When you have an idea of what performs well with your audience, it is easier to draft your future campaigns. The more time you spend in analysing, the better are your chances of succeeding as an email marketer.

So, use these 5 tactics, and you can get success in your email marketing strategies.

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