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A business without a website in this day and age is not only being left out of consumer conversations, it will be left out in the cold when it comes to the survival of your business. It’s no longer enough to create a static website that is hardly ever updated, nowadays a website has to remain active. To achieve this, there are many kinds of SEO you can to do improve the performance of your website.  

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the technique and practice of making your website visible and appealing to consumers and search engines through various methods.

There are quite a number of ways you can SEO your website so let’s take a closer look.

The path to SEO greatness

As mentioned, there are quite a few really reliable SEO techniques and practices that can be used to optimize your website and get as much out of it as you can.

Get good structure: A website must be structured in a transparent manner so that information found easily. Every business wants their consumers to navigate through your pages easily so it’s crucial to adapt the three-clicks rule – make sure consumers find what they need in no more than three clicks. High-quality, targeted, fresh and valuable content also goes a long way in pulling click-throughs.

Work your web address: Use only one keyword phrase included directly in your URL. Make sure you use a hyphen instead of an underscore because an underscore reads as one word to search engines. Use a static URL address as opposed to a dynamic one because it helps people find the pages they want easier as what they’re looking for, is in the URL – your-domain-name.com/category/get-your-seo-on. A dynamic web address would look something like this – your-domain-name.com/category/?04031. Editing your URL will help your SEO efforts. A brief, relevant and descriptive URL makes the consumers life much easier – and lets them know precisely what the chosen website is all about.

Title tag takeover: Every single page on your website must have its own title tag. This simply explains what each page is about. Create a concise, catchy, creative sentence that captures the essence of each page to be found on social media, other browsers and on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Brand with a meta-description: You can write a short paragraph breaking down your product or service to entice potential consumers to visit your site. This will appear in SERPs under the title tag and should be no longer than 150-160 characters.

ALT attribute your images: This is the text that describes your images as search engines are unable to read images, only text. Make sure that each time you upload an image on your site, take the opportunity to add proper keywords – be as descriptive as possible. This will help consumers find exactly what they’re looking for and let search engines know exactly what the image is about.

The keyword is: A good SEO strategy depends on the quality of your keywords. When people search for sites like yours, you’ll want them to find you so, you need to find out the exact words used in similar searches. There are a number of tools that are freely available online. Do your research on keyword types in order to implement the ones that work best for your business. Keywords bring traffic so, place them in headlines, subheadings, throughout your site content, body text, links and images. Not only should you track the performance of your keywords, but you should also add your location to them so consumers can come to you.

Link it all together: Pick trusted and relevant websites to receive backlinks from for a good website ranking. When you associate with authorities in their industry, you become a great source of information. In the digital world, building beneficial relationships gives you the needed association you need so, link to other quality sites. Being associated with good quality sites paints your reputation with the same brush.

What’s with your competition: Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing for their SEO. That will help you know what not to do for your own digital marketing strategy.

  • Hi people, I am a 28 year old girl and you can smell the freshness and compassion from my writings. I love to spend time alone with nature and learn my work from its goodness. I believe what you experience is the shadow of what you write for your readers.

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