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How Your SEO Strategy Needs to Be Changed in 2020

SEO Strategy

‘Technology is rapidly changing’ are the words that we have been listening for years. We have listened to these words so often that they have lost their carried caution and potency. Anyhow, after knowing the importance of things, we miss the necessary preparations that are needed to get success. If you want to drive millions of free visitors to your website, you will have to pay attention to the SEO of your website. The trends of SEO also keep on changing. Therefore, your SEO strategies should also be changed. Here, we will discuss your SEO strategy that should be changed in 2020.

Voice Search:

In the early days of 2018, experts had warned the marketers that the new era will voice search instead of text search. Its reason is that the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day. Moreover, some virtual assistance platforms like SIRI and Google Home are also introduced. Therefore, it is expected that at the end of 2020, 50% of the searches on the search engines will be done by voice. Therefore, the websites which are focusing on keywords should change their strategies and they should try to focus on voice search. Therefore, era requires that web developers should focus on long-tail keywords. They should also try to use natural phrases and languages in their searches. It means that their focused keywords should be in the form of questions rather than descriptive form.

Hyperlocal Results:

This SEO strategy is relevant to business websites. Its reason is that in 2020, Google and other search engines are giving importance to the local searches. Some reports are showing that more than 46% of the searches are local now. It means that if you want to run a successful business, you must get online traction. Moreover, you should also work on increasing the popularity of your brand online as well as offline. You should ask satisfied customers that they should leave good reviews about their products on the internet. These reviews will provide reports to Google’s algorithms that you are providing the best products and services to the people. As a result, Google will show your products and services at the top of its search results. You should also create accurate listings of your business. Another way to increase the authority of your business in Google’s algorithms is that you should build your popularity in social media engagement.

Google Featured Snippet:

Nowadays, Google has also introduced Google featured snippet. When you search anything on Google, Google will show you a query in the form of a box which contains the possible answer to your question. You can get a possible answer to your question in the form of this query via text or an image. After getting a possible answer to his question, the user will never try to click any other link. Anyhow, you should not lose heart because if you work on long-tail keywords, users will not get satisfying answers from this box and they have to click on the links in the search results. Now, you should also adopt a new SEO strategy and try to bring your website in Google’s featured snippet. It is possible only if you are crafting your website for voice searches, you are working on long-tail and question-based queries and you are adding such headlines in the posts which people are looking on the internet. Moreover, if you are working on such a question which has a short answer, you should try to provide an answer to this question just within 40 to 60 words paragraph. This will increase your chances to feature your article on Google.

Engaging content:

Content is still king. Its reason is that Google is providing the best experience to the users and it is possible only if Google shows the best quality content to the users. If you are spending all of your efforts on the SEO of your website like The Academic Papers UK but your content is not engaging and up-to-date, it can create lots of problems for the users. Therefore, we can say that if you want to get success in 2020, it is your responsibility to create unique, original and high-quality content for your blog posts. While creating high-quality content for your blog posts, you should also try to add media in your blog posts. This media can be in the form of videos, images and photos etc. Moreover, if you are also boosting up the portfolio of your website, you can also increase the ranking of your website.

Provides The Best User Experience:

In 2020, Google is also giving importance to those websites which have the best user experience. Page speed is known as one of the most important and essential components of user experience. It means that Google is giving importance to those websites which have better loading speed. Moreover, Google is also providing importance to the websites which have easy to use navigation. If your website is taking too much time in loading the content, users will close your website and they move to another website. As a result, the bounce rate of your website will be increased. The high bounce rate of a website gives a clue to Google that people doesn’t like your website. As a result, Google will never try to provide the best ranking to your website. Therefore, if you want to improve the ranking of your website in 2020, you should work on its navigation and design. It is possible only if you are using a responsive theme on your website.

After following these essential SEO strategies, you will have to work on link building and social media signals. In the past, it was easy for people to rank a website just by following link building strategies. Now, the scenario is completely changed and if you are just working on the link building strategy without giving importance to the above SEO strategies, all of your efforts will be aimless. Moreover, while building links for your website, you should also try to focus on the quality rather than quantity. Its reason is that one best quality link is better than a hundred low-quality links. 


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