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How has social media brought a tremendous change in our lives?

social media

Social media has revolutionized our lives.Billions of people around the world interact through social media. Whether you are an avid user or not, it has become a part of our lives. People use it for personal relationships, entertainment, business purposes, etc.It has brought in distant relatives closer and kept them connected from various regions of the globe. It has increased connectivity and has become diversified. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are the most widely used social media platform.

In this article, we will focus on social media Instagram, which has become very popular and is continuing to expand. Instagram has kept users highly engaged, which has increased the traffic on the platform.

Almost every single individual has an Instagram account. If you want to become successful, you need to make your presence online. You need to have quite several fan followers on Instagram. With the right information about Instagram tools and its usage, you can have a great number of followers and likes too.


How can you increase your Instagram followers?

Instagram has become very popular within a short time. It has around 200 million active members across the globe.If you are new to the platform and people, do not know you, it is difficult to prove yourself as a successful brand and influencer. You need to find ways and work hard to increase your follower. Listed below are some tips which may help you to increase your base.

  1. Profile account –Customize and optimize your account and make it attractive. Show your followers who you are and give them a good solid reason to follow you. If you have a business and it is known to the people already, you can link your name with the business so that you become easily searchable through your name and business.
  2. Group member – If you are a beginner in Instagram, join the engagement group to gain followers. You will get various engagement groups such as travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, and many more. You can follow the fan pages for people who have joined the group. Use this strategy and see the impact in a few weeks.
  3. Repost others content – If you come across any interesting video/audio content, you can repost the content. Your followers will repost your shared posts and will increase your number of viewers.
  4. Hashtag promotion – Now that you have a hashtag, you need to direct people about the usage. Ensure that your profile has a hashtag. You can even redirect offline such as in prints, receipts, ads, relevant events. Inform, it is present in your emails, social profiles, and even websites too.
  5. Creative hashtag – Think outside the box and use your imagination to tell your story in a gist. Use humorous, ironic, and humorous content. You can take the help of WeWorkworkspace company.
  6. Be an active participant – Use hashtag in every relevant topic. Hashtags work like long tails and make you connect with more people.
  7. Descriptive captions – Indeed, a picture speaks a thousand words, but you cannot ignore the content part. Captions are an important part of the content. Clever and witty statements will give you more exposure making your content more shareable by your followers. You can also add relevant emojis which will bring in more personality to your account.
  8. Influencer follower – Frequently visit your influencer’s profile and keep checking their post. This will allow you to interact regularly, making you one of their favorite people or brands.
  9. Account Settings – You need to check certain settings in your account to make yourself more accessible. Approve or disapprove photo tags before it shows on your profile. Based on your choice, only the tag photos will be displayed. Ensure that your profile is open to be visible to the public. You can also add your full business name in the name field.
  10. Enable notifications setting –Check your settings and enable all notifications so that you can view and comment instantly whenever your influencer posts a video, photos, or content.
  11. Hiring a content creator – You can hire and designate a professional content creator to handle your Instagram account.
  12. Good quality photography and editing – In Instagram, good quality photography matters. Bad photos are an absolute no-no n Instagram. For this, you don’t have to take extra photography classes, but you should be at least familiar with the basic photography or photo editing apps. Edit your photos before posting in the network.
  13. Post regularly – Post your pics and articles regularly so that people understand that you are active at the same time. Check out some convenient times as that too matters. Your post will be considered newer when posted at the appropriate time.
  14. The consistent voice in the platform –You should develop and maintain a consistent voice if you are managing a channel for a brand.
  15. Have your style – You would always want to stand out amongst others. If you want to be instantly, a recognized, you need to create and build your style. You can also run some contest to encourage engagement in your account. This will pull in more people towards your account by following you.
  16. Be more localized – Check out what is happening in and around your neighborhood. Type and tag your local area to find more people from the same locality.
  17. Promote your Instagram account – You can write an article in, which has a community section which will increase your promotion.
  18. Interact with users – Instagram is more of a community join the group and interact with people through likes, follows, and comments. Follow the posts and find pictures and accounts that interest you.

Hope the above tips will guide in gaining you more Instagram followers.

However, despite all these good services provided by social media and technology, it has a negative impact on our lives too. We are living in an era where we get things done virtually. We are losing the charm of the traditional method of socialism, such as meeting and sitting together and chatting around. For distant relations, the world has become smaller as you can always stay connected in social media. But it is always best to meet in person sharing ideas.

Author Bio –Ariya Stark has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit Instagram followers for more information.



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