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Tips for Choosing a Reputable SEO Company in 2020

seo company

Search engine optimization is essential for helping your company’s website climb Google’s rankings in search results. Excellent SEO is organic, not stuffed full of keywords or irrelevant links. The optimization of today encompasses well-written blogs, high-quality meta information, and a knack for finding just the right keywords to set yourself apart from the crowd. Check out these tips and tricks for hiring a reputable SEO company, such as Miami SEO, in 2020.

Define Your Goals First

Before you start looking for the right SEO company to meet your needs, you must understand what they are. This means defining your own goals. First, think about what you want. Does your entire website need an overhaul, or do your SEO tactics simply need some work? How are your social media accounts performing?

Include deciding on your budget as part of your goals. Doing so keeps you from researching companies that are way out of your price range or from hiring one that is “cheap” but also doesn’t offer what you need. An excellent company charges anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars per month, depending on the size of your business and what you expect from your contract. Additionally, best SEO practices are always changing, so it is important to keep in mind that hiring a company is often an ongoing commitment, not a one-time cost.

Bring a List of Questions With You

Once you narrow your goals and find SEO companies that may meet your needs, it is time to schedule meetings. If the companies are local to you, it is best to meet in person. However, many small businesses do hire national companies and meet via video chat. No matter how you interview potential candidates, you must ask questions that will help you determine whether you can trust them with your own company.

A reputable SEO company will have a list of at least five references, preferably of companies they have worked with in the last year. In addition to asking for references, consider questions regarding links to examples of the company’s SEO work (including content creation), how the company itself ranks and under which keywords, and whether it outsources its services.

Other points of discussion include how the company contributes to the SEO community, how it stands out from other agencies, what metrics it uses to decide on keywords to target, and whether the company builds or migrates websites or simply provides SEO content.

Learn What Tools the Company Uses

A reputable SEO company requires a specific set of tools to succeed. It must have the proper technical setup, as well as a team of outreach specialists and content writers. The technical setup should include access to some of the most renowned SEO resources available, including SEMrush, Screaming Frog, and more. Knowledge and experience using tool such as these proves the company tracks progress and is dedicated to improving your SEO rankings by investing in the best resources.

Resources aren’t just technical, though. The company must have a strong team as well. The outreach specialists are talented, persuasive individuals who know which websites, companies, and individuals to target to help your business earn organic links. The team works hand in hand with content writers, who are responsible for creating blogs, articles, web pages, social media posts, and more that target relevant keywords, engage readers, and uses internal and external links properly.

Ask About Past Performance

How have the companies you’re interested in done in the past? Simply stating they’re at the top of their games won’t be enough. Verifying past performance is essential for choosing the right SEO company. References and client testimonials are common, but can also be skewed since the company decides which ones to provide you with.

The better bet is to do your own research. Have any of the companies you’re interested in won awards in the industry? Do they have good online reviews? Have the companies participated in any case studies? Above all else, consider the portfolio provided to you and what impression it gives you. The key is to find an agency that provides you with specific information about past performance that you can verify on your own time.

Discuss the Company’s Customized SEO Options

Your business is not exactly like any other one out there, and your SEO campaigns need to reflect that. An SEO agency that only provides bare-bones campaigns that fit small businesses or industries as a whole is not doing enough for you. Look for agencies that go above and beyond to provide high-quality writing and excellent keywords that speak to your audience. Customized solutions mean customized tweaking as well. This means changing keywords in SEO campaigns based on what’s delivering a return on the investment and what isn’t. A reputable agency will work with you to create customized content when you release new products or services as well.

Talk About the Company’s Link-Building Methods

Without organic links, your business won’t climb Google’s search engine results page. A truly reputable SEO agency understands that quality is most important when it comes to links, but quantity has a place at the table as well.

To truly rank high on Google, your website must have at least as much link authority as those of your main competitor (generally the top-ranking site when you Google one of your search terms). Of course, links directing to your website must also come from quality domains. Finally, the links must be relevant to your industry. Only once your links meet all of these criteria will Google ascertain that your website is a legitimate one.

For the best results, avoid mass paid links, free site link farms, and automated links. If an agency uses link baiting, it is the best bet. This proves it has a team that can research and present its findings to a curated list of journalists.

Consider the Company’s Communication Style

How does the company you’re most interested in communicate? Does its style match yours? Do you feel excited and positive when talking to the person in charge of your account, or do you feel anxious, frustrated, or annoyed? Other factors to consider include whether the company communicates via email, phone calls, video chats, or in-person and whether their preferred method is in line with your own. Is the agency in touch with you often, or only when there are vital updates? Finally, consider personalities as well. If you prefer a more lighthearted approach, an agency that seems to be all business may feel too rigid for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a more professional atmosphere over a casual one, you’ll want an SEO agency that gets straight to business.

Know the Warning Signs of a Bad Company

As in any industry, there are people in the SEO world who are just out to make a quick buck. If an SEO agency promises something that seems too good to be true, it probably is. It is practically impossible to get extremely fast results when working with SEO, for example. A reputable agency knows this and will make that clear on its website instead of touting itself as doubling or tripling traffic in a short amount of time.

If an SEO agency doesn’t bother to ask you about your business goals or brushes them off like they aren’t important, that is another red flag. They likely also have a weak strategy for creating content. If you’re browsing a site that is hard to navigate, doesn’t have a responsive design, or is otherwise outdated, chances are your own website will have the same problems.

Perhaps the biggest red flag is poor communication. SEO is a full-time job, so hire a company that understands that. Freelancers who provide SEO may be good for a one-off job here and there, but they won’t have the time or experience necessary to overhaul your entire website. Additionally, keep in mind that a reputable business will respond to emails, phone calls, and other communication quickly and professionally. If you find yourself hunting down someone who works for an agency from day one, cross that agency off your shortlist.

The expectations surrounding SEO are ever-changing, so above all else, ensure you choose an SEO company that is ready to be kept on its toes. By keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you are sure to find a reputable SEO company in no time.


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