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Understanding Instagram Insights and Using It to Boost Your Business


According to statistics, more than 70% of businesses in America have a presence on Instagram. With more than 25 million business accounts vying for the attention of their target audiences, it is evident that sustained growth of followers and engagement is the biggest bugbear of business owners. Getting your content strategy right as well as optimizing your account for the delivery of the best performance is largely a function of how well you can monitor your account by the use of Instagram analytics tools, the most popular of which is Instagram Insights.

Content Summary

Understanding Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a feature that comes built-in with Instagram for tracking account statistics. This feature is available free of charge to those who have an Instagram business account and can be used to learn how users interact with your account. You can use the analytics feature to find out the demographics of the users, the kind of content that has the best engagement, and the reasons why some content performs better than the rest. By accessing this information, you can tweak your account so that it appeals to your target audience better and performs better. If this sounds complex, you can relax, because using the feature is very intuitive and you get the benefit of explanations of the interpretation of the numbers in the report. The statistics are classified in three ways, Account Insights, Post Insights, and Stories Insights.

Account Insights

There are three tabs; the Activity tab, the Content tab, and the Audience tab. The Activity tab shows how users have interacted with your account. You can find out the number of people who have visited your account and how many of them have clicked on a post or the contact details. The activities are recorded in a window of seven days, and you can compare it with the previous period. The Content tab shows the complete performance of posts, stories, and promotions as well as a comparative performance. The tab also helps to track the number of followers, comments, likes so that you know which posts had the best engagement. The Audience tab provides information regarding the demographics of your followers and the times they are most active. This will enable you to sharpen your focus and alter your post scheduling, according to https://sproutsocial.com.

Post insights

This gives you a summary as well as detailed information on how each post has been performing in terms of a large number of metrics like the number of likes, comments, saves, and forwards. Using the discoverability metrics, you can find out how many new followers have been added and how you have reached them so that you can replicate the success. The analysis will also reveal if you have to buy real Instagram likes to boost the engagement levels of your posts.

Stories insights

By simply tapping on your Story, you can find out who has seen it and by using the Insights tab, you can extract information on how many tapped on your stickers or replied to your story. By observing the level of engagement, you can find out whether you need to adjust the content or if you have managed to hit on the winning formula.


Growing your business using Instagram involves a lot of hard work. You can easily prevent it from going to waste by using Instagram Insights to discover and analyze how your account is performing and then take steps to rectify your weaknesses.

Author bio: Ariya Stark works for a leading social media agency that is involved with several clients in the lifestyle retail space. James advises her clients to buy real Instagram likes as a short-term measure to boost engagement levels.


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