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All You Need to Know About Hiring Models for your Promotional Events

Promotional event

Promotional models are not just an attractive feature, they are actually quite helpful in lending a human face to your brand if you know how to use them well. Event models work as an extension to your marketing team and help in getting the message across to potential customers the right way. They are also incredibly useful in expanding your reach without blowing a hole through your budget! All in all, they are the human face your lifeless products need to gain some traction in a crowded market. 

However, despite their usefulness, many companies do not fully recognize the importance of promotional models’ role in helping them further their business agenda. They don’t just stand there looking good but also take part in the marketing efforts that can really in pushing your product sales. 

If you are wondering why you must hire Top Female Models In Dubai for your upcoming event, then you need to read this article to educate yourself about the value they add to your business. This will help you make an informed business decision. 

They are trained to think on their feet

As has been said before, promotional models don’t just increase the aesthetic value of your booth but also have the ability to think on their feet when required. They are ready to answer pertinent product-related questions and can be trained to give demonstrations too. These models are often bilingual and trained to cater to the clients and their requirements by learning about the product and develop awareness for it real-time. 

They work hand-in-glove with your marketing teams

These days, these models work as an extension of your marketing teams to work as promising sales tools and help with brand-building exercises. They make sure that your brand message is delivered to the intended customer in a proper manner. 

They help in lead generation

While all your other marketing staff is busy explaining the product and closing sales deals, these models hold the floor by entertaining the potential customer and keeping them interested in your booth. They distribute the literature, promo items, and answer basic product-related questions for you. They even collect the contact information of these customers and record them for your lead generation efforts. 

They add human value to your brand

A product doesn’t always have to be lifeless and boring. Sometimes, you can use these models to lend a human face to your brand and marketing material. The cars, appliances, phones, etc. are displayed at an event and are supposed to meet a human need. So if there is a human being associated with these products, especially an attractive one, they automatically become more attractive to the customers. A good-looking model does not only reflect favorably on your brand image but also humanizes the product. 

They can be used in all kinds of events

Promotional models are not just for trade shows and media events. They can also work in other events such as nightclubs, parties, bars, etc. This means that you can use them across various events and lend a common face to your brand. 

Tips to find the right model

Now that you know how they add value to your business, here are some things you need to keep in mind when hiring a promo model: 

  • The model should convey your brand image perfectly. If your product is something sporty, then look for athletic models who are both elegant and sporty. Their appearance should align with your brand. 
  • Before you hire promotional models, you need to define the duties and what you expect from them. Would they be required to deliver a sales pitch? Would they have to demonstrate products? Will they be gathering customer information? Depending on what services you need, you will be required to train them. 
  • Don’t sign the dotted line just yet. The other most important thing you need to consider when hiring a model is the reputation of the agency they are working with. They should have the experience to cater to your kind of events. 
  • Make sure your in-house team is onboard with hiring external help. After all, they are the ones who would be working together on the ground. 

Promotional models are so much more than the booth babes that they used to be called back in the day. They are a helpful extension to your team who can really help you get the brand message out to your potential customers. When you hire your models with care, they can actually go a long way in establishing a good brand image for you during the event. So make sure you have read all these points so that you choose wisely. 

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