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17 BatmanStream Alternatives & Mirrors for Sports Live Streaming (Updated 2020)


BatmanStream is one of the most popular channels for live sports streaming online globally. Games like baseball, football, rugby, racing, basketball, tennis, volleyball, NFL, cricket, golf, hockey and so on are directly telecasted using this platform. The usage of BatmanStream is actually very simple. Users just need to search the sport they are looking for and start the play button for any live match which is being telecasted. The searching of live matches in any game is also very easy to do with the help of the BatmanStream website. The option of getting live updates and notifications about scores is also available in BatmanStream. All of these services are provided to the users for completely free of cost. The streaming quality is high as well.

It is generally considered quite a privilege to be able to watch your favorite match live through internet streaming. When the users talk about BatmanStream, they generally mean the parts and services where they are impressed. For example, you will find the segregation of the sports into different categories which helps you to find your desired game more easily. With a User Interface that is considered very simple and easy to use, BatmanStream can be arguably said as the best online live streaming website for sports.

BatmanStream Mirrors in 2020 for Free Live Sports Streaming (100% Working)

1. www.batman-stream.tv

2. www.batmanstream.info

3. www.batmanstream.top

The BatmanStream TV app

BatmanStream TV app

The content rating for BatmanStream TV is open for everyone. You will find this app in the app store where it is listed under the Sports category. The developers SportHEL also provides additional information regarding this app on their official website. The app BatmanStream TV is compatible with all android devices with a support of 16 API and higher. It can be easily downloaded and installed on the device. The APK of BatmanStream TV is easier and faster to download. This app is available in two APK versions: the version 1.0.0 and 1.3.0.

Information about BatmanStream TV 1.3.0 APK

  • File Size: 3.25 MB
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • Package: com.sporthel.batmanstream
  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 and higher
  • Developer: SportHEL
  • Ratings: 4.8 Stars out of 5.0
  • Availability: Free
  • Last Updated: April 2020

download now batmanstream apk

App Permissions for BatmanStream TV

The 1.3.0 APK version of BatmanStream TV requires the following permissions of an android device-

  • Reading or writing system settings.
  • Opening the network sockets.
  • Accessing the vibrator.
  • Accessing the network information.
  • Preventing processor from dimming screen or sleeping.

BatmanStream Alternatives to Watch Live Sports

Due to errors in network, it is not uncommon about BatmanStream that it has been down suddenly. You thought you will be able to watch a match on BatmanStream, but suddenly see it cannot be done temporarily. It is also being checked regularly by the regulators. Many previous popular websites of the same type have completely stopped their services. There is no surety, but this can happen to BatmanStream as well. Therefore, users and sports lovers around the world are already looking for alternative websites or apps that provide the same services.

Some of the top alternatives that you can use in place of BatmanStream are given below-

1. VIPLeague


You can watch all of your favorite football matches via live streaming with VIPLeague no matter wherever you are. Users need not sign up as well. It is very easy to choose the required match and one can stream the matches for free completely. VIPLeague is also very friendly when it comes to the running with mobile phones, and users can get all the latest updates instantly. The rate of updating new contents in VIPLeague is very high. Just click on the video of the game that you want to watch and enjoy HD streams for absolutely free. The updates are mainly provided from highly reliable sources like BBC Sports, Sky Sports, and SSN Breaking Sports News and so on. All of these features make VIPLeague a very attractive platform for sports lovers.

2. SportStream


This particular platform approaches the concept of sports application usage in social media platforms in a very different way. Users can access all the features right after they have logged in the website. It can be easily done by logging in via the existing social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. Then, you can choose the team you support, followed by selecting different other choices. The User Interface is very attractive and there are a huge number of games from where you can choose any. Checking in to any of the games provides you with a virtual space. Here you can interact with other users freely. Native iOS logins are also supported in SportStream. TV information is also provided to guide the users during a live game. Users can also choose to alert themselves via notifications. All of these services are provided to the users without any cost.

3. Drakulastream


Considered as one of the finest websites for streaming of sports apps for free in Europe, Drakulastream always comes up whenever a sports fan talks about BatmanStream. In a global scale, Drakulastream ranks in a very high position, and the majority of the users are very fond of the User Interface. It is very simple to use it, as per the users and all the important sports events, matches and news updates happening in Europe are available right away. Very few streaming websites provide sports events, and Drakulastream is one such rare platform. Apart from Europe, the rugby and NFL are also well covered for the U.S.A. users. The streaming schedules are fixed beforehand and notified to the users. The sports categories are also very well arranged. Since the navigation and usage of Drakulastream are very simple, the majority of the European users prefer this website than any other streaming websites.

4. BeinSports


BeinSports is probably the most well known online sports streaming website that users completely adore. Many users use BeinSports as their primary sports streaming website. Mainly focused on football, BeinSports also covers all the important games of various sports happening globally. As for football lovers, BeinSports is like a heaven. Scores, live updates, win probability, live statistics; all are available here while a match is going on. Users can get support in any form they want when they want to be kept updated about the live scores. Previous results, their statistics, analysis and highlights are also available. If you are looking for upcoming matches, you will get the schedules beforehand and you can set reminders where you will be notified on the required date and one day before. Thus, there is no chance that you will be missing your favorite game unwillingly. BeinSports also come with an inbuilt video player.

5. Stream2Watch


The layout of Stream2Watch is very much functional for streaming sports online, yet it is very easy to use. The entire experience of watching a live sports stream is quite different in Stream2Watch and users can get a very stable streaming service. The streaming database for Stream2Watch is huge, with covering Sky Sports, NCAA Football and even ESPN. The live games are normally displayed upfront, and users can watch them as soon as they enter the website. Stream2Watch also provides streaming of TV series, and users are advised to use it on a PC for an even better experience. Sports that are not really very much popular, like darts or snooker are also streamed here. Filtering options in the search makes it easy for users to be able to find and stream the game they are looking for. The streaming experience is smooth and reliable, without any annoying ads.

6. Streamhunter


For the loyal followers of BatmanStream, this is probably the best streaming website the users can go to. Streamhunter is one of the live streaming websites that is dedicated to online coverage of football games. Football games from all the top leagues in the world: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 are all available at Streamhunter for free. Apart from football, it is equally efficient in covering famous sports like UFC, Moto GP or Formula 1. The users from any part of the globe with an active internet connection can use Streamhunter without any restrictions. With the advanced search filters, it is very easy for you to find your favorite team, league or player. The streams are pretty fast and of high quality as well. The simple User Interface attracts users even more.

7. NFLStream.io


If you are a fan of the NFL, it is possible that you will never switch to any other live streaming website after using NFLStream.io once. Dedicated to NFL lovers, each and every minor detail of a match, the teams, the players and the management is provided. Every single NFDL match is streamed live in this website and the users can access the games for completely free of cost. Apart from the NFL, it also provides streaming services on almost every sport known. If you do not find a game here, chances are that you will not find it anywhere else. NFLStream.io supports the streaming of Formula 1, football, WWE, cycling, basketball, tennis, golf, racing, baseball, hockey, boxing, motorsports, winter sports, snooker, AFL and even water sports. Users can even upload their own videos and bookmark their favorite videos. However, it is recommended that the users use VPN while using this website.

8. 12thPlayer


12thPlayer is currently known better by the address of Streamfoot.com, and it is one of the most reliable online sports streaming websites out there. The website still recognizes the address of 12thPlayer.com and users continue to call it the same. Domains have been changed on the same site, and it is one of the best platforms where you can watch free online streaming of your favorite games. The functions revolve much about BatmanStream services, and the two websites are quite similar. Wide ranges of sports are available as well. The streaming service is very fast and smooth, and the User Interface is very soothing. The streaming experience can be termed as minimalistic, yet it is quite effective. The user-friendliness of this website and neat segregation of sports according to categories is well appreciated by the users. No account is required for streaming either.

9. VIPBox


Another of the dedicated online sports streaming website for football, VIPBox is quite a hit with football lovers. One of the main reasons for the set up of this website was to provide any football lover around the world the access to watch their favorite games at any point of time. With the help of VIPBox, live streaming of your favorite matches can be done very easily. The live games can be watched in any of the played parts as well. The User Interface is also specifically aimed to make it as simple as possible for the users. There is no need for much exploration. Simply opening the website will provide the top live games that are going on. Clicking on the videos is all you have to do to watch them. The streaming quality is also very good, though it depends on the connectivity of the internet.

10. CricFree


As the name suggests, this particular online sports streaming website is dedicated to the sport Cricket. Cricket fans will be delighted to use CricFree.tv as they can get access to live stream any cricket match that is happening in the world. With an active internet connection, any user will not miss out any live cricket action. As for the fans of the other sports, 12 categories of other top sports are also well covered by CricFree.tv and users can just as easily stream them as well. As for cricket fans, this can be considered as the ultimate live streaming website. Popular sports channels like Sky Sports 1 or Sky Sports 2 are also broadcasted directly here. The schedule of the games is given beforehand, and it is very easy to navigate the site as well.

11. Livesport24


Livesport24 is one of the most reliable online streaming websites you will get for watching matches. However, the service of Livesport24 is free. Users don’t need to subscribe on a monthly or annual plans and can access all facilities of the website. However, video streaming quality is excellent, and the streaming network is very stable as well. This means that any android device or set-top boxes can comply well with Livesport24. The website opens in any browser without any hindrance and subscribed users are able to enjoy their favorite games live. If you are looking for a free yet premium online sports streaming website, you can definitely go with Livesport24.

12. MamaHD


MamaHD is one of the most popular websites that streams nearly all important sports matches live on an online platform for completely free. Users can not only watch live games happening in any part of the world, but they can also watch some of the biggest sports channels directly. Sports of all types, mainly cricket, football, baseball, hockey, Moto GP, golf and even WWE is available for streaming at MamaHD. Each of the individual sports can be watched in both live streaming links or in their respective channels. At present, users don’t need to log-in or register and enjoy free to the website to get access to streaming services. After visiting the website, all the services are available without any restrictions. There are various features and new services which are recently introduced to gain the popularity of sports fans even more. You can even chat with other users using MamaHD.

13. SportP2P


Using SportP2P, users can stream their favorite sports and games live with an active internet connection directly from the sports channels that are broadcasting them. This makes the quality of the streaming very well and the network becomes more stable as well. For the games which are not telecasted in any channel, the direct links are provided clicking on which will redirect the users to a streaming window of the match. All kinds of sports are available for the users here, though the site is slightly dedicated to football. As a result of this, football matches form any league in the world can be seen here. Other important sports are also available and users can enjoy matches from the other games as well. The service is completely free of cost, and users have no restrictions regarding the streaming or whatever.

14. WizWig


WizWig is one of the multipurpose live streaming websites that are quite popular with sports fans. With the help of the live streaming facility, users are able to watch their favorite games and their favorite teams into action. It also provides the streaming of various TV live shows. The additional feature of live radio shows is also available in WizWig. The usage is quite easy to understand, users do not need to pay anything or sign up anywhere, and the streaming quality is very good. There are no restrictions for streaming, and WizWig is also available as a mobile app for you to enjoy it from your smartphone only. The users can also chat with other users of this platform. The streaming tools, the channels, the chat rooms and the additional features make WizWig an all in one application.

15. WiziWig


WiziWig is another of the popular online sports streaming websites which is widely used as an alternative of BatmanStream. All the popular games can be watched live by the users and the service is provided free of cost. Live sports channels running on the TV are also directly broadcasted on WiziWig. Games like volleyball, football, baseball, handball, rugby, basketball, motor race, hockey golf and other popular sports are well streamed and covered. Live updates about important matches are also provided to the users. Upcoming tournament schedules, old match highlights and live match data is also available at WiziWig. The streaming is of very high quality and the connection is very stable. Users can thus stream live sports of their choice in WiziWig from any corner of the globe.

16. LiveSoccer


Another of the dedicated live streaming sports website for football lovers, NewSoccer provides excellent coverage about sports and games to the users, especially for football. The important football leagues are all well covered in NewSoccer. Not only the live streaming of the games is available, but users also get live coverage of pre-match shows and post-match analysis. If you are unable to watch the live streaming of the match for any reason, you can always on the live score update present on the page. By doing so, you will be able to receive live commentating of the game along with all the important events. All the important football games belonging in Premier league, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and so on are fully covered and streamed. This site however is exclusive to football only.



The last on the list is ATDHE, and it is also one of the leading platforms where sports lovers can stream live matches of nearly all sport types. The page is very simple, and someone who has no idea how to navigate a webpage will also have no problem in ADTHE. The functions are clear and very easy to perform. Once you open the website, you will be able to see all the important games that are scheduled for the day or the games which are already going on live. Simply click on the respective video to watch the live streaming of the game you desire. The streaming quality is high and the service is absolutely free of cost. The users face no limitation over the streaming either. The links provided in ADTHE are however all from different third-party sources. The hosting links are secure and reliable.


All of the live streaming sports websites which are mentioned here are merely tools or objects that the sports lovers and followers across the world can use. With the help of these websites, users will be able to engage more with the other fans and the excitement surrounding that revolves around the games. All of these websites help the users to watch their favorite matches live on an advanced digital device. With so many options, users are free to choose what suits them best for themselves. If one particular streaming website is not upto the mark by a user, he or she is free to try out the other ones. Even regular users are encouraged to try as many of the streaming websites as possible. Once you have experienced all of them, you will realize which one is the best for yourself and can recommend them to your friends.


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