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Do you know that transcription can improve the chances of generating more revenue for your website or videos as compared to non-transcribed videos? Not only this, the videos which are transcribed can enhance your SEO significantly. While handling digital content, many web creators usually deal with putting up their digital content, audio podcasts or videos on the website regularly. They need to transcribe their videos for much better user experience. Video transcription is understood as a simple tool for converting your speech or audio into written form or text. Transcripts can also be converted to subtitles or captions and synchronized to video for better user experience.


There are several benefits which are related to the transcription of videos. Some of them are described below:

  • Web pages with transcripts usually earn 18% more on average than web pages, which are without transcripts. Videos with captions on YouTube have 9.75% more views than videos without captions.
  • More importantly, the number of organic search visits registered directly in the transcript is increased by 7.65%. These statistics are a good representation of the capacity to add transcripts to your videos as well as marketing campaigns.
  • In addition to several marketing-related benefits which are achieved from transcribing videos, one of the best reasons to transcribe videos is to make your content accessible to a variety of users; including those who are disabled and cannot hear the audio while watching videos.
  • Moreover, by placing a transcript under the caption of your video can enable a disabled person to read or listen to the text by using screen-reading technology. 


There are several ways which can be utilized for transcribing your videos for a quality user experience and providing you chances of revenue generation and improving your SEO. These include the following:

1. Doing it yourself (DIY Method)

The best transcript services are considered as quite expensive. They typically cost between $ 70 and $ 150, and can even cost more than $ 500 than other products. These figures are acceptable for professional transcription companies because they require the best possible practice. However, in the current era of information and technology, there are various tricks and strategies which are developed according to the ease and availability of options. Therefore, if you are involved in digital advertising, and you only need tutorials and podcasts transcripts, these numbers will empty your wallet, so you may want to consider doing this yourself. 

2. Using Mobile Applications for transcription

There are a variety of applications which are available on Apple as well as Android Play stores, which offer various apps for recording and transcribing your speech to a written transcript. You need to simply open your Play Store and find the transcription application of your choice. If you travel frequently or hold one-on-one meetings, just to name a few, these apps are best for you. Also, most smart devices, have built-in transcript capabilities; so you don’t need a web link or download. In case you have smartphones, there are more options for you as you can easily open the note pad app along with picking up the microphone alternative and start chatting. The conversation or chatting will be transformed or converted to the text automatically and will be displayed on the notepad. 

3. Using online transcription programs freely available

There are several ways to transcribe video material by using an internet transcription program, which does not charge you at all. Seems interesting, right? You can easily find them by searching on different internet search engines. However, as they are available freely, therefore, there may be possibilities that they are provided with incorrect transcripts as you have lesser voice control. On the directly recorded video, so you should always make sure that you check the results yourself for minor corrections.  Some examples of free devices are Trent, speech blogger, Google Voice Typing and transcribe etc. 

Because online transcription tools require constant internet connectivity when used, network connectivity should be considered. Therefore, if you move frequently and experience frequent network problems, then it can become tedious for you to have consistent connectivity to achieve its benefits. 

4. Automatic Captions by YouTube

Various digital content creators utilize YouTube for transcribing their videos. YouTube subtitles are authentic and are mostly 75% accurate depending on whether your video has clear sound or not. This option is ideal for videos with clear sound, proper speaker pronunciation and moderate speed of speech. Another option is to offer regional subtitles and subtitle resources for video clips. Of course, you don’t always have perfect sound settings and great audio speakers. Sometimes you will be asked to record a portion of the video clip with insufficient sound or a lot of background noise, which often increases lead time for transcription. Therefore, it is understood as a simple and preferred method for transcribing videos.

5. Utilize a popular internet web app

There are various popular online internet applications, which allow you to upload sounds to their software applications and can use AI to convert your audio into messages. In addition to the advantages of integrating a variety of other functions of the software program, it also has the advantage of a quick time lead. The model rate of an online transcript software program is cheaper than a transcriptional solution and gives you so much control over the imagination. Moreover, they have different amazing options which make them unique from the other transcription options. The significant benefits of these popular internet software programs include:

  • They can change your voice in a ready text or caption.
  • They can include screen images of video clips in the message.
  • They can publish your web content directly on your website.
  • They can develop dynamic call-to-action to make your transcriptions work correctly.


Therefore, it can be summarised that keeping in view a variety of benefits from transcribing of videos, the modern digital content creators utilize various techniques and strategies for utilizing the benefits of transcription. These benefits not only provide marketing-focused benefits such as increased revenue generation but also enhance search engine optimization programs along with generating more organic web traffic. Therefore, it is high time to start recording video clip content. Moreover, you should also make sure to follow and recheck your transcriptions to avoid the posting of irrelevant content. The above ways are known as the best available methods for transcribing videos, and you can decide which one suits you the best based on your needs and budget. 

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