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dwayne johnson net worth
Net Worth:$320 Million
Source of Wealth‎:Professional Wrestler/Actor
Country of Origin:Miami, Florida, United States
Age‎:2 May 1972 (age 48 years)
Real Name:Dwayne Douglas Johnson
Spouse:Dave Rienzi (m. 2014), Dwayne Johnson (m. 1997–2008)
Parents:Rocky Johnson, Ata Johnson
Children:Simone Alexandra Johnson
Height‎:1.96 m
Last Updated:July 2020


Born in a family of wrestlers, Dwayne Johnson was exposed to the world of wrestling from a very early age. It was May 2, 1972, that Ata Johnson and Rocky Johnson welcomed a baby boy. Being a legendary wrestler himself, Rocky Johnson never concealed the excitement of a wrestler’s life from his young son. In fact, Dwayne Johnson was often accompanied to the tournaments and has witnessed many matches being performed before his own eyes. This led him to ‘try out’ the wrestling moves on his classmates and also fall into trouble for it at times as well.

dwayne johnson childhood
Image Source: pinterest.com

Johnson spends most of his childhood in the beautiful tropical climates of Hawaii. His early education started by attending the Richmond Primary School in Newzealand before moving to the United States. After having changed quite a few elementary schools in the States, Johnson finally finished his High School at the President William McKinley High School in Honolulu, with a brief time at the McGavock High School in Nashville and Freedom High School in Bethlehem.

Being quite mischievous, Dwayne Johnson has run into trouble quite a few times. As he was clearly a ‘big kid’ and was exposed to the stunts of the wrestling world, it was only natural for the young Johnson to try them out on his friends and classmates. While growing up, Dwayne Johnson ran into the wrong side of the law a couple of times for having indulged in fights. But this was ‘prelude’ to a bright future in the world of wrestling, which was yet to come. It took a while for Johnson himself to realize that he has a career in wrestling and take the world by storm as ‘The Rock’. Wrestling was in his blood and it was only natural for him to ‘drop dive’ into the wrestling ring, but that was yet to come.

dwayne johnson college


Being born into a family of wrestlers, it was only natural for Dwayne Johnson to globe-trot along. This led him to have acquired education from across the United States and also abroad. As his mother is the daughter of Peter Fanene Maivia, an accomplished wrestler of his own time; this led the family to be at the epicenter of all sporting activities. He often moved across the country and changed a couple of schools on the way.

The primary education started at the Richmond Road Primary School in Newzealand, where Jonson lived with his maternal family. Later, he shifted to the United States and attended the Montclaire Elementary school in North Carolina. This followed by a brief time in Shepherd Glen Elementary School in Connecticut.

Dwayne Johnson’s high school years were spent hopping through a couple of institutions before he could finally complete the term. This started with President William McKinley High School in Hawaii. The later years were completed at the Glencliff High School and McGavock High school in Nashville. Finally, the high school years came to an end at the Freedom High School in Pennsylvania.

He showed the talent of an athlete from the early years and this earned him a full scholarship from the University of Miami. During his school days, Dwayne Johnson found passion in the field of football and would quite often indulge in the sport while doing so. These years gave him tremendous training in sportsmanship and about the other technical aspects of the sport as well. He also enjoyed a prime spot at the national championship team in the year 1991. Defensive tackle seemed to hide forte and Dwayne Johnson was quite a star in the field of football. But fate has other plans and soon the champion would have changed his sport with a stroke of ‘luck’.

dwayne johnson career
Image Source: businessinsider.in


Dwayne Johnson started his career in the field of football after he completed his graduation in Bachelor of General Studies in Criminology and Physiology. He proceeded to sign with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. His position was that of a linebacker. It was then that the budding champion suffered a massive injury to his back that caused him to lose a place in NFL and had to cut his football career midway.

This led him to move towards his childhood love of wrestling and he was a natural in the ring. It was not a surprise that Dwayne Johnson soon found fame in USWA where he went on to win the Tag team championship with Brett Sawyer.

Dwayne Johnson went with the ring-name of Flex Kavanah before he got his foothold at the legendary WWE in the year 1996. He joined the group called ‘the Nation of Domination’ and was known as ‘Rocky Maivia’. As the group suffered a split, he joined yet another group called the ‘Corporation’ and was called ‘The Rock’; a name that would soon get him all the fame and fortunes in the years to come.

After having made a mark in the wrestling field, The Rock was showered by Hollywood offers. He found recognition in the films as well and went to star in a couple of great Hollywood flicks that were a commercial success as well. He played the iconic roles in films like ‘The Mummy Returns’, ‘ The Scorpion King’, to name a few. These roles were custom-made for The Rock and did justice to his size and stature as a true star.

dwayne johnson's investments and net worth
Image Source: businessinsider.in

Dwayne Johnson’s Investments and Net Worth

Have spent a large part of his life under the stardom of wrestling, Dywne Johnson has grown to be iconic as ‘the face’ of wrestling. His own ‘larger than life persona’ has been a true story of inspiration for an entire generation. However, he was never the ‘rigid and stiff-faced’ to start with and this inspired the filmmakers to cast him.

With great body and exotic looks to go with, The Rock is also quite charismatic. Unlike his predecessors in bodybuilding, Johnson is quite expressive and cool to be around. This led him to a shining career in Hollywood. The roles were crafted for him and he slipped right into them like a professional.

With his already raging success as a wrestler, he soon grew to be a filmmaker’s dream come true and went on to give huge commercial hits. Today, The Rock is easily one of the highest-paid actors in the industry and has a huge fan following. This includes people of all ages and also genders. His net worth in the year 2020 is $320 Million.

Some of his more memorable movies are The Scorpion King, Jumanji, Baywatch, Fast and the Furious, Skyscraper, Snitch, Hercules, Pain and Gain, Moana, San Andreas, Central Intelligence to name a few.

His career as a successful WWE champion has also led to his immensely impressive career graph which seems to simply climb upwards. The star has found a firm spot on the Forbes list as well quite a few times. What is more impressive is that his book titled,’ The Rock says..’ in the year 2000 made it to the New York Times Bestsellers list as well. This has led to The Rock having made his mark at all the right places and more.


Dwayne Johnson is a sweetheart. With a body like a mountain, he has a childlike heart within. His exotic looks and a killer smile to go with it has made him into a people’s favorite in no time. After having enjoyed huge success in the world of wrestling, Hollywood soon pursued him and made him on to the next big superstar. With many innumerable roles and iconic characters to his credit, The Rock soon grew to be a household name. He found a firm spot in the hearts of the young moviegoers and in no time was the ruling face of some of the highest grosser of all times. Let us take a look at some of his great achievements:

  • National Championship win- Miami Hurricanes( 1992)
  • WWE Debut- Survivor series
  • WWF Championship- Survivor series
  • BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting Award- 2017
  • CinemaCon-Action Star of the Year- 2012
  • Entertainer of the Year Award-2018
  • Blimp Award- 2013
  • Teen Choice Award-2018
  • Teen Choice Award-2001
  • Stinker Award-2001
  • Star on the Walk of Fame- 2017
  • Forbes-Top grossing Actor-2013
  • Forbes Celebrity 100- No 70 – 2012

Dwayne Johnson continues to inspire the youth of this generation. Despite his great looks and movie-star smile, the star has always been able to touch the right chords everywhere he goes. He is also a ‘Black Icon’ of sorts and is able to reach out to the people with a more positive message through his background.

The story of Dwayne Johnson is that of a true star and a hero as he emerges as ‘The Rock’. The star has found his foothold in various realms of the industry and continues to innovate the entertainment industry. Today, he is a ‘people’s star’ and has found a place in the hearts and minds of the people of the world alike.


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