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Are you looking for Escape Room game spots? It is obvious for people to look for an escape room because of their rising popularity. For the newbies, an escape room is an adventure game in which all the players need to solve puzzles with the help of hints. The player gets a time limit of 60 minutes in which he/she has to search for the ploy which is hidden in the room. The escape room Atlanta is a fun time that you can spend with your family and friends. All you have to do is prepare yourself and the team for the worst things in the game. These games are perfect for you to know about your behavior in an emergency situation. Here we have come with the top 10 escape room game spots in Atlanta for you to try.

Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta

This one has been the top priority for the players if they look for an exciting escape room Atlanta. You can choose anything from the difficulty levels with the various adventures you find here. From underwater research, erasing the evidence for incriminating your employers, to the World War II scenario, they have it all for the players.

The Escape Game

You can choose any of the adventures out of recovering a priceless painting, escaping from prison, finding gold, uncovering the truth with fellow players, etc. in this escape room Atlanta.

The Escapery

Escapery is a perfect opportunity for the secret agents to complete their mission in an exciting manner. You will have to stop a killer or will get to travel through time.

Paranoia Quest

Has everyone come to take you? Then, you need to try this escape room Atlanta as it gives a chance to find if the people are against you or not. There are zombies, murder, intrigue, and many more thrills.

Escape Woods

Are you bored of getting trapped in rooms, then why not get struck outside now? Situated in the Powder Springs, this is a part of the sleepy hollow farm. It gives the player an option to experience the adventures and games which take place in farmlands.

Breakout Games

In this escape room Atlanta, you get various options such as creepy mansion, hostage situations, search the stolen piece of art, save people from dying, spy experience, and many more. 

Mission: Escape Atlanta

Come out with you tremendously amazing skills to spy on a rich man, or work with the Morse code skills for freeing your friends from a psycho.

Time to Escape

This escape room Atlanta brings many interesting challenges for you, such as, find the way out to Alcatraz, search King Tut’s tomb in Egypt, and many more. It seems easy, but the question is, can you find it in an hour.

Vroom Vroom Escape Room

As the name suggests, it is a mobile escape room Atlanta. Perhaps it has very simple scenarios, such as the company room or a dorm room. But the bigger part is, do you have what it takes to survive here?

Escape the Netherworld

This escape room Atlanta has been opened by Netherworld haunted house. You can choose to escape from the shark god of the Molokai on Tiki Island or travel to the 1900s with Nosferatu.

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