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Handmade gifts for your loved ones, how to make them?

Finding the right gift is a difficult task. You don’t want to spend unnecessary money on something which serves them no purpose. To make their moments more special, take time to create a handmade gift. They will appreciate your creativity and hard work on putting something beautiful together. It is also an excellent way to recycle your household materials and create an environment-friendly gift. So here are a few handmade gift ideas that you can gift to your loved ones.

1. Homemade Candles

Beautifully scented candles add light, coziness, and light to any interior decor. They are a fantastic gift option for anyone. When you do it yourself, you can add your choice of look, scent, and color to the product. You can make them very quickly and with only a few supplies. You can decide what you want to use in your candle. For example, if you are allergic to certain fragrances, then avoid them. If you’re going to keep the air clean, then use soy wax. The candle making process has three essential components: a wick, a wax, and a container. You will need a pot to melt the wax. The fragrance and color is your choice and is optional. Choose the right kind of wax using which you want to make your candle. Keep an old pot with wax on an electric stove to melt it. Use wax flakes for easy, fast, and even melting. The quantity of the wax flakes should be enough to pour into the vessel of your choice. Once the wax melts, place the wick into the container and pour the melted wax into it to get your budget-friendly and eco-friendly candle. You can also buy a  Frangelico, which is a liqueur bottle-shaped hazelnut scented gift pack tied with a traditional rope belt. 

  1. DIY iPad Holder

Everyone uses a tablet or phone in their day to day routine. For people who use tablets while cooking finds it challenging to manage the electronic item without spoiling it. You touch it with your wet and sticky hands and make its screen also sticky. To avoid this situation, here is a DIY Tablet holder. You will need a wooden cutting board, a triangular piece of wood, a scrabble game piece holder, wood stain, and Krazy Glue. Decorative vinyl is optional. Stick the triangular wood piece on the back of the cutting board in a way that the triangle bottom rests against the counter. It will keep your tablet/phone steady and act as the support of your Tablet holder. The more the angle of the wood, the more it will lean backward. So, adjust it according to your requirements. Once the triangular wood is dried, stain them and let it dry thoroughly. The iPad holder is now ready to use and to gift. 

3. Placemat Clutch

Placemat Clutch

For your friend who loves interior decoration things, unique accessories, then this placemat clutch is for that friend. IT is a great show-off piece and lets your friend know that you have the most exceptional creative side. A clutch made out of placemat makes this gift budget-friendly. Firstly, buy a pretty placemat of your choice, preferably round in shape. Fold it into half and sew both its sides. Using a seam ripper, open a few stitches at the placemat’s top and insert an elastic loop. Fold the placemat down to gauge where you want to place the button. Attach the button, and your clutch is ready. Take some dress fringes, laces, and trimmings and glue them to the top flap. You can cover the magnetic strap with these fringes. Adding pom-pom fringes to the clutch increases the cuteness level. Use it as a makeup bag or just like a clutch matching with your outfit.

4. Hand-Embroidered T-shirt


Embroidery to any plain material looks beautiful. You can add it to a baby onesie, a T-shirt, or any stretchy fabric easily using the right arrangement. Using a stabilizer will stabilize any material. Choose the content you want to do embroidery. Decide the area you wish to do stitching and place the stabilizer there. Make sure that the fabric is tight and smooth. Put the design on top of it. Using a needle and the right thread color, knit around the structure. Post finishing the embroidery, iron it from the inside to make it smooth and wearable. Your hand embroidered T-shirt is ready. Implement the same idea to any dress material to give it a personalized touch. 

5. String Art

String Art

String art is a popular art of the 70s, and it is a fun artwork. It is an inexpensive art and requires only a few materials. It is a perfect choice if you are a beginner in these DIY artwork. Choose a shape and achieve extraordinary art as the end product. You will require a wood piece of the required size, printer, computer, scissors, linoleum nails, tape, embroidery floss, and hammer. Firstly, decide the image you want to create a pattern for string art like a map, house, or any other design. Take the printout of the drawing and cut through its outline. Place the model on the wood piece and temporarily secure it using a tape. Lightly beat the nails placing evenly around the pattern printed on paper. Remove the pattern, once the pins are in position. Use embroidery floss to draw the boundary of the design by tying the first nail and leave a little at last to tie a knot. Once the outline is complete, start filling the pattern by wrapping and crisscrossing from pin to pin. It is the best gift for housewarming parties. 


The above are a few handmade gift ideas for your loved ones. They are easy and give a lot of pleasure while making them. If you are a creative person, then it will be a lot of fun to make gifts for your loved ones. Make that someone feels special by letting them know that you put effort into creating the present, especially for them.


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