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Online Lottery in Asia

online lottery in asia

If there is one thing that everyone in Asia would agree on, it is the fact that online lottery has taken over the gambling industry. More and more people in Asia are opting for online lotteries. No matter where one might live, the internet has led to online lottery becoming the norm. Asians love to gamble. Whether you head to Mainland China, Macau, South Korea, Japan, or India, you will come across plenty of online gamblers who strive to earn thousands of dollars and more. Lottoland offers online lottery in India

Even though there is no such thing as a National Lottery Asia, there are various lotteries that reign supreme. Different lottery draws cater to different Asian countries. This is why it is important to learn more about the different lotteries before you place a bet. Unlike Europe, Asia is a lot more diverse and boasts huge countries. If you want to earn quick money, online lotteries are the best option.

Different Formats

When gambling in Asia, it is important to keep in mind that there are different formats that are used by different lotteries. Hence, you should know more about the format before you start placing huge bets. Moreover, some of the models have taken certain features from existing models. This has resulted in the creation of various rules when it comes to playing the lottery. Hence, you should be careful because one lottery might state one rule and the other would state another.

Comprehensive Games

A great thing about online lottery in Asia is that there are comprehensive games that you can play. There is plenty of information that you can go through to understand what each game is all about and try your luck. 

Hong Kong Mark 6 Lottery

Hong Kong Mark 6 Lottery is one of the biggest Asian lotteries out there. It works on a similar format as most lotteries across the globe. The lottery requires users to select six winning numbers from 49. The reason why the lottery is unique is because it is owned by the Hong Kong Jockey Club but has nothing to do with horseracing in the very least. It is easily one of the top Asian lotteries as 54% of its funds go back to the prize pool. Thus, players get to benefit from some amazing bumper jackpots. Hong Kong Mark 6 Lottery is a very generous lottery company. Every week, there are many draws that you can participate in for a chance to win it big. Hence, it is extremely popular in Asia.

Turkish Lottery

Another Asian lottery that is very popular is the Turkish Lottery. Even though gambling is prohibited in Turkey, it is still played by a great deal of people. It is run by the state of Monopoly and has a monopoly. The draws are strictly run. It is easier to win weekly prizes with the Turkish Lottery.


Online lotteries in Asia are gaining ground. They are being played by just about everyone.

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