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Poker: The Gentleman’s Game and How to Play It

Poker: The Gentleman’s Game

While the entire world goes to the casinos to try their luck at Blackjack, Craps, and Slots, there will always be some elite men who’ll find their way to Poker. 

Poker is exciting and addictive. Once you get the hang of it, there’s no holding back! Even though many newbies may write Poker off as another game of luck, only a real Poker player knows that Poker has very little to do with Lady Luck. Poker is all about playing the hand and the players. You’ve to be mentally present all the time if you want to outwit your opponents. 

If you’ve been thinking of inviting your friends over for a game of Poker, let’s take a look at the Poker rules:

Objective– Your objective is to make a hand. The higher the rank of the hand, the higher your chances of winning.

Basics– Two cards are dealt with each player at the table. These cards must be from a shuffled deck. There’ll be five standard or community cards in the middle of the table, which the players must share. The idea is using community cards in combination with the cards you already have, and build a hand of the highest possible rank. 

To avoid coming off as a newbie, here’s a list of all the hands, along with their ranking:-

  1. Royal Flush- This is of the highest order. If you get A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit, you’ve hit the golden jackpot.
  2. Straight Flush– This is the next best thing. Get any sequence in the same suit, and you can call it a pretty sweet win. 
  3. Four of a Kind– If four out of five cards have the same rank/number, you have the third-best hand in the house. The fifth card can be anything; it won’t matter. (ex-King, King, King, King, Five)
  4. Full House– You win a Full-Houthreese if you have three different cards of the same rank, and two other matching cards of a different position. (ex-King, King, King, Five, Five)
  5. Flush– All five of your cards must be of the same suit, even if there is no sequence to your card ranks. 
  6. Straight– This is a tricky one to keep in mind. Your cards must be in sequential order, but they should be of at least two distinct suites. 
  7. Three of a Kind– Any three card poker should have the same rank, and the remaining cards can’t be of that rank. 
  8. Two Pair– Out of your five cards, two must be of the same rank. Out of the remaining three, two must be of equal rank, but distinct from the former pair. 
  9. One Pair– Your cards should have a pair of cards with identical ranks. 
  10. High Card– If your cards don’t match any of the above, well, all you have is a high-card, but with unimaginable luck, who knows, you might win it!

Remembering these rankings and playing by them is part of the Poker rules. Getting any of these hands and utilising strategies will inevitably result in a win!

When playing Poker, the rank of the cards go from Kings being second-highest to “two” being the lowest ranking card. Of course, Aces has all other cards beat. It is the highest-ranking card in Poker. 

Here’s how a Poker game usually runs:-

  1. The dealer deals two cards for each player.
  2. “Blind” betting is carried out by the first two players.
  3. “Betting” takes place (Players can Call, Fold or Raise)
  4. The dealer puts three cards in the centre, face-up.
  5. Players can pick either of the two options: Call or Fold.
  6. A fourth card comes into play. Now we’re playing “The Turn”.
  7. You can Check, Call, Raise, or Fold.
  8. A fifth card comes into play. Now we’re playing “The River”.
  9. Repeat step seven.
  10. The player who has the highest-ranking card wins the Poker game. 

Now you can play Poker from the benefit of your home by various online card-gaming platforms. Keep betting and show off your skills to your friends and competitors!


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