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20 Putlocker Alternative to stream movies in 2020

1. Fmovies


As we have read before if you will search for the best online movie streaming websites there are plenty of options available. But only a few of them can offer their reliable and latest collection to the users. One such is Fmovies which offers easy to use and sleek user interface to the users to make the platform different from its contemporaries. This modern website allows the user to easily navigate among its categories and genres while browsing for their favorite movies and TV shows. Under any circumstances, if the user face troubles in the quality then you can use a VPN connection to watch uninterrupted services. This website is also available free of cost but you might have to see a few ads.


2. YesMovies

For all the movie and TV show enthusiasts finding a reliable platform for the online movie, streaming is like winning the lottery. You will be pleased to know the incredible Putlocker Alternative as Yes Movies where you can watch some highly detaining movies for free and roughly it might have more than 10,000 free TV series, movies, HD videos in documentaries. It is better to say that this could be the best platform to satisfy all of your cravings to watch a good movie. Also, the homepage of this platform is designed in a very beautiful manner end-user free interface which allows the categorization of cross country, movies, top IMDb, genre, and TV series.


3. 123 movies

123 movies

If we look for the free streaming website for the movies then we will easily find a number of websites out of which only a few can be trusted in terms of safety. Under such cause, 123 movies can be said as the best Putlocker Alternative which only focuses on entertainment factors along with providing safety to the user. The best thing is that it doesn’t ask for unnecessary signup or subscription you can just watch online movies without any filling up to do. This platform also hosts the most popular and recent files in the market and it also has a complete index of movies along with TV series with this, you will never fall short of movie choices.

123 movies

4. Movie4u


You are not a true movie lover if you do not know Movies4u or if you have not downloaded any movie or series from this platform. It is a completely free online streaming website where users can watch movies from different segments and periods also it has a simple interface and allows easy navigation to your favorite content. There are two different search options ie years wise listings and genre-wise listings where you can scroll down easily every time to the homepage. Movies4you has the best collection for Hollywood and Bollywood movies and other than this it also has some regional movies considering the diversity of its users. It is the best platform to download instant movies for fun.


5. GoMovies


This is the most used and preferred online movie streaming website among users. It also works wonder just like other and as a Putlocker alternative, it has a lot to offer to the users. Just like any Putlocker website it has a list of multiple TV shows and popular movies that help you get frequent updates regularly. This website is free to access and watch the available content and it is not required for the user to create an account or sign up. Though it is free to use you might have to go through some ads displayed while you visit the website. So prepare yourself prior to starting any movie or TV show.


6. Cmovies


If you are clearly looking for the Putlocker Alternative and not ready to bargain with any other website then there is no point experimenting further and you can go directly to Cmovies for all kinds of TV shows and movies. This website has a collection of some latest released TV shows, movies and complete episodes of all the popular TV series which you can browse for free. When it comes to entertainment, this website does not compromise with the convenience and provide hassle-free services to the user. The users can also find a vast collection of movie content with a couple of movie categorizations including action, romance, horror, SCI-FI, mystery, suspense, biography, comedy, fantasy and so on.


7. Rainierland


you cannot say Rainierland as the best alternative or contemporary for Putlocker Alternative because it does not conduct the clean work but still, it is one of the most recognized in the business. This online video streaming website has a vast array of some popular series and adding more to it they also provide you with details like the name of the actors and so on. This also entertains the user to watch movie trailers prior to starting the movies. There are no other drawbacks associated with this website rather than it is not ad-free. But the overall content will make your journey worth it. Offering the series of vast collection they also have the recent as well as an old collection of movies.


8. Moonline


One of the excellent and best free streaming online just like Putlocker where you can easily browse a number of latest as well as previous movies under multiple categories. They are potential options available where users can filter the movies and TV shows as per their desire or interest. This website also has a collection of movies belonging to different genres like animation, horror, action, comedy, mystery, romance, Sci-fi and other options to select and watch. Along with all these features it is also provided with a replay video capture feature that allows users to capture and convert the videos which they have streamed already. This website is compatible with all the systems and mobile devices.


9. Megashare


In terms of short and simple drama, this is one of the most straight forward movies streaming online service available in the market. It has a user-friendly interface and a number of active users who use it to watch some high-quality movies and TV shows. Also if you are fond of watching some contemporary movies then you can find it in its extensive library. Also depending upon the internet connection and speed you can watch a variety of movies in multiple qualities. Other than video quality in the option, you will love it’s another most incredible feature which is this website has included the subtitles. You don’t have to worry about its security because it works quite well.


 10. 5 Movies

5 Movies

The homepage of this website is designed to draw maximum attention and some extremely alluring video content. You can find some of the latest movies on this website for free and it is a very useful site if you are only looking for Putlocker Alternative. The movie categorization of this website is perfect where you can search for your desired movie with the available filter options. This website is compatible with mobile applications and android as well as iOS devices. If you are interested to get unscripted TV series and musical recordings then you can also stream them for free on this website. It also has the best collection for Hollywood movies so why not grab the chance now

5 Movies

11. Popcorn Time Online

Popcorn Time is one of the most favorite movies streaming websites for the users and it has the same popularity as Netflix, prime video and so on. This platform has a well-known collection of movies and TV shows in its massive library. You cannot just watch movies online rather it is quite easy to download your most favorite TV shows and movies to watch them later. This website has an easy to use interface which provides instant navigation mechanism for searching the movies. It also has some easy to open filters and vast sections for the movie’s categorization. Users also get an option to binge-watch their favorite movies or TV shows on this application whenever they like.

Popcorn Time Online

12. Primewire

Is an online streaming website is just like Rainierland and the uses for this platform are growing every day. This website can also be said as the actual replica of the Rainierland website which is one of its kinds and it hosts some quality content available in movies and TV series. This website also gets regularly updated and you will find no complexity to indulge yourself into it. This website is also easy to understand and get quick excess where you will get redirected to the homepage through numerous links that allow streaming HD content with ease. The frequent users of the website can also get access through the ratings, reviews, and updates related to the movies.


13. MovieWatcher

The most incredible highlight of MovieWatcher website is that it has the most extensive library having some easy to search and well-collected videos. Also, it is easy for the users to categorize the content based upon movie types, its release years, popularity and the genre. Especially the home pages well organized having a search menu on its top which supports easy and convenient navigation through the content. For the segment of the latest movies, it has a different section along with separated sections for most viewed movies and movies still found in theatres. This website is compatible with computer systems and smartphones. This can be said is the most eligible Putlocker Alternative in the market.

Movie Watcher

14. WatchFree

WatchFree website is the most diversified Putlocker Alternative available in the market in which the ruler justifies its name and allows users to watch movies and TV shows for free and with absolute convenience. This website also features the regularly updated and some of the latest TV shows and movies, besides this, it also has the HD quality online content. It is easily accessible for the users and allows navigation with ease, the best segment is it does not require any registration or account to watch or access the content. Every segment of entertainment is accessible for free on this website and it also hosts the genre of action, romance, horror, SCI-FI, mystery, suspense, biography, comedy, fantasy and so on.


15. Popcornflix

you can enjoy a very different sense of movies with the Popcornflix website. Also, it is in the market for some successful period and has established itself as the most efficient Putlocker Alternative. The collection of this website has some interesting classic movies but it’s not limited to them rather you can find the latest movies and web series on it. It also does not ask the users to sign up to the platform or create the account and it directly means that you get quick access to the vast collection. It also works reliably on the computer systems as well as mobile devices. This website is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices and platforms.


16. VoMoo

One of the best and most recently launched online movie streaming websites is VoMoo. This can also be the best Putlocker Alternative available and just like its name it hosts only the latest and updated content for entertainment. It allows users to watch online content in HD quality there are no complications for registration or sign up. This website also does not incorporate the complicated user interface why the most interesting feature is that it conducts ad-free streaming of movies and TV shows. It has movie collection for all ages like animated movies that can be entertaining for kids, romance, horror, mystery, action, thrill movies for adults. All you have to do is choose your interest and find a movie or TV show of your choice.


17. Los Movies

This website for online movie streaming is only available in English but for the relief, it has a variety of subtitle options in multiple languages to refer to the users. Not only Indian but Swedish, Albanian, Croatian and other users from different geographies can watch its content with ease. Nearly most of the TV shows available on this website are of high quality, on the other hand, the latest or more viewed videos are only available on the main page of the website. Please note that if you have any ad blocker system active on your device then initially it might block the option of the built-in video player for this website. Keeping this factor aside, this website was extremely well.

Los Movies

18. Flixster: Movies

This is one of the most general and ideal websites for streaming online movies and TV shows without any inconvenience. It also does not require signing up or creating the account which means that you will get no annoying messages or emails from this website in your inbox. It also provides high-quality content to the users free of cost and instead of directly uploading the movie they provide direct links so that you can even watch movies online in HD quality. for accepting this website you do not have to go through the formalities to watch movies or TV shows. This platform is compatible with computer systems and mobile devices and the content available here is easy to access.


19. SolarMovie

This is one of the most preferable Putlocker Alternative but not the best option in the market. It has a massive collection of some extremely popular movies and TV series which keeps growing regularly. it also offers high-quality videos to the users and the performance of the website is outstanding. It has easy to use interface and high responsive platform which makes this website the right choice among users. Solar movies work well on computer systems as well as mobile devices. it also does not ask users unnecessarily for the subscription, sign in for creating the account. In very few of the cares, you might have through the advertisements but it is worth the content available on the website.


20. XMovies8

you might be surprised to see his name because it gives a hint of adult content but doesn’t worry, in spite of its name this is really a good Putlocker Alternative. The database and online library of this website are extremely vast and streaming movies and TV shows from this website are very easy and convenient for the users because of its incredible features. Users can find the content right from horror to comedy and mystery to romance. One of the individual features of this website is that it allows the searching of movies by their director’s name but even if you know the actor, writer, release year or actress names then you can search for the movie.


Have you ever find yourself in the room of boredom and couldn’t think how to make a window for little entertainment or for passing the time. Well here is the solution why not go to the best websites to download or watch movies online for free.

How to stream movies with VPN?

If you are concerned with your online presence and download the movies anonymously then you can use the virtual private network. Using a VPN you can hide the IP address from others and once you have established a strong connection your traffic will be encrypted. Not even the internet service provider third party will be capable to eavesdrop on your website visits or downloads.

Which private network protocol I must use?

Accessing virtual private network or any of its encryption only depends upon the protocol which you might have implied. An open network is the most secure and you can use protocols like LT2P, PPTP protocol, IP2Sec and so on. Also, keep one thing in mind that the higher the encryption level, the less will be the internet speed.

How to set up a VPN to download anonymously?

In order to do so there are two general methods that you can utilize for installing a virtual private network. One is that you can try to configure the VPN connection manually on your system or just download the VPN application on your device. The VPN service provider will offer a manual setup configuration for Windows, iOS, OS, Linux or Android.

Best VPN to download movies anonymously?

There are multiple features that you might be looking for while choosing a VPN provider. Mostly you have to make sure that it has no data caps or limitations with bandwidth and your provider offers you the feature of the kill switch.

The bottom line

You might have seen various sites to watch or download high-quality movies but in this article, some of the best Putlocker Alternatives were mentioned along with their features.


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