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Rory John Gates – Education, Net Worth, Early Life [Updated 2020]

rory john gates
Net Worth: 20$ Million
Source of Wealth‎: Son of Bill Gates
Country of Origin: Seattle, Washington, United States
Age‎: 23 May 1999 (age 20 years)
Real Name: Rory John Gates
Parents: Bill Gates, Melinda Gates
Siblings: Jennifer Katharine Gates, Phoebe Adele Gates
Horoscope: Gemini
Height‎: 5ft 5inch.
Last Updated: April, 2020

All You Want to Know About Rory John Gates, Bill Gates Son

What does it take to be a son of a millionaire? How does it feel to stay in the limelight? Where do you go when you need to feel more like your own self rather than the image inherited by you? That is Rory John Gates for you ladies and gentlemen. Now let us get up close and personal with this young man.

The Biography

With a powerful last name ‘Gates’, you hardly require any introduction whatsoever. However, Rory John Gates is a person of his own making; at least one can say so if you have been following his life choices from the start.

It is safe to say that Rory Gates is an introvert. How else would you explain the lad’s complete lack of interest in trying to maintain a public image? Hardly ever in news, this 20-year-old has a mind of his own.

This came much in the news when he penned his very first poem titled ‘What’s known as Diamante?’ when he was just 10 years old. This poetry gained much attention from the media and it was a no-brainer that the son of the world’s super-brain could be creative at such a tender age. In fact, it was much waited and expected and also welcomed by the rest of the world.

The poetry was written based on the physics of light and was written on a day during a vacation in Europe. Also, it has been observed by the insider and outsiders that Rory is in fact the much-loved child out of the two other sisters of his. His mother, Melinda Gates is especially fond of him and takes a keen pride in stating that Rory John gates are in fact a feminist. Nevertheless, even his other two sisters namely, Jennifer Gates and Phoebe Gates have always expressed a deep love for their brother and are quite proud of him.

Net worth

As popularly known, Rory John Gates has a fine legacy and a huge inheritance. However, it is not as extravagant as one might expect of a son of the richest man in the world’. Bill Gates has a net worth of 98.3 Billion Dollars; but he has specified that most of his wealth would go to charity, as his three children will inherit about 20 million dollars each.

This comes across as quite a modest statement from a man who can possibly do just about anything with his ever-growing wealth. However, Gates Senior has always established that he wishes his children to grow up into being, responsible human beings and humble at heart.

He and his wife Melinda Gates have stated that they have always worked very hard in ensuring that their children do not grow up to be brats. In fact, Melinda proudly states that her son is in fact a ‘feminist’.

As the Bill and Melinda have been active in their various charity works across the globe, it is not a surprise that their only son also shows similar sensitivity towards the cause. Though quite young to make any drastic choices as of yet, however, Rory is much under the media scrutiny regarding his future plans.

As a well-known fact, the Bill and Melinda Foundation is one of the leading charity work bodies around the world. The Gates have been active with their philanthropic sense for a long time now and wish to continue to do so.


To be a son of a genius and the richest man has its own perks and also huge expectations. Rory Gates will forever be compared with his genius of a father; however, that does not stop him from developing his own interests, talents, and achievements.

Being a college-dropout himself; Bill Gates has ensured that all his own children acquire proper education and emerge as achievers.

Rory John Gates acquired his education from the prestigious Duke University. He has a degree in Computer Science and Economics. He later went on to complete his higher education from Fuqua School of business where he completed his MBA. However, being the son of very intelligent parents make you intelligent person by birth and Rory has a special eye for solving even the toughest of puzzles.

Early Childhood

Being born into luxury does not happen every other day to every other person. The very early days of Rory John Gates were blissful and within the much comfort that comes along with being born to the ‘richest man on earth’.

It was the 23rd of May in the year 1999 that Senior Gates held his tiny son. Gates Junior had arrived in the world three years after his elder sister Jennifer Katharine Gates. The Gates have mixed ancestries of Irish, English and also German; however, they hold American nationality.

Generally, Rory has spent his childhood as a happy middle child with two sisters to keep him company. It is also worth mentioning that Gates has restrained their children from using a mobile phone up until the age of thirteen. This was done in order to be able to bring about a sound level of hard work, dedication, and self-discovery.

Also, the Gates had ‘set up’ a decided amount as pocket money for the kids. They were entitled to accessing it only after they had contributed to their own share of housework and other chores. As parents, Melinda and Bill Gates have shown much interest in their children’s upbringing. They were always much involved in their personal lives and took great interest in bringing about their interests and individuality.

As a part of their upbringing, the Gates often took family trips across the globe together. This was done mainly to educate the children about the various cultures around the world, their traditions, and their values. This has brought about a lot of self-development within their individual selves and has also helped them develop their own sensitivity towards people from other wakes of lives.


Gates junior still has a long way to go. All of just twenty this year, Rory John Gates is still a student and is living a life of complete ‘normalcy’. While his parents have dedicated their lives to serving others through their huge dedication towards charity, Rory still has enough time to choose his own course of life.

Meanwhile, Rory John Gates lives a nice comfortable life in his mansion called Xanadu 2.0. This is located in Washington and is a ‘smart home’ with some of the most wonderful tech-savvy amenities around. The entire mansion is spread around 66000 sq. ft and houses a 60 ft swimming pool inside. The mansion also has a unique underwater music system along with various other ‘larger-than-life’ features imaginable.


While still a young child, Rory does not seem to be involved in the sort of investments at present. As mentioned earlier, the senior Gates are philanthropists and have publicly stated that they will be donating about 95% of their wealth in charity.

The younger members of the Gates family will inherit about 20 million dollars each. This can be utilized by them as and when they desire. For now, the children of Bill and Melinda Gates are well-behaved, compassionate children who are living their lives as much away from the media scrutiny as possible.

As a side note, it is worth mentioning that the young heir is much fond of speed. Rory John Gates has a fine collection of fast cars at his various homes. Some of his more favorite toys include Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche Panamera, and Rolls Royce to name just a few. Other than the cars of his choice the young man also likes to maintain a fine collection of fast-jets at his disposal as well.

As expected, out of a man of his stature and position, Bill Gates has ‘a few many’ jets which he needs to use for his various engagements and work purposes. One of the more popular jets owned by Bill Gates is Bombardier BD-700. This little beauty is worth over $ 40 million dollars. The other specials from the Gates jets collection also include a 19-passenger plane and a Boeing Business Jet that costs around $80 million!


Rory John Gates is a model child, as declared by his own parents. He is a typical ‘mama’s boy’ who has been dutiful and loving since the very start. However, the Gates have made it a point to not to spoil their children.

Rory John Gates has maintained a safe distance from public life. He is not active on any social media sites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Various events from his life are publicized over Bill Gates Instagram account and that is precisely how the rest of the world gets to know about the very cute Rory Gates.

It is safe to say that Rory John Gates is rather a good-looking young man. With his ever-smiling persona which he has inherited along with his millions from his father, the boy stands a proud 5feet 5 inches in height.


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