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Simone Alexandra Johnson: All You Need to Know about Her

simone alexandra johnson
Net Worth:$110 Million
Source of Wealth‎:Professional Model
Country of Origin:Davie, Florida, United States
Age‎:14 August 2001 (age 18 years)
Real Name:Simone Alexandra Johnson
Great-grandparents:Peter Maivia, Lia Maivia, James Henry Bowles, Lillian Bowles
Parents:Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia
Siblings:Tiana Gia Johnson, Jasmine Johnson
Height‎:5feet 10inches
Last Updated:May 2020
simone alexandra johnson childhood
Source: walikali.com


It was on the 14th of August 2001, that ‘The Rock’ announced the arrival of his firstborn baby girl. It was an emotional moment for the mountain of a man to hold his tiny baby in his arms and get all-teary eyed. She was named ‘Simone Alexandra Johnson’ and was all that Dany Gracia and Dwayne Johnson wanted to complete their happy family. However, the couple split soon after and Simone had two different homes to visit. In order to keep her childhood as normal as possible, both Danny and Dwayne decided on maintaining a mutual relationship of basic civility, so that little Simone would have a smooth life. Growing up, Simone was well aware of her surroundings and the baggage of being born into a star family. With a superstar of a father and a mother who is a successful businesswoman in her own right, Simone Alexandra Johnson knew all about the entertainment life.

As her father and her grandfather, Peter Maiva both have had an illustrious career, stardom is an inheritance for the young girl. She had two different sets of homes to go back to and a family of stars to get inspired from. While a lot has been put in the limelight about Dwayne Johnson, it is Danny Gracia who is the true pillar of strength of the family. She is the owner of ‘The Garcia Companies’ which is a media management firm. Being a producer, businesswoman, and filmmaker, Danny Garcia is an achiever in her own rights. Simone Alexandra Johnson is all about the internal strength and also the external ‘mantle’ of the legacy of strength. Simone Alexandra Johnson is the only child of Danny Garcia and Dwayne Johnsson, but she has an extended family consisting of two half-sisters. Dwayne Johnson went on to marry for the second time and was blessed to have two other daughters named Jasmine and Tiana Gia. Simone is the first child of the wrestling superstar and is also the ‘apple of his eyes’. She is often seen accompanying her father on the red carpet and is accustomed to the camera lights and faces them like a pro. Both the households have maintained a mutual bond of respect and affection which has enabled the children to blossom into loving and respectful adults.

The three ‘Johnson Girls’ share a strong bond among themselves which is prominent by the innumerable selfies uploaded together on various social media such as Instagram. Simone Alexandra Johnson is active on social media and although it is only 18 years young, has garnered much interest over the past couple of years. Being born into a family full of success and a ‘legacy’ to hold on, the young girl was already a star in the making.

simone alexandra johnson college
Source: pinterest.com

Education of Simone Alexandra Johnson

Simone Alexandra Johnson has just stepped into the world of media, glamor, and entertainment at a tender age of 18 but has started gaining the attention which was expected. With a family consisting of achievers and stars, the young girl has a long way to go. The young girl has shown remarkable interest in the entertainment sector and is expected to pursue her career in it.

She has graduated from High School in Florida and was yet to decide her career. Simone Alexandra Johnson might be a star kid, but she is well-versed with the idea and importance of shaping her own identity. She has shown a particular interest in seeking a Business Degree and to establish a stable career in Sports Entertainment. As expected, the star kid has a world of entertainment calling out to her and is embracing it with much interest. It is known to all that an early career is on the cards for Simone Alexandra Johnson and she might pursue it in the coming years.

simone alexandra johnson career
Source: walikali.com

Her Inspiring Career

Simone Alexandra Johnson was instantly noticed by the media when she accompanied her father on the red carpet. She shares a striking resemblance to her father and is hard to be unnoticed. The media went crazy the first time Dwayne Johnson arrived at the awards night with his teenage daughter on his arm. Although an adolescent, she had inherited her father’s legendary height. At an impressive 5’10 inches, the young Simone Alexandra Johnson was clearly visible and made an appearance to remember. Though the shutter-bugs were quick to pursue her, Simone still seems to be on the road to self-discovery.

The young star kid made her parents proud when she was chosen as the ‘First Ambassador of The Golden Globes’. This honor made the people sit up and take notice of the youngster, as prior to this achievement, it was only for the ‘giving away of the awards’ or a small presentation at the ceremony that one would spot the eldest Johnson kid. This was a true moment of sentiments as Simone Alexandra Johnson walked up the stage and handled her role beautifully.

Being born to celebrity parents has its own share of perks and responsibilities, instant recognition was one of them. It was not long before the star kid was spotted and various offers started pouring in. The prestigious IMG Models signed Simone and she was an instant hit. With a towering height, exotic good looks, and a popular surname she was known to all. Being under the spotlight from the moment she was born, Simone Alexandra Johnson had learned the ways to make the perfect appearance. Her fashion sense has been noticed to be on-spot and trendy enough to inspire the young crowd. In fact, the young star is quite active on Instagram and one can see that she has a natural sense of fashion. Making the red carpet appearance, being an influencer, and being able to handle the responsibilities of owning up to her legacy has been well-handled by Simone Alexandra.

But, as the saying goes, “one cannot stay far away from what destiny decides for you”. Being the daughter of the 10-times world champion wrestler has its own charm. Simone Alexandra Johnson soon followed her rich legacy and is the ‘First Fourth Generation Superstar’ in the history of WWE. To be a descendant of a family whose ancestors were all champion wrestlers, the wrestling ring was her calling out to her. Simone Alexandra Johnson saw her interest and passion rising for the sport and shared her desire to join the league. It was a moment of true pride for the teenager, as she finally made up her mind about her career choice to grace the ring. With such a rich legacy, it was only obvious that there had to be a torch-bearer for the family name. Simone Alexandra Johnson started her training at the WWE performance center and has since then received accolades from her trainers.

Being the first fourth-generation superstar has its own responsibilities and Simone has appeared to carry the legacy quite well. Her passion and dedication for the sport have been unmistakable and she has managed to impress the people around her. The performance center has Simone join the likes of legends and has since then been able to move perfectly with the kind of dedication required. Her head coach, co-wrestlers, and trainers are impressed with the kind of hard work the young superstar puts into her training sessions. With her latest foothold in the championship ring, the young star has already created a fine buzz around her. The media is close on tow with her movements and her progress is closely watched. The world waits for the daughter of ‘The Rock’ to rock-it well and is looking forward to her achievements.

As for the Film and TV industry, young Simone has been keeping the channel open. She is often seen at the important awards nights, red carpet appearance, and other presentation ceremonies. She made her presence felt at the 43rd People’s Choice Awards. Her modeling assignments are also brimming with opportunities and she can be spotted making her moves in front of the lenses. Being a celebrity child, one has its own set of expectations. The world is always ready to make a big issue over one’s tiny mistake, which easily overpowers their every good deed and this kind of scrutiny can get a little too overwhelming. However, Simone Alexandra Johnson has been stable so far and shows promises to be able to manage her success quite well.

A lot has been spoken and speculated about the young star’s dating life. So far, there have been no substantial reports about the love life or relationship status of Simone Alexandra Johnson. Though young and fresh in the showbiz, the star has learned the art of keeping her personal life away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Her closest relationship so far seems to be with ‘herself’ as she keeps treating her fans with some of the most spectacular glimpses of her private life through her Instagram posts.

Dwyane Johnson cannot contain his happiness over his eldest child. He is said to have expressed his pleasure over the success of his daughter multiple times. He has stated to have declared that he is exclusively proud of Simone and is honored by her choice to hit the ring, as the long trail of legacy seems to have found its flag bearer in this generation as well. Currently, Simone is focused on training for the WWE championship under expert supervision and shows the potential of a bright future.

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Investment : Networth – $ 500,000 in 2020

Simone Alexandra Johnson is a rising star on the horizon of Hollywood Boulevard. Though she has had her own share of the limelight, there are more than just one ventures the teenager is associated with.

As the star kid is blessed with a wonderful height, a million-dollar smile and a power-packed last name to go with it, a career in the showbiz was never too tough. She has had a major part of her earnings from her career as a successful model. It was when the IMG modeling agency signed the young teenager that she discovered her longtime passion with fashion. Simone soon found her own foothold and stunned everyone around her with her poise, dedication, and grace. But, it was her decision to take forward her family legacy in the field of wrestling that shocked the world. The other sources of her wealth come from ‘Walikali’ which further pushes her net worth to a grand total of $110 million. With her current association with WWE, her combined investments are expected to grow over the coming years.

She lives with her father in a home worth $ 3.4 million in South Florida, thus adding to her net worth. However, there have been talks of her taking on a private residence of her own, as she has an independent career at WWE to focus on. Though born into privilege, the budding talent is already exhibiting signs of sensitivity towards the various causes in the society that we live in. Simone Alexandra Johnson has a partnership with GlobalGirl Media. This is an organization that deals with the struggling stars of journalism. The organization is funded by the charity raised through the Golden Globes to help the young talent in the field of journalism with the necessary equipment. Her latest appearance was as herself in the 2017 television series ‘Entertainment Tonight’ where she shared the screen space with the Mae Young Classic Women Tournament, 2017 finals.


Simone Alexandra Johnson is still young and has a long road to success paved ahead of her.  The young star can be seen making her mark in the entertainment industry and has had her own share of the wins:

  • First Ambassador of ‘Golden Globe Awards’.
  • The audience member in WWE: Mae Young Classic Women Tournament.
  • She has about 300K followers on Instagram.
  • She has signed a contract with WWE and shows a promising career in the field of wrestling.
  • Simone Alexandra Johnson has been signed by the IMG model Agency and has had a successful run as a model.


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