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3 Common Types Of Safety Glasses For Eye Protection

Types Of Safety Glasses For Eye

Sight is one of the most important senses of the human body. Without the sense of sight, people will have a hard time fulfilling basic tasks like driving to work, typing a message, or watching a film. For this reason, it is crucial to take care of the eyes all the time. However, eye injuries are common in the workplace. A report from Safe Work Australia revealed that over 840 people filed a serious eye injury claim in the country from 2014 to 2015. To prevent the occurrence of eye injuries in the workplace, every worker must invest in a pair of durable safety glasses

There are different types of safety glasses available in the market today. Finding the right one could be a challenge, especially for those who have no idea what to get for their protection. Here are some of the most common types of safety glasses that suit any industry.  

Standard Safety Glasses 

The most prevalent type of safety glasses in stores is the standard safety glasses. It is also known as the most fashionable type of protective eyewear since it comes in a variety of designs. Plenty of people prefer standard safety glasses because they can provide total eye protection.

If you are thinking of getting a pair of standard safety glasses, you need to allocate an adequate size for shorter vertex distances. It means that if you have long lashes, you need to find a pair of protective eyewear that will not affect the shorter vertex distance. This protective gear is the perfect pair of safety glasses if your job requires you to do regular electrical tasks, like fixing a feeder pillar or a junction box.   

Safety Glasses With Prescription

Some people require prescription glasses to see clearly. But it can get compromised if they have to wear safety glasses. Fortunately, there are plenty of prescription safety glasses that you can find in stores. This type of protective eyewear has an allowance meant for shorter vertex distances. 

Most of the time, this type of safety glasses is larger since they are often worn on top of regular prescription glasses. It is also more ideal if you do not have to wear it regularly or if you need to protect your usual eyewear that is susceptible to damage. 

Safety Goggles

To protect a larger part of the face, you can get safety goggles. It almost has the same function as the regular safety glasses, yet it can offer a seal between the personal protective equipment (PPE) and your face. It bars dust and debris from getting into the eyes, thus providing better protection against chemical splashes and fine particles. 

There are two types of safety goggles available in stores. The first one is the flexible frame safety goggles made from silicone materials, while the other one is the rigid frame safety goggles that are made using plastic. If you choose this type of protective eyewear, you need to use a headband to keep it in place and maintain the seal’s integrity. However, you might need more time to take it on and off your face.   

Investing in a durable pair of safety glasses is crucial for anyone working in high-risk industries. If you think that your eyes are exposed to possible threats due to your job, you need to get one immediately. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. So get a sturdy pair of safety glasses as soon as possible to add more protection to your important body part. 

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