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10 Qualities of a Professional Fashion Content Writer

Professional Fashion Content Writer

You can ask yourself — does the world need another fashion writer or journalist? And it is the question that is hard to answer. From one point of view — no. If this fashion writer is going to do precisely what others do, this world has enough of those. However, there is always a lack of creative experts, who are very much concerned about the final result and want to succeed no matter what. If you are one of those, check which qualities required for success you already have, and which still should be acquired. 

#1. Ability to choose a niche

There are a lot of fashion blogs in the world. To gather a wide audience, talking about everything in a row, you must initially be a recognized expert in the fashion industry or a media person.

If you start from scratch, you need to come up with some kind of “niche”, a narrow specialization. For example, you will talk about changes in teenage fashion or express an opinion on impressions at Haute Couture Weeks. Or maybe you are good at making fun of too extravagant images, and this will captivate subscribers.

#2. Naming talent

The names of blogs that contain the words fashion or style are already boring to everyone. They do not catch because they have no zest. Here are two things you should follow when choosing a name for your blog:

  • A title that reflects the theme of the blog. For example, it’s immediately clear that Sea of Shoes writes mainly about shoes.
  • The name tied to the name of the blogger. Such a move is good if you will speak subjectively, express your opinion. You can beat your name in the title of the blog or even leave it unchanged, as did Ingrid Holm and Brian Boy.

#3 Understanding design

The design of your blog should be individual, but at the same time, the “scenery” should not distract attention from the main content.

No need for extra spark – it is better to make the design minimalistic. Highlight separately the most important: information about yourself, a block of frequently asked questions. Do not overload pages with flowers and curls – the simpler, the more professional.

#4 Interest in Marketing

At this stage, you need to show perseverance. There are several effective ways to promote your blog, and they can be used simultaneously:

  • Add as many potential subscribers as friends to social networks.
  • Ask friends to repost on the pages, as well as contact other beginner (or more advanced) fashion bloggers and share links with them.
  • Be active inside the service on which your blog is registered. Write comments on articles, photos, and videos of similar subjects, express your personal opinion, attract potential subscribers.
  • Invest in advertising – for example, you can pay for advertising your channel on YouTube or for search engine optimization. This step is best done not immediately (and when you will have at least 10 thousand subscribers) and after consulting with a marketing specialist.

#5 Writing abilities

Here, we don’t say talent, because you can go far enough without it. However, you need to know how to compose blogs, social media posts, how to write long articles and analytics. It is a necessary skill because being an expert in fashion is not enough. You have to know how to express your thoughts in an elegant manner. 

#6 Readiness to delegate

You cannot do everything on your own. For example, you may need a designer or photographer to assist you. You may not be able to hire them full-time (and no one does!), but you can pay for some quality pictures at least once a month. If you are not very professional in writing some particular types of texts such as essays, articles, different kinds of papers, you can also order them online from writing services provided by academic experts from SmartWritingService. You will receive all the articles on time, written according to your custom request. 

#7 Financial interest 

The main way to make money on a promoted blog is advertising. First, you need to attract advertisers, so set prices slightly lower than competitors. Gradually, various representatives of the fashion industry will begin to turn to you, but for this, you must have at least 40 thousand subscribers.

Making money on a fashion blog, it is important to maintain your individuality, and not to “bend” under the advertiser – otherwise. You will begin to lose subscribers.

#8 Being honest with yourself

The main thing is to determine what you like best and talk about it, and not follow the needs of the audience: today they are alone, and tomorrow they will change if you offer them something unique. Tastes are very subjective. 

#9 Being able to continue no matter what

You won’t become well-known and successful in one day. It is impossible. Blogging is difficult. You don’t see any result for rather long. You don’t get money, you don’t get recognition, and it is very easy just to say, “I am done.” You definitely should continue. You’ve gone so far. You need to keep going. 

#10 Self-criticism and irony

You may not realize it now, but you have to be your own, the strongest editor and the strictest critic. It is not that easy to do, because every day you need to kill your own ideas and thoughts, but you have to if you want to succeed. 

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