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What We Know About Superdrol and Being an Anabolic Steroid

Superdrol and Being an Anabolic Steroid

The sporting world is fierce, it’s every man for himself and if it means standing on the next guy to get ahead then so be it, this might sound harsh, but it’s the reality. And at some point in our lives, we have all thought of ourselves first before considering others so that the hard work we have put in will pay off and we can be rewarded in our due time.

Give credit where credit is due I always say. If you want it you have to work for it not wish for it, I drill this into one of my children who is currently training in her discipline of choice for the 2024 Olympics. The hours are long and lonely, the same as there is only a place for one person on the top of the podium. We do what we have to do to achieve our goals.

Of course, she doesn’t take any steroids or body enhancers because I’d kill her as she is not even a teenager yet and has no clue what it’s all about, but I can see why athletes tend to lean in that direction.

Yes, they put in the hours at the gym, they sacrifice all foods that look delicious and covered in sugar and to us, they look amazing. Us mere cake eating mortals, but to them, they aren’t close to what they envision for themselves. It’s madness I say. Anything that even remotely resembles a 6-pack or I’ll even take a 4-pack and I’d be cutting all my t-shirts into crop tops.

For them, they want to go that extra bit, just a few more reps, those extra 15 minutes and please, just one more set. The crazy thing is they are ripped and trimmed beyond our wildest imaginations, but then so again is everybody else in that industry. 

The bodybuilding, weightlifting field of sport is highly competitive and extreme in its build-up. Big muscly men scattered around the gyms in spaghetti straps vests because any sleeve would simply crumble under the sheer pressure. Grunting and moaning with each lift, all to be the top dog. 

So what are anabolic steroids?

In simple to understand terms, it is a man-made synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone. Because who doesn’t like an extra piece of male in them am I right? 

But essentially, because of its effectiveness in rapid muscle repair and growth, it is widely used in all sports to give them that extra boost. They can train for longer periods, and with the muscles on the mend at a higher rate than normal, they can get right back into the gym and keep pushing.

For a quality product that has been tried and tested and has many happy consumer reviews, check out https://anabolicsteroiddrugs.com/superdrol/, take that first step into becoming that chiseled specimen you often see strutting up and down the beach with skin gleaming from too much oil. 

How to use Steroids?

Like with anything you know how the old saying goes, ‘too much of a good thing is a bad thing.’ This is highly relevant when it comes to physical enhancing substances. For this reason, people have become clever with its use and have variations of what’s known as cycles.

First, you have what they like to call Cycling. This is when the person takes the drugs for a period of anything from 8-12weeks continuously and then comes off it completely for 6 weeks to a few months. This prevents the body from adapting to the drug and in turn, stop making natural hormones found in the body.

Stacking is next whereby you combine a fruit salad of steroids to maximize their effectiveness, this is popular but not recommended for long periods of consumption.

And lastly, we hear about Pyramiding. You slowly increase the dosage till you reach its peak, and then slowly reduce it till you’re back at square one. And so the process begins again.

Whether you decide to take anabolic in the form of cream and gels, pills, or if you’re brave enough through injections, always proceed with safety and with the guidance and supervision of a trained medical officer.

Here’s to you strutting your stuff along the golden sands, cocktail in hand.

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