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Macro-Counting Formula

Today we are going to tell you about the best tool if you are looking for weight loss! We will like you guys to know that if you were not familiar with the macro-counting formula tool, then you had been missing a lot lately! We would like you guys to know that recently we learned that the power and the mantra of counting macronutrients are so much efficient and are so much simpler for weight loss that you can easily get rid of all the extra weight if you keep track of the count!

By shifting your focus to the right amount of intake of carbs, proteins, fats and other minerals, you should know that the metabolism of your body can really be more efficient and faster so that you can maintain an ideal weight! You can cut fat and can even build muscles with the right amount of calories! So many of us have made weight-loss our goal, right? So you must be wondering what is the ideal routine and what is the ideal diet for weight loss routine! Today we are going to tell you about the right tool that will help you around with this issue and confusion!

Macro Calculator- The Best Tool!

If you have never heard about the macro calculator tool, then you have been missing a lot lately, and especially if you have zero knowledge about the tool in a weight loss diet then you are seriously wasting your time! we will like you guys to know that the macronutrient calculator will seriously help you a lot in calculating the calories of your daily meals!

Before we talk about the mantra of calorie calculation, we will like you guys to know about the background details about the macronutrients! Macronutrients are actually the nutrients that are needed by your body for survival at a larger scale. To put it in simple words, macronutrients are the large chunks of calories that your body needs to get proper and active metabolism simply! These macronutrients include carbohydrates, fats, proteins and minerals! All of these together carry around 15 calories per gram per intake!

So now that we have answered your query that what are macros it is time that we tell you about the counting macros mantra that is more important for a weight gain/loss diet! The macro calculator helps you out in the simple counting of the nutrients that you are consuming, and then it will also tell you about the number of calories that you have consumed in a day!

The Tool as a Meal Tracker!

If you want to know about the tool as only a calorie calculator, then you are wrong because the tool has multiple options which include being a proper meal tracker as well. This meal tracker feature of the tool will tell you about the best possible meals that you should consume in a day and what amount of them are best for you for the specific weight goal you are planning on reaching! You should know that the meal tracker is said to be the best feature of the tool because it makes the deciding of the weekly or monthly menu very easy if you are going on a solo diet!

Calculating Your Daily Intake!

Well after it keeps track of your daily meals and gives you suggestions, you should know that when you update your daily meals intake in the tool or the macro calculator app, it will simply tell you about the number of calories you have consumed in a day and whether the amount is sufficient/low or is exceeding your daily requirements! This is a very helpful feature of the tool! You can calculate even the per meal calories so that you can know how much consumption do you need until the last meals end! If you are into strict and efficient dieting, then the macro calculator is the best partner for you!

Factors of Which the Calories Depend!

If you want to know about the factors that affect the intake of calories on a daily basis, then you should probably read the points below!

  1. The first factor that affects calorie intake is your age! Every age group is said to be having its own ideal number of calories for intake!
  2. The second important factor is your body shape which includes your body weight and your body height! We will like you guys to know that these two factors are very important, and the ideal goal of your weight totally depends on them!
  3. The last factor that is also very important is known as the activity level of your body on a daily basis, and you should know that in a day in which you are working out and in the day that you are laying down all day, the intake of calories and macronutrients are different!

Calories Don’t Explain the Whole Story:

Studies depict that a calorie measures the amount of energy a particular food or even beverage consists of. Whether it is from fats, protein, or carbs, 1 dietary calorie consists of approximately 4.2 joules of energy.

With this definition, all calories are created equal. However, such assumptions are fails to accounts the complexities of human physiology. 

Remember that foods & its macronutrient composition can impact how hungry or full you feel, your metabolic rate, hormonal response, and brain activity.

So, while 100 calories of doughnuts and 100 calories of broccoli contain the same amount of energy, however, both foods affect your body and food choices much differently.

Well, 4 cups (340 g) of broccoli have 100 calories and loaded eight grams of fiber. Conversely, just one-half size medium glazed doughnut will provides with 100 calories, most get from refined fats and carbs.

Now, assume that you are consuming 4 cups of broccoli in one sitting. Not only it takes you’re a lot of time and effort to chew, but its high fiber content would leave your feeling much fuller than consuming one-half of a doughnut, and even you will most likely to consume the other half of doughnut.

As an outcome, a calorie isn’t just a calorie. Also, you should focus on diet quality to increase dietary adherence and fat loss.


Calories are something that supplies your body with the same amount of energy. However, optimistic studies reported that they are varying in how they affect your health and ability to stay on track with your diet!

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