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Have you ever closed your eyes and thought about what will happen if suddenly one of your body parts stops working or functioning as it was used? For example, in case of a leg deformity, you would not be able to walk. This situation will scare you and make you realize how blessed you are to have a fully functional body. Moreover, in case of loss of eyesight, you will not be able to see the beauty of the world anymore, you will not be able to pick small things by your self? 

We tend to forget how fortunate we are to be blessed with a healthy and functional body. But on the other hand, have you realized about people who are affected due to their physical disability and are marginalized by society. All of us need to realize that these disabled and less fortunate people are also human beings and want to lead a normal life. We have to make things easier for them so that they can lead a respectable life and provide them with multiple work opportunities so that they can make their ends meet. Ohio is a state where people have started understanding the challenges and established opportunities for Ohioans with disabilities to help them live a better life.

 Apart from these opportunities, several challenges are regularly faced by people with disabilities, some of them are as follows:

1.Necessary Alternatives For The People On Wheel Chairs

In our daily life, we see several people on wheelchairs with a leg deformity or unable to walk properly. Generally, it has been observed that there are stairs in our houses and for people unable to walk. It’s difficult for them to go up the stairs in a wheelchair. Ramps in houses would make life much easier for them but unfortunately, not many people think about building ramps at home. ramps are not so common that they make it difficult for the people on wheelchairs. 

Another challenge is at a workplace where the seating arrangement is not appropriate to accommodate a wheelchair for the people to sit and work. People are often disturbed due to this issue but they cannot resolve it. As a result of the people with disability land up inadequate resources to work effectively.

2. Psychological and Social Challenges

According to the statistics, one of the most prevalent challenges faced by disabled people is the psychological challenge that is due to the social circle and because of the people around them. People are seen least bothered about how their behavior towards disabled people which can, in turn, affect the other person emotionally. Intentionally or unintentionally people are observed hurting disabled people and never apologize. This social circle creates a negative impact on disabled people and they become reserved while talking to people around them. When disabled people are reserved and are not able to communicate properly with others, it is an indication that the social circle is a misfit for the person and needs appropriate correction. This social circle tends to discourage the disabled person as he loses self-confidence and may get depressed.

3. Normal Health and Disability

Medical science claims that people with disabilities are prone to get infected when compared to normal healthy human beings. This is the most important challenge due to which disabled people are often observed to be ill and hospitalized more often. Their body is not even capable enough to fight against small illnesses. Hence, regular medical checkups are suggested by doctors. But the sad part is people don’t understand this issue and get their family members with disabilities admitted to a nursing home. If you have anyone around you who is disabled with any of the body parts, it is your responsibility to be careful and help them to live a happy life. As their disability is highly de-motivating for them to live happily as their cognitive abilities are also compromised.

4. Challenges in Educational and Vocational Training

In the era of digitalization, normal people are not able to adapt to the changes in technology. Additionally, they are not able to change their lifestyles accordingly. So how can you expect a person with cognitive disability to adapt to technological changes and advancements?

Therefore, cognitively disabled people have been under a severe lack of confidence as they are not exposed to the learning environment and are often homebound. This is because the family members want to protect them but this protection leads them to depression and increased mental illness. Establishing educational and vocational training institutes for such people has now been a trend but people are not openly accepting it due to lack of awareness that cognitive disability can be reduced and channelized for the betterment of the individual. Nevertheless, people will understand that it is the right of everyone to get educated and trained for their well being.

5. Motivational Challenges and Family Support

Around the globe, disabilities are more often seen due to genetic disorders and it gets worse with the increase in age. It is highly unfortunate to say that disabled people are neglected and de-motivation comes from the family itself. Families having a disabled member are so much busy with their work that the disabled person is not supported by their issues.  People resort to hiring a caretaker to help them with their daily chores, this creates a sense of disrespect and de-motivation in them. Medical researchers have shown that such families have observed severe consequences with the family member and it has been one of the most common reasons for worsening the health of a disabled person. If you are willing to resolve this issue, all you need to do is to take care of your family member and help them with their daily chores, instead of leaving them on the caretakers. This will eventually help them to stay motivated and happy even with their disabilities.

6. Disability is Not By Choice

Disabilities are often the source of disrespect. Medical sciences claim that disabled people are highly disrespected because of their disabilities and this makes them offended and harsh. Some disabilities are often considered contagious and people around them start avoiding them but that is only a myth. Disabilities are never contagious and people with disabilities are not meant to be disrespected by anyone as it is not their own choice. If they were given the choice, they would have chosen to be respected with a healthy life but unfortunately, people around them do not understand this. We must respect people around us to ensure that they are not de-motivated with their life and are respected equally as people with a healthy life without disabilities.


Disabilities are not meant to disrespect anyone around us. Living a full-fledged healthy life is a blessing from GOD and still, we are not happy with what we have. We need to understand that what we have, is not what others have and we should respect. We have been blessed with a good healthy and loving family. It’s our moral and social responsibility to treat the less fortunate people with respect and dignity. Hence, making their life a little easier to live.

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