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skin care in winter

Winter skincare is a topic overgrown with delusions and platitudes. Most skiers are advertised with SPF creams and lip balms. The frequent repetition of the statement does not make it wrong, so we continue to actively use both of them. As for Christmas myths, the most ridiculous of them is about the dangers of moisturizing creams. It’s time to forget the fear of a film freezing on your face.

Firstly, the effect of modern drugs is aimed at maintaining their own hydrobalance of the skin: preserving fluid in the tissues and preventing its evaporation, and secondly, the human body temperature is 36.6 C. Even in severe frost, we warm the air around us by about two centimeters, which categorically does not allow the cream to freeze. True, in the wind, the warmed air gap decreases much faster, therefore, immediately before playing sports in the air, hydrates are better not to use – apply them indoors half an hour before exiting. If we are talking about cream gels, then they should generally be postponed until better (read – warmer) times.

You can change the skincare scheme (or you need ─ depending on your sensations). First, you have to abandon aggressive cleansers and switch to milder ones. Secondly, if necessary, it is perfectly acceptable to lower the degree of usual face cream: for oily skin, take the remedy “for normal”, and for “normal and combination” ─ for dry. Fortunately, today many brands produce creams with the same formula, but in different textures. This makes the task easier and allows you to stay in familiar territory. Nutrition and dense saturated textures – our everything at sub-zero temperatures. A spa break can restore damaged skin and has lots of health benefits.

7 “anti-winter” life hacks:

  1. A lingering hot shower destroys the skin’s lipid barrier, striking a complex of fatty acids that help preserve precious moisture. No matter how you want to warm yourself, choose one of two things: either high temperature (but not more than five minutes), or long water procedures in a gentle thermal regime. In any case, you will need a nourishing body cream after a shower.
  2. Do not apply foundation on flaky skin. No matter how beautiful your remedy maybe, in this case it will never lie flat. Make gentle peeling regularly and use moisturizing and emollient creams. In severe cases, pay attention to saturated balms and nutritious oils. Another trick that makes wintering easier: add a drop of facial oil to your regular foundation ─ this way you will enhance your care and not lose your beauty.
  3. Not every lip balm is good in winter. Too viscous textures can cause unnecessary trouble, deeply clogging in microcracks. Avoid also balms, the formula of which includes lanolin (especially if you have eczema or hypersensitive skin). The too heavy smell and taste of sweets is also not what you need now.
  4. Entering the room with frost, do not rub your face with your hands – this will injure your skin, and the youthful blush will become even brighter. If you are in the office, allow yourself to adapt to a new temperature for about ten minutes, and then lightly powder your face with transparent (but not bronzing!) Powder. In conditions of increased publicity, this will be enough.
  5. Put on your hat ─ not your mom’s advice, but an expert trichologist. A hat will save the curls from over drying. To preserve the volume of long hair, they need to be combed to the “non-traditional” side for you, and when you enter the building, do the usual styling. Short haircuts are also simple. After removing the cap, slightly beat the hair with your hands, lift the strands at the roots and spray on them a little dry shampoo or powder for the hair … Yes, these products to some extent eat up the shine, but they do not make the hair heavier and allow the hairstyle to remain mobile. The main thing is never to use a strong hold varnish “under the hat” ─ this will kill any idea.
  6. Waterproof makeup is not only convenient in summer. When the street is wind and wet snow, eyeliner and mascara can easily drain under the eyes and cheeks. Water-resistant mascara and cream shades will not do this. Before foundation, it is enough to fix the foundation and blush with the help of loose or compact powder.
  7. Despite the hype about matte lipsticks (they continue and continue to pour in like a cornucopia) ─ it is better to wait with them until spring. Yes, the formulas are constantly being improved and invariably strive to make lips feel comfortable. But, frankly, they still have much to strive for. Persistence and matte pigment, as a rule, dry delicate skin. And when it’s not clear on the street what, first of all you need to think about leaving. Classic cream lipsticks – an absolute winter must have.


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