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How To Sleep Better When Dealing with Stress

Sleep Better When Dealing with Stress

According to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, approximately 40 million Americans struggle with various degrees of sleep disorders. Restless sleep is bad enough on its own, but couple that with the stressors that come from day-to-day life, and it can be difficult to catch a break and fall asleep. 

Thankfully, there are a few tricks to getting the rest you need despite any sleep anxiety you might experience. Whether it’s investing in the most comfortable mattress you’re able to afford or practicing some basic sleep hygiene, here’s how to make those restless sleep blues disappear: 

Finding the right tools to sleep better 

When it comes to combating sleep anxiety the right way, the first and most obvious solution lies where you lie down – your mattress. The best mattress for your sleeping position may vary based on your own personal requirements.

Memory foam mattresses are consistently rated the most comfortable mattresses you can find available on the market but are engineered for just as much as support as some firmer mattresses may be able to provide. 

Restless sleepers tend to toss and turn during the night – another reason memory foam mattresses tend to be the best mattresses for this kind of sleep deprivation issue is because of their motion isolating features. You’ll be able to feel comfortable and undisturbed through the night. This might be especially useful if you share your bed with a partner, who may share your sleep anxiety, or in fact be disturbed by it!

Fighting off sleep anxiety with weighted blankets   

Weighted blankets have become an increasingly popular solution to those struggling with restless sleep patterns. Gentle pressure stimulation technology provides users with the same feeling of being swaddled, or embraced, allowing the body to prime itself for a calm and restful night of sleep. 

The right weighted blanket should weigh just about 10% of your own body weight and has the power to make even an old mattress feel like the best mattress you’ve slept on in a while. One thing to watch out for, especially if you have a stuffy room, is to ensure you have a cooling weighted blanket. Overheating during sleep can just be another reason for sleep anxiety, and should be avoided where possible. 

Getting your sleep hygiene right 

While investing in the best mattress or weighted blanket for your sleep pattern has a direct and obvious impact on the way you rest, there are other habits you can use to ensure you’re doing everything you can to combat restless sleep. 

    • Stay away from blue light: the light present in the screens of your phone and laptops can actually be disruptive your natural sleep cycles, and prevent you from sleeping better. Keep your phone away for a few hours before sleep if you really want to ensure you’re not being disrupted. 


  • Practice a calming ritual: sleep anxiety can be a really difficult thing to struggle with, but it’s made easier if you do something you enjoy, that can calm you down right before bedtime. This might be sipping on a hot cup of chamomile tea, which has been proven to help people relax and have better quality sleep, or lighting a lavender-scented candle, the smell of which has shown to fight of restless sleep. 
  • Clean your mattress often: while sleep hygiene doesn’t refer to actual cleanliness, making sure you do a bi-annual clean of your mattress will ensure no external factors are affecting the quality of your rest. Even the best mattress, despite being stain resistant, has the potential to trap external debris and nasties within its layers. 


Figuring out how to sleep better is about learning to work with stress, not against it. While it’s inevitable our personal anxiety levels will fluctuate through our lives, with a little discipline and a weighted blanket to help, you’ll be getting the rest you need sooner than you think.

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