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Stairlifts Cost in Australia

Australia deserves to be commended for investing in health care. The government knows that a healthy population will yield exponential returns in terms of economic growth, as well as not placing too much of a burden on its health care system. While it has two systems–the public health care which is funded by taxpayers and the private system, there are areas that need particular attention. 

One sector, in particular, needs attention because disability can severely affect their quality of life. For instance, data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that more than 4.3 million Australians have some form of disability. To illustrate, 23% of them have trouble with their mobility without any assistance, 27% need help with property maintenance, and nearly a quarter needs assistance with performing basic household chores.

Indeed, stairlifts would drastically change their lives, give them independence, and regain the dignity of living. Physical disability can also severely impact mental health. Patients will feel insecure and inadequate since they always have to depend on others for the most basic of tasks.

How Much Stairlifts Cost 

The price of stairlifts in Australia varies according to several factors. For instance, branded products will expectedly cost more compared to generic equipment. 

  • For a small rise with no curves, you are looking at a minimum of $5,000 for a set of stairlift.
  • But it can also go to as much as $10,000 for branded products or if there are complexities involved in the installation. For instance, curved staircases or houses with multiple steps, including the landings, will command a higher price.
  • A curved stair climber will be more expensive compared to a straight stairlift. This would be around $12,000 to $20,000.

The costs of the stairlifts already factored in the measurement and installation, as well as delivering the equipment to your private dwelling.

Sadly, Medicare does not cover stairlifts because they are not considered as a medical necessity. However, there are grants and financial assistance available to help you install one in your private dwelling.

Factors Affecting the Price of Stairlift

Here are the factors that the distributor will consider in putting a price on the stairlift. 

  1. The weight capacity — Heavy-duty stairlifts that can lift upwards of 350 pounds will be more expensive than the standard chair with a maximum weight limit of 264 pounds.
  2. The size of the chair — Chairs with wide seats will be more costly than the standard unit. They will also require the necessary mechanical support that can hold the additional weight.
  3. Staircase design — As a rule of thumb, the more hours that the technicians spend to install the stairlift, the more it will cost you. So, if you have a complex staircase, with multiple curves and landings, you can expect to pay more.
  4. Customisation — Some houses have unique layouts, which means that the distributor has to custom-fit a solution for the resident. Naturally, it would be more expensive since they spend time fabricating a specific design. 

Stairlifts will allow those with disability issues to stay in their private dwellings completely unassisted. They do not have to move from their house because of the stairs and the high steps. Finally, they can regain their independence and get back their confidence in their ability to function.


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