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Tips to Consider for Protecting Your Body from Allergies

Tips to Consider for Protecting Your Body from Allergies

Allergies are reactions that your body has to certain substances and foods. Allergies are extremely common and they are responsible for affecting almost 1 out of 4 people in the United Kingdom, at a certain point in time, as stated by www.nhs.uk. They are common mostly in children. Some allergies tend to go away when the child starts getting older, however, for a few others, allergies can last for an entire lifetime. Adults can also develop allergies to numerous things to which they were not allergic.

Having any kind of allergy can not only be a nuisance but it is also responsible for affecting the regular activities that you do. However, most of the allergic reactions tend to be mild and need to be kept in control.

Dust mites

A big reason behind most of the allergies is undoubtedly dust mites, which are nothing but tiny insects found in the household dust. You can follow the following tips for reducing dust mites:

  • Choose hard or wood vinyl covering for your floor instead of carpets.
  • Fit roller blinds, which you can clean easily.
  • Choose plastic or leather furniture as opposed to upholstered furniture.
  • Use allergy-proof covers on your pillows, mattresses, and duvets.


You need to know that pet fur is not responsible for causing any allergic reaction. However, the dead skin, dried urine, and saliva are responsible for causing allergies. The tips that you should follow if you have a pet are as follows:

  • Pets should not be allowed in the bedrooms.
  • Make sure that you are washing them once every week.
  • Groom your pets outside regularly.
  • Wash your soft furnishings and bedding, where your pets lie.
  • Increase ventilation by opening windows.

Mold spores

The tiny particles that are constantly released by molds are responsible for causing allergic reactions. This can be prevented by following the following tips:

  • Ensure that your home is dry and ventilated.
  • Remove indoor plants from within your home.
  • Ensure that you are not drying your clothes inside your house.
  • Your clothes should not be packed tightly in the wardrobe.
  • Deal with condensation and damp in the house.
  • Avoid damp buildings.

You can conduct allergy tests with the professional kits available from Mybiosource.

Food allergies

Food manufacturers are responsible for labeling foods, which can lead to allergic reactions in certain people. When you check the ingredients list, it can help in avoiding allergic reactions. However, you can also get allergic reactions when you are eating in restaurants. This can be avoided by:

  • Not trusting the menu completely. Understand that certain dressings and sauces can contain allergens.
  • Communicate clearly with the restaurant staff and ask whether you should consume a particular dish or not.
  • Letting the staff of the restaurant know the requirements that you have and if you are intolerant to anything.
  • Check your dish before you are eating it because ingredients and recipes can easily change.
  • If you are not confident and sure about any particular dish, you should avoid consuming it.

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Allergies can lead to a lot of trouble and make you miss the office or school. Therefore, you need to follow the steps that have been mentioned above so that you can prevent allergies.

Author bio –

Kristen Smith is a health expert who has been running many health seminars and public discussions. She also manages her blog and reviews the health-related details provided by authentic sources.


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