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10 Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Checklist to Keep Them Running Like New

Kitchen Maintenance

Keep the Dishwasher Clean

A real foodie’s dishwasher goes through massive workout sessions. Its job is to clean and dispose the remaining food on your dishes. It sure is a stinky job. During the cycles dishwashers might accumulate residues of soap, calcium, grease and in few cases molds can also appear inside it. All of this clogs the filter and restricts water from making it to the spray arms. In such scenarios, a dish cleaner or a home remedy can do the job, saving your time and money.

Pull out the Dirty racks and soak them in warm water and acetic acid (vinegar). You can pour water and white vinegar in the detergent cup. The acidity will remove any food deposits or stains on the racks. 

To remove the clogging, you need to fix your dishwasher filter. A filter actually traps every food particle during the washing process, resulting the accumulation on it. Use a vacuum pump to clean the filter. And wipe it with the water & vinegar mix. 

Don’t forget to dispose any gaskets in the drain present at the bottom of dishwasher. 

Cleaning Microwave/Oven interior

Nothing can be better than a self-cleaning oven, right? But running that cleaning cycle just prior to cooking a delicious meal for your family or friends might be problematic. But cleaning an oven manually shouldn’t be a problem when you know how to do it. 

You can start by recalibrating your oven temperature setting. In case your oven doesn’t heat the food just right, simply reset or recalibrate the temperature by placing a nice quality thermometer on the middle shelf, follow the instructions written in machine manual or you can take help from number of downloadable heat settings that matches oven’s model. You can also call for best appliance repair companies.

Cleaning Microwave

Wipe outside and for the inside you can use a microwave-safe container such as a coffee mug, fill it with water and few slices of lemon. You can also use vinegar instead of lemon and set the microwave on high temperature for few minutes until the water turns into steam. Once the mug is empty, you can wipe the interior with a clean cloth soaked in soapy water. This will remove all the remaining stains. 

Take out the turntable and clean the wheels by scrubbing them with an old toothbrush.

Wipe the exterior with a cloth soaked in warm water, keep the cloth away from any electrical circuit.  

Wiping Stove spills 

Major reasons for stovetop stains are spills and burns that sticks in the igniter. There are two kinds of stoves, electronic ignition Stove and Gas ignition stove. 

For the electronic ignition stove, clean off the little ceramic nubs present at the both sides of stove top and make sure the seal strike plate is seated properly on the burner. 

In case of a gas stove, soak the surface burner in the warm water vinegar mixture, keep it there for few hours and scrub the debris off the burner. 

Burned off crud can be cleaned off with thick mixture of baking soda and water on a cloth. 

It’s better to develop a habit of wiping spills instantly once you’re done with cooking, so you don’t need to spend time and effort for scrubbing those stains off your stovetop and let a mechanic inspect it after an year or so.


By not letting oil stay in the fryer, it can be maintained. All it need a thorough cleaning of frying chamber with water and vinegar mixture. 


A refrigerator is one of the necessary home appliances a person needs. Take care of it inside out and it’ll work just fine. If the Refrigerator’s door is not closed tightly, it increases the motor’s force to heat up quickly. To check if the door seal is tight, put a paper in the middle and close the refrigerator’s door. If the paper slips out, you better re-magnetize or replace the door seal. 

Lint and dust might collect in the condenser and with the passage of time debris accumulation prevents the refrigerator from releasing the heat. Refrigerator’s power is pushed to its limits and condenser burn out. It is advised to clean the condenser coils behind the unit or at the bottom of it. 

Coffee Maker

It is an appliance that literally wake you up every morning with a nice cup of coffee. Over time the coffee maker can get clogged by mineral deposits in it. It’s better to clean the pot or carafe daily by rinsing in water or add few cups of water mixed with vinegar and press the Brew Button, stop the machine in the middle of process. Let the solution set down for couple of hours and complete the process. After the whole solution is out of machine, repeat the cycle with just water once or twice. 

Kitchen Hood 

Exhaust hoods throw all the smoke and heat outside your house and it needs to be cleaned every three months at least. You can take help of a mechanic or simple running a hard broom through it to remove any charcoal clogs inside it.


First step is to unplug your toaster from electrical supply. Now take out the toaster-oven rack and crumb catcher. Carefully shake the toaster upside down in the sink to remove any stuck bread crumbs. Wipe the crumb catcher and interior of the toaster with a cloth.


Best way to remove the disposer smell is to clean the splash guard by scrubbing the flaps or replacing them over time. 

Blender & Food Processor

Keep your carafe & bowl clean by washing them daily. For deep cleaning, carefully take out the removable parts (be extra careful while removing the blades). Scour the parts with a sponge or brush. Let them dry completely and meanwhile wipe inside the bowl and carafe. Put everything back together and it’s good to go. 


Consistent maintenance of kitchen appliances can save a lot of money and time. Using the checklist above, which is not very hard! You can maintain your kitchen appliances.  

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