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Does a Laminate Flooring Last a Long Time

Laminate Flooring

Innovations in laminate flooring have come a long way, making it one of the best viable options for your home. The technology has really addressed most of the issues surrounding the material. For instance, one of the most common problems with this type of floor was how dangerously slippery it could get when wet. However, non-slip surfaces have been introduced in the market without necessarily blowing your budget.

Another complaint about laminate flooring includes bubbling, fading colour, scratches, peaking, and other surface blemishes. With colour fading, for example, one innovation is the new anti-UV layer that manufacturers add to the material. They will delay the time it takes for the surface to show some bleaching or discolouration. However, it cannot be avoided.

How Long Does My Laminate Flooring Last?

One misconception about laminate flooring is that it does not last a long time, but it does. Of course, you cannot compare it with hardwood timber in terms of durability. But you get the best value for your money in terms of the length of time between installation and replacement.

Typically, your laminate flooring will last from 15 to as long as 30 years. However, your unique situation will have a huge impact on the lifespan of your floor. If you install it in your restaurant, for instance, you can expect high foot traffic and plenty of furniture dragging. They would damage the surface of your floor in no time. Also, the quality of the installation matters a lot to avoid peaking and bubbling, which are symptoms of improper installation.

In fact, manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty for premium laminates, which speaks volumes about the products’ longevity.

Is Laminate Flooring a Worthy Investment?

Laminate flooring is an alternative to hardwood timber. The primary benefit, of course, is the amount of money you save. 

Although costs vary from installation to installation, it is estimated that you will spend at least $90 per square metre for laminate flooring. In contrast, you will spend at least $130 per square metre for engineered timber or hardwood. Since the floor will last a minimum of 10 years for high-traffic or high-abuse areas, you will definitely get excellent returns for your investment.

There are other benefits of laminate flooring, as well:

  • They are engineered to resist scratches and stains
  • They are also designed to withstand chemicals
  • New laminates no longer fade as quickly as their predecessors
  • Long warranty cover
  • They are eco-friendly because they are manufactured from sustainable wood
  • They do not shrink or warp easily
  • The high-density material is durable and can withstand moisture
  • You can install underfloor heating and not worry about the floor warping
  • Anti-slip surfaces protect small kids and pets

If you want the best value for your investment, you have to do the hard work to take care of your floor. The good thing is that you do not need to call in professionals to maintain the surface material. For instance, using only special cleaners designed for laminates and regular vacuuming will help extend your floor’s lifespan. There are numerous DIY videos online, providing you with a lot of useful tips on what to do with your laminate flooring.

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