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4 Important Ways to Upkeep Your Home to Prepare for Spring

4 Important Ways to Upkeep Your Home to Prepare for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and soon warm weather will provide opportunities for fun and recreation. Here are several ways you can get your home ready for the new season so that you can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities.

Content Summary

HVAC Assessment

Schedule a routine maintenance visit from a local HVAC company to ensure heating and cooling are working efficiently as the temperatures rise and fall during springtime’s unpredictable weather. Depending on where you live, snowfall might persist into the mid-spring timeframe, or summer-like sunshine might heat your home and prompt you to turn on the air conditioner. A professional evaluation can determine whether both systems are working adequately and can be expected to remain reliable for the foreseeable future.

Electrical Update

If your home’s electric panel is outdated or not up to code, have it adjusted before warm weather arrives. In addition to keeping your HVAC system operational, safe electricity is necessary for many indoor and outdoor services, including patio lighting and garage auto maintenance as you get the car ready for summer travel. Contact a licensed electrician who can check your system and recommend repairs or updates that may be needed for safety purposes. Springtime thunderstorms can knock out the power unexpectedly, so this is a good time to consider a generator or another backup power source.


Leaks, drips, spots, or mold should be addressed as they occur. It is especially helpful to take care of plumbing problems, including clogged drains or sluggish toilets, before warm weather arrives, which can promote mold growth and lingering odors. You may also have an outdoor pool or Jacuzzi to clean and fill along with water games and toys for the kids, so have your water lines checked for possible problems.

Roofing and Structure

Spring’s windy days can strip roofing tiles and leave bare spots that need to be repaired. Downspouts and gutters may also need attention following heavy winter weather or springtime gusts of wind. Inspect the foundation of your home for crumbling or moisture after the wintry snow and ice are gone. As warmer weather settles in, you may decide to power wash your home or paint the exterior to make it more attractive and welcoming for outdoor entertaining.

As people start thinking about yardwork and gardens along with spring cleaning, this is a great time of year to check your home for any problems and get them fixed. That will give you more free time to enjoy the lazy, fun days of spring and summer.

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