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Keeping Healthy Terms with Your Landlord During Tenancy

Keeping Healthy Terms with Your Landlord

Living in a rented house can be a tough experience, as you never know about your landlord. You should be very careful while selecting a rental house. When you meet your new landlord, hold a positive attitude and make sure you find him/her friendly and well-spoken. Your relations with your landlord matters a lot, as you are going to share his/her property on rent and thus, keeping him happy is essential. Some rules are to be followed in order to maintain healthy terms with your landlord. Read on to find out some of them.

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Keep the property clean

Cleanliness should be given much importance, as you are going to live in the place. You should keep your house clean and tidy, so take care of it as your own place. If you are not so much into cleaning or are a working woman, avail domestic cleaning services for your house. You will feel great in your clean and cozy apartment and will have good overall hygiene. In addition to this, your landlord will also be happy with you, to see his property well-maintained.

You should pay more attention to the areas of your kitchen and bathroom. These are the areas that require keen attention, as they are related to your health and hygiene. Another reason to adapt better cleaning habit is that it will help you while leaving the property. Confused? It is true, almost all the rental agreements have a clause which states that you have to handover the property clean when you leave. You can take professional help from a cleaning company that provides the best end of tenancy cleaning facility.

Fulfilling this obligation will also get you:

  • Your landlord’s appreciation
  • Healthy relations with your landlord in the future
  • Your security deposit back

Pay the rent and bills every month

This part is very important. Paying bills and rent on time will help you gain your landlord’s trust. Another clause in your tenancy agreement asks you to pay all the utility bills and monthly rents within the expected time. It will also ensure your security deposit back at the end of the tenancy. During the first few months, your landlord will see if you are a responsible and friendly tenant. So, it is important to prove that you are trustworthy, to develop a better understanding with your landlord.

Repair the property wherever required

As per your agreements, repairing comes under the landlord part. However, small issues like water clogging, dealing with mold clogged drainpipes can be implemented by the tenant. Not to forget, any damages done to the property by you is your responsibility to deal with. Any major issues should be informed to the landlord as soon as possible to avoid misconceptions. This will show that you are responsible and careful while dealing with household amenities.

Maintaining good relations with your landlord is important to live in peace in your rented apartment. So, make sure you keep your house clean, pay your rent on time and repair damages from your side. You can look for professional cleaning services if you feel, cleaning is not your cup of tea.


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