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How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Back?


Which mattress works best is very individual. Often people do not spend enough time to find the right mattress. 

Sleeping on a bad bed can make your back problems more difficult. Therefore, you should choose a mattress that will give you the support you need. 

Try a variety of different mattresses – take your time!

When choosing your mattress, it is important to take your time. It is not enough to lie on your mattress for 5 minutes. Lie down on a mattress and test your most common sleeping positions and see if it’s comfortable. Then test different types of mattresses. Then it will be easier for you to choose a mattress that works for you. 

If you are two people sleeping in the same bed, it may be good to test the mattress together. Do you need a large mattress or two different mattresses? With two different mattresses you can make sure that both get a mattress that works for you. 

It may take several days for your body to adapt to your new bed. Therefore, make sure you have the right of return. Take the mattress home and test it, preferably for several nights. If the mattress does not work for you, you can then return it.

Your Spine Must Be Straight

If you experience problems with your back, you need to find a mattress that gives you the right back support and keeps your spine straight. 

To see if the mattress gives you the right support, you need to see if your spine is straight when lying on your side. A curved back can strain your back. Take your partner or friend with you to the store and ask the person to check if your back is straight when testing a mattress. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always ask for help from store staff.

Choose A Mattress With The Right Support And Hardness

A mattress without the right support or hardness can lead to back pain. If the mattress is too hard, it can also cause back problems. The same thing if the mattress is too soft.

To see if your mattress gives you the right support, you need to consider if you have more back pain when you wake up in the morning than when you fall asleep.

Another way to see if your mattress gives you the right support is to lie on your back on the mattress. Ask another person to place their hand in the lower part of your back. If it is easy to move the hand in the lower back, the bed is just too hard. On the other hand, if it is far too difficult to move the hand in the lower back, the bed is far too soft. It should be an even pressure on the hand from both the mattress and back to show that it is the right mattress for you.

Your weight and curves determine how hard your mattress should be. A rule of thumb is that the heavier you are, the harder the mattress should be. If you have a curved body you may want to choose a mattress that is divided into different zones. Then your shoulders and hips will sink evenly into the mattress. Your back must also be straight. 

Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Space On The Bed

The size of your bed plays a big role in your sleep quality. You sleep better when you have enough space. It’s much easier to sleep when you can stretch yourself. A bed that is too small will prevent you from your natural movements during the night. It can lead to poor sleeping positions which can result in back pain. 

The bed must be at least 90cm wide, 180cm for a double bed, and 20cm longer than your length. If you share a bed you should keep these in mind. 

Your Mattress Has An Expiration Date

To avoid back problems, it may be good to change the mattress when the expiration date has expired. Many people think that you do not need to change the mattress until it is completely worn out. You need to change your mattress before you start to feel worn out. The rule of thumb is that a mattress is good for about 10 years before it needs to be replaced.

Keep an eye on whether your mattress has begun to sink into the middle. It can result in your spine curving and thus can cause back pain also recommend to try mattress topper for side sleepers for people with back pain.

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