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Why You Need to Call A Professional Plumber for Drain Repair

Professional Plumber

A lot of people who engage in do-it-yourself plumbing projects often end up making things worse. Unlike carpentry jobs, working on your plumbing system requires specialised skills that you cannot find in online videos and articles. Clearing minor clogs in the sink and shower can be fixed on your own, but when it comes to drain repair, you should call your handy plumber to get the job done. This article is intended to persuade you to hire a professional for specialised services such as drain installation and repair. 

Minimising damage 

Just because you can work on your plumbing system, it does not mean that you should. A lot can go wrong when working with drainage systems. Pipe burst is a common byproduct of improper repair. Those who have tried working on water shut off by themselves often end up calling plumbers for a more major service due to their inexperience. This is just one example of minor issues that could result in major problems because homeowners decided not to get the help of professionals immediately.

Specialised equipment

Drain repair requires professional equipment that may not be easily available to anyone. One of the commonly used tools is a manual drain snake, which rotates when pushed through the pipes. This rotating motion can clear up simple clogs by dislodging debris blocking its way. A more powerful plumbing tool is a motorised drain snake that can reach up to 150 feet and clear solid clogs. They are typically inserted into your sewer cleanout port to ensure that your system will be free of obstruction. You can also request your plumber to use a hydro-jetting machine if you have a more serious drainage problem. Most hydro-jetting machines spew out 35,000 psi of water into your sewer line, effectively eradicating all the dirt in your pipe. It will look as if your pipes are brand new after going through this treatment.

Safety guaranteed

Aside from the specialised equipment, plumbers also often use acids to neutralise drain pipes. These acids need specialised handling. As such, you might be risking your health and your safety if you use them without professional supervision. Hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acids are two of the most common materials used to remove hair, soap scum, and grease on your metal or plastic pipes. Sometimes, they also use alkaline chemicals for copper or steel pipes. Plumbers practice extra caution when using these chemicals because they can easily cause burns or skin irritation if not handled properly.

Provision of certification

Furthermore, plumbers offer more than just skills and experience. One of the perks of getting their services is that they are well-versed in the rules and regulations related to drainage systems. They are also permitted to issue certificates guaranteeing that your drainage is up to standards. This certification will come in handy if you plan to sell your place in the future or get insurance for your house.

Additionally, some plumbers also offer extended warranty. This promo states that if you encounter a similar problem in the future, they will fix it for free.

Availing professional help when you have a drainage problem is the wisest thing to do instead of trying to fix it yourself. You might end up making the problem worse, costing you thousands of dollars for what should have been just a couple of bucks.

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