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How To Choose a Marketing Agency For Your Law Firm

rocket pilots

Choosing the right marketing agency for your law firm in the digital age can encompass more than you may initially think. Many agencies offer full-service plans which include building your website and social media accounts for the best and most consistent branding presentation on all channels. To find the right agency to work with, it is a good idea to ask some specific questions before and during the interview.

What Does the Agency Do?

This question is best answered before you sit down with a representative for an interview and to go over what your specific needs are. You can browse through the websites for local, national and international marketing agencies to find a list of services offered and compare customer testimonials as well as third-party reviews. Most marketing agencies these days, such as Rocket Pilots, will offer services such as web development, Search Engine Optimization and ad campaigns on various media platforms. It is important to find one with a history of working with their clients to build the best digital presence for their brands.

What Access Do They Give You?

Having access to update your website and to see where your marketing budget is going may seem like something all agencies would offer, but many will not and will couch this as doing the work for you. While it can be incredibly useful to leave the marketing stuff to the agency and focus on other areas of your firm, knowing when and what you can modify on your own is also important. If you want to have the firm’s attorney’s update a legal blog on a regular basis, for instance, and your plan dictates that all updates go through the marketing agency, then you will have a difficult time reflecting the voices of your firm online.

How Are Prices Determined?

Marketing agencies with firm prices attached to their services are a warning sign that they will not be willing to sit down with you to determine the best budget for your needs. On the other hand, any budget proposal you offer should be tempered with research into the market trends as well as flexibility to match the workload being put on the agency. Your best bet is to find a partner who is willing to sit down with you and go over the services you want, the workload being asked of both teams and what your hard budget limits are to find a plan that works for everyone.

What Tools and Metrics Are Used?

Digital marketing strategies are largely built on the back of Search Engine Optimization, SEO, tools and techniques. Since the innovation of search engines as marketing platforms, the tools and metrics used have changed rapidly from focusing solely on quality content to incorporating metrics such as bounce rate, load speed of pages and much more. It is a good idea to go over these things with your agency during the interview period to see which kinds of things are used and measured for your ads and websites.

What Happens If You Switch Agencies?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask during the interview period, or even find the answer to in a review or testimonial for the company. Some agencies will own the rights to the domain and hosting service for your website, so switching agencies means you will need to rebuild the site. You may also find some agencies retain rights to graphics they have designed for you such as logos and website images.

Finding the right marketing agency for your law firm can mean the difference between a steady stream of new clients and languishing in the anonymity of the internet. You can choose a variety of agencies and services to fit your needs once you know what to look for and which questions to ask.


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