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6 Key Duties Of A Criminal Defence Attorney

duties of criminal lawyer

A criminal defense attorney provides legal representation to the clients during the court proceedings and appears in the court when the defendant is charged with serious crimes such as murder or burglary. They can provide strong legal defense to their clients whether the charges include a major felony or a misdemeanor.

Issues before trial

A majority of legal issues that a Cobb County criminal defence attorney handles start much before the actual date of the trial and people engage them for their protection of rights before the charge is proved or when they suspect that they might be charged with a crime soon. Therefore, the defense attorney can be present during the interviews that are to be held with law enforcement authorities and provide suggestions to the clients about which questions need to be answered and which questions are not.

Furthermore, these legal professionals become intensely involved during the process of the investigation while reviewing the evidence. Apart from this, they also look for those documents or supporting evidence that facilitates in proving the innocence of their client. Besides this, the attorney can also take the right steps in dropping the charges against their clients due to lack of proper evidence coming to light or when questions arise regarding the way in which the investigation has been conducted.

The following points highlight six key duties of a defense attorney dealing with criminal charges.

Assessment of the case

The primary role of the criminal defense attorney begins much before the process of the trial begins as the professional needs to have an in-depth understanding of the case. Some of the bigger law firms often appoint investigators separately on retainers to conduct the work of interviewing the witnesses of the state and the prospective witnesses of the person charged with a crime. However, in other firms that are medium or small-sized, the attorneys prefer handling such works on their own and assess the police reports and the scene of the crime. After gathering the entire information, they have to determine the odds of the client from the perspective of acquittal or conviction and start planning for representing the case in the court.

Going for trial

Eventually, it is the decision of the person charged with the crime to decide whether to go for trial or not and the role of the attorney is to help them decide and choose the ideal option without forcing anything on them. When a case moves towards the process of trial, the job of the attorney tends to become complicated although a lot depends on the nature of the case or whether the case is heard in the presence of a single judge or a jury.

In case of the jury, the role of the law practice is to assess the prospects of the case in lieu of the juror’s perception. Besides this, the role of the professional is also to create a panel after a process that involves the rejection or approval of the jurors. After the initiation of the trial, the role of the attorney is to present the evidence or testimony that align with the rules of the state in the court to deliver their clients from trouble.

Dealing with the pleas

The plea bargain usually begins when the lawyer of the state contacts the defense attorney and the process involves pleading guilty, but with a lower intensity than the one with which the state has charged the criminal. In this process, the state can save money as they do not need to move ahead with the process of trial. The final decision depends on the choice the attorney makes in the interest of their clients while dealing with the prosecutor and trying to strike a better deal.

Knowledge and updating the client

The defense attorney may have to appear in court many times and this has to happen without any kind of delay. Apart from this, the law practitioner must provide the necessary updates to the clients related to the progress of the case. When it comes to the knowledge of this professional, it must be at the highest level about the appeals and laws that intend to protect the interest of the client.

Tackling stressful situations

For the criminal lawyer who needs to out a lot of effort for every case, it is not abnormal to work fluctuating hours. The practitioner of law needs to participate in several court proceedings when desired and must stay devoted to the duties.

Proper analysis

The power of analyzing and judging the cases is an important aspect for figuring out the errors and this is what every defense attorney needs to understand.

The duties listed above shows the duties and responsibilities of the defense attorney and every client must understand this properly to keep track of their work.


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