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Ideas to Make Your Valentine’s Day Productive And Creative

gift for valentine’s day

Valentine’s is a day loved ones look forward to celebrating. A day filled with love and romance all around. Celebrating it in the traditional way has its own charm but trying out new creative ideas surely brings in more excitement.

To express your love every day is important, but then how to express it differently on special days. To help you with this dilemma we have come up with some amazingly creative and productive ideas.

1. Scrapbook art

Nowadays everyone is busy and occupied in their life. Take out time before this valentine’s day for your significant other. Sit down together and work on making a scrapbook. Gather your pictures of all the wonderful time spent together, tickets of the places visited, receipts if any, etc. Work on putting down as much information as possible to turn it into a memorable piece of art and your relationship. It is not necessary to go about it together, one can also plan on doing it alone and gifting the other one. But think about putting in efforts together on your valentine’s day with some light snacks or a bottle of wine next to you.

Turn the scrapbook making experience into a romantic moment so you get to relish it whenever you open your scrapbook. A 1000s of memories shall run on your mind while opening that book in the future. This would be an experience for life that stays with you for life.

2. Fitness class

Celebrating valentine’s day has always been considered as a moment of wine and candles. This time try taking up a yoga class for couples or any fitness activity for couples. This new experience will help you two know each other better and you get to experience that workouts can be fun too. Stretching, running and relaxing would feel different from any regular day. To give it some romantic flavor go on a walk after workout and experience a sunrise together.

3. Pottery class

Schedule a pottery class for your valentine’s day. Make something together and enjoy the whole learning session. Not sure if you will be able to learn anything in a single session but two of you will surely enjoy your time and come out happy.

4. Cook or bake

Plan to cook a meal together. Switch on some nice music, google search the recipes and hit the kitchen. People say a couple who cooks together stays together. Get to know how good you two are together in the kitchen. Get to know each other’s ways of cooking, favorite recipes and what all one can really cook. Turn this into an amazing romantic moment by helping each other and sharing memories. If you two are bad at it, book yourselves a baking or cooking class for a day.

5. Visit a vineyard

Vineyards are fun as you get to do grape-stomping and wine tasting sessions add on to it. You get to gain some knowledge of your favorite drink and at the same time get to spend some quality time together. If you two are wine lovers’ vineyard is the best option to celebrate your valentines.

6. Paint

This idea is for art lovers. If you like painting bring in a canvas and start. You two can plan to capture some self-experienced moment in it or can go crazy with any form of painting and keep it as a memory on your wall.

7. Visit a museum

Plan a trip to a museum to spend some quality time together. Get to know the history and create one for yourself with some pleasurable time spent together.

8. Gaming or adventure sport

If you two are not like any other regular couple and fond of gaming and adventure sports, spend the day doing that. Plan a day out and go for some adventure sport. We have seen people proposing under the water or up in the sky so why stay behind. Scuba diving, skydiving or a regular game parlor is your place to be on your valentine’s day.

One needs to pick up the celebration ideas as per the interests of your partner. You can add up the romance and spark in the above-mentioned ideas by adding up some romantic ideas to it. Like, carry a bouquet along, decorate your room with candles, flowers or with other decoration material. Pick something like promise rings for men, a chocolate box or a bottle of wine. Recreate your first date, bonfire, dinner date, a spa day, a movie night or a holiday to a place you two had been waiting to go on.

Valentine’s day is all about spending quality time together which helps you two know each other better and adds on love for the years to come.


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