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Is Using Olive Oil to Gain Stronger Hair Worth it? What are the Benefits?


Olive oil is the oil extracted from olives, a type of tree very common in the Mediterranean region. Extra virgin olive oil which is the healthiest, and richest form of olive oil extracts, is produced under cold-pressed technique, and therefore retains more nutrients than other olive oil extraction processes. This form of olive oil is good for both food and hair care. It can Moisturizes, and nourishes the hair, reduces the fall, stimulates hair growth, helps the moisture retention of the hair fibre, treats the scalp against dandruff, reduces the incidence of split ends, etc. 

Why olive oil is beneficial for the hair?

Olive oil is ideal for hair care. A scalp massage boosts microcirculation, and stimulates the hair follicle. In addition, it is very rich in antioxidants which helps keep hair shiny and healthy. Olive oil is also the ideal ally for those who have easily tangled, dry and damaged hair. Because it has many moisturizing and restorative properties to nourish your hair. So, if you want to use olive oil for your hair, prefer using ORS hair care products. It can provide immediate moisture, nourishing damaged hair, reducing drying time, and it is lightweight.

How to use olive oil on your hair?

There are different ways to use olive oil. Firstly you can apply it directly on dry hair so that water does not constitute a barrier between the scales of the hair, and the repairing oil. Start by spreading the oil over the lengths of your hair, and massage gently down to the scalp. Wrap your hair in a towel, and leave on for one to two hours. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water before using a mild shampoo. Now we are going to show you some benefits of using olive oil. 

Promotes shine and intense hair nutrition

One of the main features of dry hair is its dull, and lifeless appearance. This is for the following reason – because the sebaceous glands of this type of hair do not produce enough oil to go from the scalp to the ends. The entire length of the hair ends up losing the shine, and silky aspect that make the difference in look. For this reason, the treatment that deserves special attention for those who suffer from this problem. This is why we need a product which can stimulates the growth of natural sebum. By using olive oil we can keep our scalp oily so that our hair can get sufficient nutrients – from root to end.

Controls frizz

Another benefit of olive oil is controlling frizzy hair. Because they have nourishing properties that replenish the mass of hair fibre, and regenerate the structure of the hair to provide a more aligned surface. They are perfect for those who want to alleviate this problem. You can also use ORS hair repair thermal protector serum. Just apply the product the entire length, and to your damp or dry hair, Comb your hair to and spread out the content of the serum to spread evenly.

Deeply treats the hair

Another important advantage that comes along with olive oils is hair wetting. Perfect for those who want more intensive locks treatment. This technique takes full advantage of the oil to take care of dry ends, and prevent breakage, as well as controlling frizz, and ensuring more shine. To do this, simply divide the hair into sections, and applies the product from the root to the ends by gloving each strand well. Then just let it work for at least two hours before rinsing thoroughly with the help of the shampoo.

How can we apply Olive Oil?

You can choose several options. Use shampoo and masks that contain olive oil as one of its ingredients, or opt for homemade products that you can make personally. At home, do not forget to always use extra virgin olive oil because that way we make sure that the oil contains all its properties. To nourish the hair, spray the head with ORS hair repairing serum, and massage from the roots to the ends. Cover with a hot towel for 5 minutes. Of course, wash your hair afterward, and repeat the operation every 7 days.

If the problem is only with split ends you can directly apply extra virgin olive oil on them. For greater results apply to dry hair, leave on overnight and wash in the morning. It is good to do it every other day. You already have enough information and some simple tips. Now it’s your turn to apply them, and you’ll soon see how you really notice the benefits of using oil for your hair.

We strongly recommend using ORS hair care thermal protector serum. It will protect your hair from thermal damage, and nourish the hair from inside.


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