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You already have spent years with this person. Traveling is make a happier person with incomplete without him. Eating at restaurants alone is not as good as when you enjoy food together. You just want to be with each other all the time.

But is he the one? Is he the life partner that you have been searching for all your life? Here are a few ways to tell whether your lover is the perfect one for you. Ask yourself these questions:

Can You Imagine Yourself Being with This Person for the Rest of Your Life?

If you have been daydreaming about your dream wedding with this person, he is probably the one that you want to marry. It may be his personality, his way of life, and his love for you that are keeping your relationship intact.

Whatever reasons you have for staying with this person, you enjoy being with him for a good number of years. If you imagine him down the aisle a few times, it is worth noting that he may be the one that you want to be with all your life.

Does He Talk About You When You are Around?

“Oh, she is just so funny!” “She is the most beautiful woman on the planet.” “I love her so much.”

If you have seen him talk about you and you hear words like these in front of your family and friends, it is a worthy sign that he may be your life partner.

When someone boasts about his girlfriend, it only means that he is so proud that he has you with him. He likes to have you around. And he appreciates everything that you do for him. He is so smitten by you that he can’t stop himself from saying good things about you.

Does He Talk About You When You are not Around?

Another way to tell you if he is worth your time and effort is through his friends and family. If they know a lot about who you are as a person and how you are as a girlfriend, then, you can conclude that he often talks about you and your relationship.

Now, men and women normally talk about their relationships with the people they respect and love. They trust them to share their opinions about you so that he will understand whether they are in a proper relationship or not.

How can you tell if he has praised for your relationship? If his family and friends accept you wholeheartedly. They will allow you to join them at their parties and other special events. If they did not like you, you would not be invited at all.

Does He Reschedule His Work for You?

It was the well-known world-changer Mahatma Gandhi who said that action expresses priorities. Who or what is the priority in his life? Is it his work? His hobbies? Or is it you?

Relevant events in your life should be shared with the person who is most important to you. When you want to spend time with him and he reschedules his work or his interests for you, then you have got a keeper.

He shows you that you are his priority. You are above and beyond everything else in his life. You are a very special person for him. Be sure to reciprocate this and make him the number one person on your list, too.

Does He Include You in His Aspirations in Life?

Watch out when he talks about his dreams and goals in his life. See if he uses “we” in his statements. In five years, “we” will be in a bigger house than this one. I will be a top-level executive and “we” can start living the good life that “we” have always dreamed of.

If you are included in his personal goals, then you can be assured that he is also thinking about a long-time relationship with you. He may not say it, but his words about his aspirations reveal that he also wants you to be his life partner.

Does He Treat You with Respect?

You can be blinded by love in the first few years of the relationship. But sooner or later, you will see his true colors when it comes to your relationship.

If you are not treated as a respected person when you are not yet married, rest assured on the fact that you will be disrespected during your marriage. Seek a partner who looks out for you and treats your relationship with reverence.

Does He Talk About Kids?

Another tell-tale sign that he is worthy to be a major part of your future is when he talks about kids. People who are not yet married are often scared of even mentioning the word kids to their respective partners.

But if he feels comfortable with the topic of children, you can assume that he is also ready to take your relationship to the next level. Just be sure that he wants to have the kids with you!

Is He Staying with You Because of More than Just Money?

Do not stay in a relationship with someone who is a gold-digger. It will not be healthy for you in the long run.

What can you do to know if your partner is a lover of money? You can take a step back and think about your past. Has he borrowed any amount from you? Did you need to pay for some of his expenses? Do you lose money inside your house and not know the reason why?

You can also evaluate his credit score and other loans if possible so that you can fully understand his debt status. It will be helpful for you to know his financial standing to make a better assessment of what he wants from you.

Does He Accept You for Who You are?

Each of us has various sets of strengths and weaknesses. You may be good at somethings and really bad at some other things.

You should tell the difference between encouragement and trying to change you into something that you are not. An encouraging partner will push you the right way so that you can try new things and conquer fears. A person who wants you to completely change will tend to be overcritical, even on aspects not related to the issue at hand.

Have You Conquered Numerous Tough Issues in Your Relationship?

Marriage with this person will not make the tough times end. But the bond will ensure that you will stay together despite these seasons. The level of your relationship can only be tested by these tides of life. It is not how many issues you have, but the way you handle each problem that shows maturity in both of you.

If you have survived a lot of arguments and difficulties, you have a higher probability of enduring future hitches and glitches.

Can You Stay at Home Doing Nothing?

Most couples who start out dating want to travel, eat delicious food, and go to popular places. But as the years grow between him and you, you will understand that there is more to life than just going out and physically enjoying yourselves.

You find out that you need to nurture your relationship through meaningful conversations and focusing on each other. You learn more by listening. And you connect more through talking.

If you can spend the weekends at home and not do anything extravagant and still feel that your days together are satisfying, you will realize that you are with your life partner.

Do You Feel Comfortable with Him?

If you can go out with him without fixing yourself up to impress him and he is still okay with it, you may have found your life partner. You have gotten over the phase where you constantly have to look good. He has already accepted your imperfections. And you have already acknowledged his.

Appearance is still important to your relationship, but what you have now is deeper and more intimate. The connection is of more importance. Trust continues to be developed. And your love for one another is being cultivated.

Have You Had Numerous Cries in front of Him?

This is the purest form of vulnerability that you can show to your partner. It may be a result of joy, anger, sadness, or any other emotion. If you have had these kinds of experiences with each other, it means that your relationship has undergone major hurricanes and occurrences.

You are able to share your weakest moments with each other – the lowest of the low. Having overcome these obstacles and hurdles shows that you are ready for a higher level of relationship.


Ask yourself these questions and find out if he is indeed worthy to become your life partner. Answer yes to all and you will realize the importance and significance of this person to you. You will appreciate and value him more. And you should not let him go, because you have found someone whom you can spend the rest of your life with.


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