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Organizes the Clothing of Your Baby by Using Hangers

closet baby hangers

When you are going to have babies or already have kids, you plan and get everything they need, whether it’s a crib, glider, cute bed, changing table and other requirements. While we concentrate on getting all these, one part we ignore or forget is baby hangers which is probably very important for the expensive closet outfits of your kids.

You can also put them on adult hangers, but it will look clingy. The baby hangers are challenging to handle, but it will make your little one’s outfit easily visible in the closet and also not lose its shape.

There are different designs, shapes and sizes of hangers; you just need to find the right one for your child’s clothes. To solve your problem of getting a perfect hanger, we have created a complete list of best baby velvet hangers available.

Zober Velvet Baby Hangers

This has velvet incorporated on them; it will keep the clothes at one place and avoid it from slipping off. They are lightweight baby velvet hangers; however, they are durable and strong enough to handle the weight of heaviest jackets too.

It comes with a chrome hook with a swivel to 360 degrees and fit on any closet rod and makes it easy to reach out to clothes in the closet. They are so thin that it will save up to 50% of the closet space, unlike other hangers. And this velvet hanger will last, or the clothes will fit perfectly on it from your child infancy to 4 years of age.

Moreover, these hangers use velvet on it, which helps in keeping the clothes in perfect condition. You can find these hangers in all the best colors like black, ivory and bright pink.

Utopia Velvet Hangers

These hangers are perfect for your child’s clothes of about 5 to 8 years. They are made up of non- slip velvet which avoids any kind of shedding or rubbing off onto clothes. These velvet baby hangers are sturdy and lightweight and can hold up to 10 pounds of weight of clothes.

They are very thinly designed to help you save some closet space, and they are gone to stay with you for a longer time. They are available in all colors like blue, white, pink and black.

Finnhomy Non-Slip Clothes Hangers

These are perfect non-slip heavy-duty velvet hangers. They come with finger clips which help in keeping the outfit perfectly and keep all the matching together neatly hanging in your closet. There is also a neat notch feature on the shoulders section which keeps the clothes in their natural shape.

These soft and non-slip closet baby hangers also have chrome hooks which swivels 360 degrees which make you reach clothes easily in the closet.

Hangorize Premium White

It comes in the royal color white, which is going to stand out in your child’s closet. They are durable and long-lasting. They have a notch at the shoulder part which gives a good hold for clothes having straps on it. It has the smoothest design which prevents snagging of clothes.

Delta Nursery Hangers

They are perfect for hanging clothes of newborns, and it also has some more attachments like 15 hangers, six dividers, a hanging storage organizer and two storage bins which will organize everything in the closet. It comes in cute colors like beige, pink and dove.

Space Saving Kids Velvet Hangers

It’s the best baby hanger to organize everything in the closet. It has velvet covering which avoids falling off of clothes. These come in an ultra-thin design, which increases the closet space. It is lightweight but still can hold up to 5 pounds of clothes capacity. This perfectly designed hanger features 360 degrees swivel stainless steel hook.

All these are the best baby velvet hangers available both online and offline correctly priced in your budget.


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