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Dating a Man Who Has a Kid When You Don’t

Dating a Man Who Has a Kid

Dating by itself is a daunting task that proves to be difficult in our fast-paced world,a world where everyone is chasing their individual goals, therefore choosing themselves over their partners when it comes down to the ultimate sacrifices. When you add the semantics of a child, it becomes chaotic. This is because there is another individual that is in the picture and not just your potential partner. Here are some of the crucial tidbits that a lady should be keen on when it comes to dating a man who has a child. 


A lot of compromises should be practiced, especially when it comes to matters concerning the child and parenting skills your partner wants to instil in his child. A little patience, especially when it comes to mistakes being made, should also be practiced to avoid arguments and possibly a total failure of the relationship. If you know yourself to be impatient and self-centred, it is advised you talk with your partner way before to mitigate future occurrences of impatience. 

Try Being a Mom

Even though biologically, the child may not be yours, it is encouraged that you practice being a mom to the kid. Depending on the age of the child, this will need a little observation and soft people skills. A good way to do this is to cultivate a relationship with the child with an angle of the child’s interests. You can have a conversation with the child about what she or he likes and how you can do it together to create a bond. A bond between you and a child will make a lot of things more comfortable for your relationship to be successful. 


Effective communication with both your partner and the child will enhance a fluid relationship between all of you. You may have met your partner on a dating site like Happymatches or in person, but to make it last, always maintain the same energy if you want a flourishing relationship. Ensure that you acknowledge the efforts of all parties by reassuring the child that you will turn out to be the best of friends and assure your partner that you will be the best partner. This will forma family unit. An alliance goes a long way when it comes to family matters. 

Mental Preparation

You ought to seek mental preparation to face the unknown. You will see things that you may not like, but you need to contain yourself to control the situation. Kids do a lot of silly things, especially when they are young. Such situations will be a test, and you will need to be mentally prepared for it. 


Being kind goes a long way in trying to cultivate a relationship with someone. Kindness means putting yourself secondary to the child’s needs. It also means using soft skills to forge an everlasting bond with the child. 


There is no particular formula on how exactly you should deal with having to cohabit with your significant other and their child. However, you could come close to it by following the steps mentioned above. Remember, relationships are only worth it if there’s an effort.

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