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Plan a little earlier – 5 places to visit with your partner in the coming spring

5 places to visit with your partner in the coming spring

We all know the story. Two people fall in love. Ten years down the lane, life doesn’t seem like a fairytale anymore. From deciding about your kids’ school to choosing the breakfast menu – it looks like you and your partner bicker about everything. 

A part of its credit goes to the chaotic life we’re having. Better take some action before things get out of control!

My advice – plan an excursion. A few days off the fiasco will help you to understand your better half, makes you realize why you fell for him/her in the first place. 

According to a survey from the US Travel Association, couples in a romantic relationship report, traveling makes them significantly more likely to communicate with their partners and feel satisfied.

Start Right Away!

There are always going to be roadblocks when you’re planning. Hectic work schedules and domestic responsibilities will stop you in your tracks when you even start to think about traveling. Do not give in. Instead, convince your partner how important this trip is to sustain your relationship.

Talking about the places on your bucket list is a good point to trigger this conversation.  Fire up your ideas and see what you can come up with. At this stage, there is no wrong or right answer. Merely a list of places you both have been dreaming for a long time. 

Our Suggestions

In case you’re out of ideas or planning a surprise trip for him/her on your own, you might be looking for some guidance here. Below, we have narrowed down a list of X great travel destinations for your spring break this year. Let’s have a look:

1. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, popularly known as “Venice of North,” is one of the most romantic places in Europe. It has been a World Heritage Site of UNESCO since 2000. The medieval aura of this city stays intact till this day by well-preserved historic architecture. The ancient vibe of this city instills a strange kind of serenity when you go there. 

All that existed in fairytales come to life when you are here. The dreamy canals crossing the city center are enchanting for couples. You can explore the city by booking a boat tour and walk hand-in-hand along the narrow cobblestone streets.

Getting lost in this city is the best thing you can to ignite the spark in your relationship.

2. Ubud, Bali

Bali, as the word goes, is an incredible honeymoon destination. The city is practically oozing with romance. Ubud is the cultural capital of Bali, located in the uplands. Colorful art galleries, dainty temples, and interesting museums dot this part of the island.

Rent a scooter and ride around with your partner. You can also book a taxi with your travel company. And as enthralling beauty envelopes you from all sides, you will find many reasons to love your partner even more. 

Quirky hotels with their fine dining menu are perfect for a date night. Have a candlelight dinner and go for a walk down the beach, where nothing holds the view from you. 

One word for it: Bliss!

3. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre (Five Lands) is a rugged coastal region in Northern Italy. It contains five cliff-hugging villages of pastel-colored homes. Its panoramic walkways and rocky passages will leave you astounded. 

Cinque Terre is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No matter how many times you have seen the city in pictures and videos, the grandeur takes you off your feet when you reach there. 

You have options to hike and explore or relax in your balcony, inhaling the beautiful sight of the Ligurian Sea. 

Whether it’s the delicious food, the colorful houses, or the green mountains, everything about this city will swell your heart with happiness. And the best part, there are no cars. You can soak in the romantic environment with zero distractions with no pollution to make you weary.

4. The Maldives

One of the most exotic places in the world, Maldives is the kind of place you should not give up. It lies between Sri Lanka and Southwest India. 

The place is no less than a paradise on Earth. Activities in this place include hiking, luxury cruising, fishing, helicopter ride, and wandering about the local museum. 

Since you are here to upgrade your well-being and loosen up a little, you can go for a spa date. In the evening, you can sit by the shore and enjoy a colorful sunset. 

The spectrum of colors here will remind you how all the paintings you have seen so far failed to capture the real beauty of setting sun.

5. Big Sur, California

The classic drive towards the Big Sur region of California, along the Pacific Coast Highway is one daring road trip you can take. 

The giant cliffs where highway rests plunge into the Pacific Ocean. It’s not only the challenge of the drive that compels tourists to take the long routes on PCH, but the light piercing through the fog is alluring for the sight.

To make the drive fun and safe, make sure your car is in a reasonable condition. The 90-mile stretch takes roughly two and a half hours to traverse. If you feel your vehicle can’t take it, check out companies who sell cars online. Having a good car ensures you’ll have a great time on the road. Big Sur’s lush hikes and elevated vistas will entice you to the core.

Final Words

Once you have finally decided on the destination, you can go one step ahead in the planning process. Finalize your dates and plan the itinerary. Laying down the entire arrangement at prior saves you the trouble later. You don’t have to rattle the travel agent’s cages till the last day.

So, bring your relationship to a new level by departing from the mad rush of ordinary life. We hope you’ll discover a new angle of the bond you share. The spark travel brings to a relationship is above and beyond everything else.

Are you ready to explore nature’s galore in the places we have listed? Let us know which one you go for.

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