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The House Always Wins – The Most Famous Casino Losers

Most Famous Casino Losers

Every gambler knows that the house always wins. But people believe that they are the ones who will be among, the ones who managed best online casino to win money. This kind of thinking and behavior is why the gambling industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world and why some players have lost tremendous amounts of money. 

Singaporean Businessman 

Whilst gambling at the two land-based casinos in Singapore during one night, a businessman lost approximately $75 million. A strange coincidence is a fact that a second businessman from Singapore lost around $37 million in the same casinos at the same time, give or take a couple of days. 

Watanabe and one of the biggest losses ever

Watanabe, a famous high roller and businessman lost $127 million in Las Vegas playing blackjack. People who were present at that moment implied that Watanabe played so poorly that it looked like he was intentionally losing. The businessman later implied that casinos intentionally served him alcohol and enticed him to consume more and more. 

Charlie Sheen a one-man story

Charlie Sheen is a famous bad-boy persona and in 2006, he managed to gamble $2.5 million on sports betting. Seems like Charlie didn’t only gamble in Two and a Half Men but in his private life too but some have implied that there isn’t much difference between the two. This wasn’t the only time Charlie lost on betting. In the divorce documents with Denise Richards, it is written that Charlie was averaging approximately $200k losses on sports betting during the brief marriage that lasted three months. 

Kakavas’s High Losses

A high roller Aussie, Harry Kakavas has lost approximately $1.5 billion in 14 months of gambling worldwide. Kakavas became rich through real estate at the Gold Coast of Australia and one time he lost around $160 million in five hours. 

Charles Barkley 

The Former NBA player Charles Barkley openly endorsed his love of gambling. His losses are estimated at around $20 million and Charles admitted to having lost $2.5 million during one blackjack session. 

These are just some of the most famous casino losers and there are many more. Share your favorite ones with us in the comments section.

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