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Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bar Rentals

Choosing the Right Bar Rentals

In your event, the bar serves many functions.  Primarily, it’s a place for drinking, and it’s a social hub for meeting people.  It’s often the backdrop for selfies and other photos. You’ve put all this effort into making your event a success.  The bar shouldn’t undo your work. In fact, it will be a key point of interest. That’s why, when planning your next bar rental in NYC, you should do it right. 

Tip #1: Choose your bar furniture material wisely.

Your bar maybe a piece of art, but it’s still a functional component.  You should choose materials that are stylish. They should also be appropriate for the activities that occur at the bar.  This is where drinks are created, and food may be self-service. Despite our best efforts, guests and well-trained staff can make a mess.  Your bar material should be durable, easy to clean, and waterproof. Fortunately, there are several chic materials that easily fit these criteria.  Bars with a mirrored finish or a metallic front are great examples. There are several others. 

 Tip #2:Embrace the use of color

In the past, bars used to be in neutrals or metallics only.  Today, you may be able to find bars in any color family. Most bar rental companies in NYC offer a variety of hues.  Try matching your theme using the same shade, or a complementary one. This should make the event more festive and enhance the mood.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Back Bar

The back bar is the crown jewel of your bar setup.  It’s what everyone sees first. However, another key function of the back bar is advertising your premium offerings.  In most cases, this is your top-shelf alcohol or a sponsor’s products. These items take prime real estate on your back bar.  Quite literally, they are on display. Bottles and other items should also be brightly illuminated so they can’t be missed. When done correctly, the back bar should be seen clearly across your entire event space.

When designing the back bar, consider these pointers:
1. Be realistic with how much space you have.
2. Understand your focal points. Even within the back bar, some areas are more prominent than others. Your highest-ranked items go there.
3. Embrace negative space. Crowding your bottles together can detract from your premium spirits. Instead, use space between bottles. This may give non-verbal cues to guests as to which ones are the top brands.
Where can you get a back bar? Your bar rental provider in NYC should provide you with several options.

Where can you get a back bar?  Your bar rental provider in NYC should provide you with several options.

Tip #4: Think about the other bar furniture

Some guests may go to the bar and return to their seats.  Others may want to stay for a while. Encourage that. Providing stools and tables in the bar area promotes socialization. 

Two things to keep in mind with bar furniture are height and stability.  Stools shouldn’t be so high that your guests have to struggle to sit and stand.  Don’t choose stools that are too low. You don’t want guests to crane their necks upward to make eye contact. (Worse, your guests don’t want their line of vision focused just below the belt.)  Tables should be tall enough to eat from successfully. Just as important is the furniture stability. They should be bottom-heavy (and unlikely to topple over). If not, then the weight should be distributed so that it is stable.  That way, if someone sits or leans on the furniture, they’re less likely to have an accident.

 Tip #5: Ensure your furniture matches

You may not have to get a complete set for your furniture to be in harmony.  Instead, you’ll want to make sure that there is a common element that makes the setup cohesive. For example, you can coordinate by color, material, or metal.  It could be as easy as grouping furniture with similar-looking patterns and shapes. Not sure how to pull together an elegant look without being matchy-matchy?  Ask your NYC bar rental provider if they have an event planner or designer on staff. They can help you put together furniture that complements each other across sets.


Your bar is one of the main attractions of your event.  It is both an artistic and functional space. To maximize both, the bar rental for your NYC event must be on point.  Choose your materials and colors wisely. Link elements of your furniture so that it matches imperfectly and beautifully.  Treat the back bar as a homing beacon. It should be impossible to miss and promote the premium offerings available. When your guests arrive, make sure you get them to stay.  Aim for stable furniture that is the right height for eating, drinking, and socializing.

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