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The Star Who Always Read About Stars – What Sushant’s Close Friends Have to say on his Untimely Demise

Star Who Always Read About Stars

When the whole country kept mourning about the most disturbing news of the last weekend, few eminent individuals remained numb. Their silence broke into a controversial affair in the social media calling them as insensitive. But recently, when everybody has been into the debate of nepotism, awareness about mental health and RIP posts, these people finally came into the limelight bringing the brighter side of Late Sushant Singh Rajput.

“He Created His Own Space!!” Said All His Close Ones In The Industry

Rohini Iyer, Kriti Sanon, Mahesh Shetty and Mukesh Chabra were his closest amongst the big Bollywood family, and no such long emotional post was spotted on their social media handles after the demise of SSR. The silence was probably because these were the ones genuinely and deeply affected by this incident. Each one of them have mentioned this incident as a personal lose and that, they are speechless and are in a distraught state of mind. Sushant Singh Rajput was an introvert with a blazing mind.

He spoke about the stars, the moon, read the Sartre and Nietzsche, could drive in a conversation about anything under the sun be it poetry, art, culture, science, nature. He has been referred to as one of the most humble and positive person. His infectious smile, has now transformed into a magical remembrance. Sushant was someone who had created his own aura. He was a gem of a person that the industry has lost. This is something all of his dear ones have mentioned about him.

Strong Message from Rohini Iyer, his Best Friend in the Industry

Rohini Iyer, one of his best friends, answered many questions thriving in the social media in her latest post. She has very clearly mentioned that, Sushant never bothered about the 100 crore club or never really wanted to be a part of the big glamorous Bollywood jamborees. Not only Rohini, but also his other friends have mentioned that, Sushant never really cared about being accepted by the industry. He believed in his vibrant talent that would help him create his own space in the Bollywood, and undoubtedly, he has stood by his believes.

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_cHZp2t8yw

While there has been a constant blame game on, on all the social media platforms, Sushant’s friends and family have been deliberately asking to end it on a happy note. They are the only ones who have written about all their beautiful memories with him without any indulgence in the blame game. Mahesh Shetty, has very profoundly expressed his emotions by mentioning about their plans of farming after their retirement.

The Real Friends Showed Up At The Funeral

While some are very bluntly blaming nepotism, some calling it depression, some even calling it as a murder, few people who actually new him, have just raised a question why, without any absurd assumption about the cause of his demise. Even Shradha Kapoor, the only star kid who had made it to his funeral, has shared about all the magnificent memories that she holds with him. Kriti Sanon, who appears to be really disturbed with whatever happening in social media, states the importance of privacy in one’s life. Something very similar had also popped up on Mahesh Chabra’s Instagram where he requests the media to give him some personal space as this occurrence has left him speechless and it would take some time for him to step out of this and move on.

While we witnessed hundreds of celebrities posting for Sushant, only a handful made it possible to bid him a final good-bye.  Ekta Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Rhea Chakroborty, Prateik Babbar, Udit Narayan, Rajkumar Rao, Shradha Kapoor, Randeep Hooda, Abhishek Kapoor, Mukesh Chabra and few other friends and family members of SSR where present at the Vile Parle Crematorium for his funeral.

All the other stars who had dedicated emotional posts for him but couldn’t be present at the final ritual are now being called fake, and that in itself has given rise to another contention. This event has given rise to many such questions in regard to the Bollywood industry that had been buried deep inside since ages. Vivek Oberoi, had shared a very sensible message where he has described few of the cremation scenes and in a much matured way had portrayed his thought where he had stated that Bollywood needs to be a place for nurturing talents rather than crushing them.

Sushant Still Alive For His 5 Year Old Nephew

Going through such a vicious phase, it is tough for everybody to cope up with the veracity. But meanwhile freshly, SSR’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti had penned down some heavy sentiments. Her message was to all the friends and fans and to the entire nation. She believes this isn’t the right hour for plugging into controversies and that we shall all keep him alive through his good thoughts.

On hearing about SSR, his 5 year old son reacted saying that SSR was still there with them in their memories. Lately, for the very first time, Instagram introduced the feature of mentioning “Remembering” for those who say a goodbye. Thus, let us all be a bit reasonable and keep him alive forever in our thoughts through his ideologies, his works and his actions. And lastly, let us all pledge to be spreading love and care in this universe.


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